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9 Best Ways To Prevent Your Site To Be On Google’s Blacklist


When was the last time when you have visited a website displaying - “This site may harm your computer” or, “The site ahead contains malware”. Definitely it would have ruined your viewing experience, suggesting you to go back to safety. For a moment, you wanted to ignore the warning and carry out your visit to acquire the information. But, you didn’t want to risk your personal or professional information. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 9 Best Ways To Prevent Your Site To Be On Google’s Blacklist

9 Best Ways To Prevent Your Site To Be On
Googles Blacklist
When was the last time when you have visited a
website displaying - This site may harm your
computer or, The site ahead contains
malware. Definitely it would have ruined your
viewing experience, suggesting you to go back to
safety. For a moment, you wanted to ignore the
warning and carry out your visit to acquire the
But, you didnt want to risk your personal or
professional information. Have you ever wondered
why some sites display such messages? Whats
actually in the hidden danger zone that they want
us to keep away from? Im sure you must have
had tons of questions to get it answered. Maybe
that was not the right time for you to get the
explanation but today is. In this blog, we will
walk through the process of keeping your
WordPress website off Googles blacklist. Apart
from that, we will also discuss a few extra
information making you aware of what Googles
Blacklist actually is and what happens when your
website is blacklisted. But before that, I want
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social media marketing, search engine
optimization, pay per click advertising and much
as such. With that out of the way, lets
concentrate on the main topic of this content -
how to prevent your site to be on Googles
Blacklist. Before jumping directly to that,
lets understand what Googles Blacklist
actually is.
So, lets start the discussion now. What Is
Googles Blacklist? To put it simply, Googles
Blacklist is a term to convey visitors that a
particular site they are viewing is not safe for
them. Some of the search engines more so, Bing
and Norton Safe Web make efforts consistently to
offer users the best search experience possible.
No wonder, Google is on the same path too and
performing quite well. They keep looking for
malicious content on the websites that could harm
the visitors in one or more ways. It then sets
apart such websites and warns the
visitors. While Google does not display any
official blacklist poster on any site, it is
constantly on the lookout for potential threats
on the internet. And if they find a website that
seems to steal the information of visitors or
lets them take a beating for other reasons, it
then de-index such websites right
away. Webmasters need to be rather careful about
such actions by Google, as it can drop their
traffic drastically. What Google suspects about
these websites is that they insert malicious
codes to silently install programs that take
advantage of any minor bug or error in softwares
in your computer. These programs can then carry
out intended tasks like sending spam emails or
slowing down visitors computers after coming in
action. There is also a good chance that they
will steal your visitors personal information
including credit card details, passwords etc.
  • If you dont want your website to appear on
    Googles blacklist, you must keep it free from
    malicious content. In case you want to know what
    are the threats your visitors might be concerned
    about after landing on your site, assign your
    project to us and we will start with a thorough
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  • What Happens After Your Website Gets Blacklisted?
  • The most dramatic impact of being put on Googles
    blacklist is the reduced traffic to your site.
    Besides a major loss in revenue, the reputation
    and credibility of your website might also
    suffer a serious damage.
  • Usually, when a website gets on Google's
    blacklist, they start flashing warning signs to
    scare away visitors who try to enter the site.
    And once your site gets listed in Googles
    blacklist, it might take a long time to recover.
  • 10 Signs That Indicates Your Website Is On
    Googles Blacklist
  • At times, Google informs the website owners about
    de-indexing their website from its list. But in
    case you want to self-analyze your website
    whether or not it is blacklisted by Google, just
    look out for these signs.
  • Warning messages like this - This site may be
    hacked or This site may harm your computer, Do
    you want to proceed? starts showing up on your

  • Google warns visitors that it is unsafe to enter
    your site or probably it is compromised.
  • Your website loads a page with no content or your
    homepage redirects to some other website.
  • Finding your website in Google search results
    shows weird pages or ads.
  • SEO spam links and website redirection on the
    Search Engine Result Page.
  • Weird keyword searches to find out shady pharma
    products ends on your page.
  • Your email delivery fails.
  • Something unpleasant starts happening like -
    unfamiliar popup flash, spammy content or weird
    ads begins taking space on your site.
  • Your browser loads weird content that happens to
    be from external sources.
  • You see some sort of strange codes in the header
    and footer of your site after pressing Ctrl U.
  • Now that you know what are the signs that you may
    come across when your website is mentioned in
    Google's blacklist, you must be wondering how to
    confirm if it is. To that we will come in a
    moment but before that I want to talk about the
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  • UI design, UX design, web content development,
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  • How To Check If Your WordPress Website Is
    Blacklisted By Google?
  • Well, it is possible that your website has been
    taken off the index by search engines like
    Google without giving you any sort of
    information. While the signs discussed above can
    indicate your website has been put on Googles
    blacklist, there are some ways to verify the
  • Run A Manual Check
  • To do that, the first thing you will have to do
    is to type your website address in Googles
    search box. If your site doesnt appear on the
    screen and this was not the situation when you
    did it last time, chances are your site has been
    de-indexed by Google.
  • Of course, this idea isnt applicable for a new
    site, considering that might not be indexed by
    Google yet.
  • Use Free Online Tools
  • There are some really great tools available on
    the web that you can use to find out if your
    website has been penalized by Google or not.
  • Just visit IsMyWebsitePenalized and then paste
    the URL of your website to obtain the results.
    This tool offers free service thats quite useful
    for website administrators, webmasters and SEO
  • What it actually does is scan your website and
    notifies you about the penalty status just when
    you enter your website URL and click on the Is

My Website Penalