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Website Design Process: What Goes On Behind The Scenes?


Websites are the purest form of interaction, right? Everything that displays on the screen is there for you to leverage, be it design, features, CTAs or anything else. Designers work a lot to allure visitors and direct them to the destination where they want them to reach. Being a designer you can’t be sure that visitors will give you their details if you ask them politely. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Website Design Process: What Goes On Behind The Scenes?

Website Design Process What Goes On Behind The
Websites are the purest form of interaction,
right? Everything that displays on the screen is
there for you to leverage, be it design,
features, CTAs or anything else. Designers work
a lot to allure visitors and direct them to the
destination where they want them to reach.
Being a designer you cant be sure that visitors
will give you their details if you ask them
politely. This is why website administrators
offer freebies to visitors which in turn get
them a great number of email addresses. What do
you provide your users with is completely up to
you? That could be an eBook, training courses,
video series, or free trial of your products or
services. At the end of the day, you want users
to do business with you and keep coming back to
your site for more. Have you ever thought about
how difficult or easy this task is to do? How
much creativity and experience goes into
it? And, more importantly, how to convince
people coming to your site to trade with you,
not competitors? Of course, you will have to
invest a little portion of your time to do this,
but trust me it feels absolutely amazing when
you get to know about the internal processes of
website design. You will feel like how
disconnected you were all these years with such
interesting information. Well, I wont let you
wait anymore and take you on a quick tour of the
website design process.
But prior to beginning the informative journey, I
want you to lay eyes on the u ser-centric web
design Los Angeles company - SFWP Experts.
Powered by skilled designers and creative
writers, they are the ones who can build a
website from scratch and quickly make it
successful online. Make no mistake that they are
into web design and development only, they have
also mastered digital marketing skills. So, how
beneficial are they for you that can be
anticipated with the fact that they offer a
variety of business-focused services across the
globe like eCommerce web design and development,
shopping cart development, search engine
optimization, pay per click advertising, social
media marketing and much as such. Getting
yourself out of there for a moment, take a look
at the major topic of this blog post - how a
website is created. 8 Simple Steps To Website
Design Process 1. Initial Communication This
step involves meeting the client and collecting
the needed information for website development.
It is rather crucial for the success of a site,
allowing designers to understand the requirements
of clients, their business model, goals, and
even the target audience. So, if you are given to
design a site, you should ask important
questions during the initial contact to gain a
clear understanding of what clients want out of
their project. This will help you to avoid
unnecessary wastage of time and effort during the
website design process. If possible, get your
clients to complete a quick survey to perceive
their vision more precisely. If you are on your
way to launch a new online business and looking
for a supportive professional partner to get
your website built, trust none except us. Its
because our Los Angeles web design company has
essential resources and technologies used to
create, launch, and run
  • high-performing sites. Using a mobile device or
    Gmail account you can get in touch with us and
    enjoy services such as professional web design
    and development, website support and
    maintenance, copywriting, content marketing,
    SEO, and PPC.
  • Site Planning
  • Planning the development of a website is as
    important as other steps on this list. Because
    what you decide and intend to do in the future
    course of time are finalized at this stage. You
    can set the milestones that you want to achieve
    down the road as well as prepare a timeline for
    the whole web design project. Just so you know
    this is also the step that requires interaction
    with the client and lets you comprehend how to
    bring attention to detail to the project.
  • At this stage, you will have to create the
    site-map and get your client to review and
    approve your work. Once the site-map prepared by
    you is finalized, its time to decide the
    technologies used for the website creation and
    then design the wireframe.
  • Content Management
  • Content is the oxygen of websites, right? Without
    it, you cant even imagine its existence.
    Content is what grabs the attention of visitors
    after the design, and encourages them to return
    to your site whenever they need your product or
    service. Taking up a good content plan from the
    very beginning will increase the chances of
    building a solid online presence, improve the
    usability of your site, and speed up the whole
    website development process.
  • Therefore its necessary to perform this step
    wisely before you move to the visual design
    process. Keeping your content focused,
    interesting, and

informative is going to bring more readers to
your site thus, more customers to your sales
funnel. The timeline for this phase varies
greatly depending on the number of pages clients
want to have in their site and how quickly they
are providing you with the vital informative
materials. If they are not active in providing
you the content for all pages, that will result
in the slow down of the entire web design
process. In the image above you can see a
digital marketing agency bleech_ is offering a
step-by-step guide for how to plan your content
that will help you prepare content for your site
easily and nicely. Just in case, you are
struggling to find a learned content writer for
your website, get in contact with us and we will
certainly help. At our Los Angeles web design
company, designers, developers, SEO
professionals, digital marketing executives and
copywriters work collaboratively to increase ROI
of businesses. We have the best team in the
entire US who are committed to provide excellent
customer service and grow your brands reach
globally. Collectively, you can reach out to us
to get result-oriented services like responsive
web design and development, UI and UX design,
email marketing, conversion rate optimization,
PPC, SEO, and more. 4. Site Design Over to
content arrangement, now comes the time to create
visual design of the site. And two essentials
that you will have to acquire to start the
visual design is content and wireframe. This will
help you to build a structural model for your
clients website.
  • Designers usually build a landing page and an
    inside page for the site to illustrate color,
    font-sizes, and the placement of all the elements
    that add to the layout.
  • Once the client has reviewed the initial design,
    he can provide feedback to your work and if
    necessary they will request you to make desired
    changes. After you are tasked to make edits,
    its your duty to fine-tune the website until
    you get a green signal from the client.
  • Site Development
  • With designs approved and the next step on your
    mind, its time to jump to site development. In
    this step, basically you are required to add
    flesh to your pages or say content to your
    layout. This is mostly done by producing new
    content, updating old content, creating
    informative videos, slideshows, and whatnot,
    probably everything that will take up space on
    your site. After you are done with this, start
    building your site using HTML and CSS and ensure
    that it will live up to your clients
  • Since not all designers have the same level of
    proficiency, you can rely on our core design
    team to meet your website needs. Why am I saying
    this? Because designers at our Los Angeles web
    design company are experienced in handling all
    types of projects, be it shopping sites,
    manufacturing business, or corporate ones. To let
    you know clearly, we offer a wide array of
    services in different parts of the world more so,
    SEO-friendly web design and development, website
    redesign and hosting, social media management,
    pay per click advertising, search engine
    optimization and so on.
  • Testing

At this stage, all your efforts put into the site
will be checked by a chunk of real people. That
means just before your site is up and running, it
will be placed on the production server and only
internal people or someone shared the site link
will be asked to view it. Site testing is rather
crucial to perform since there might be issues
that need to be resolved before it is live for
the audience. Perhaps there is nothing that
hurts a brands image more than a site with poor
functioning, misspellings, and inconsistent
design elements. In addition to this, the site
you are working on needs to be checked on
different browsers (such as Safari, Firefox,
Internet Explorer) and devices (desktop, laptop,
tablet, smartphones) to see if it renders well or
needs any improvement. 7. Launching Probably,
the most important step in this article,
launching is the time when the site
administrators heartbeat often gets increased.
Finally, your audience group will be able to
discover what you have to offer. All the project
holders and associates will have the chance to
record visitors feedback and enhance the UI and
UX to suit their taste. Since there is less
chance that they will do it themselves, so its
you who has to be prepared to take those
feedbacks into consideration and turn it into a
visitors advantage. What designers generally
have to do to adapt to visitors needs is to fix
some broken links, edit content, and make minor
adjustments to the site. Remember, the web is a
fluid medium that keeps changing and so should
the design of your site.
  • If your site is up and running but you are not
    satisfied with its visual appearance or
    functionality, tell us a bit about it and we will
    definitely come up with a perfect solution.
    Being the topmost web design company in Los
    Angeles, its our accountability to serve each
    client well. Partnering with our e xperienced
    Wordpress developer team is not a complicated
    task at all since we have transparent terms and
    conditions for working on each project. So what
    can you expect from us? Custom web design and
    development, mobile app development, branding,
    online promotion, digital marketing, SEO, PPC,
    and a whole lot more.
  • Maintenance
  • Websites are just like any other machine produced
    till date. So, it requires constant care and
    maintenance to keep running smoothly. Content
    updation, backend edits, and fixation of broken
    links are just a few activities that you will
    have to perform in your day-to-day life. It's one
    of the vital phases in the web design process
    that you cant skip.
  • After all, what does a company want from their
  • To achieve a particular goal
  • To take the organization to the next level
  • To be a leader even in the competitive
  • Summary of This Whole Website Design Process
  • By following this 8-step discussed above, your
    website design process should move without any
    interruption. And with a little deep research and
    planning, you can be sure that your website is
    going to stand out among others. However, before
    launching your website dont forget to check on
    crucial points outlined above, be it mobile
    responsive design, placement of navigation, and
    other elements or quality content. And finally,
    when your

site is live on the web, make sure you maintain
it well in the future because thats what going
to protect the investment you have made in your
online presence. Clients will be more satisfied
with the experience that your site offers, not
the promises you make. Although, you are now
familiar with the processes that are involved in
website designing, dont think a naive person
whom you will assign the task will be able to
present you a well-designed site. Mostly, its
the professionals like us who are going to to
make your site dream come true. Obviously, the
point Im trying to make is that you should reach
us if you need qualified web design and
development services. An a ward-winning W
ordpress website design company, SFWP Experts is
the same agency you have been admiring all these
days to work with. We are popular in the entire
US for offering valuable services such as
WordPress web design, WordPress web development,
internet marketing, content marketing, SEO, PPC
and all. Contact Details 213-277-9177 l Visit Reference Profile
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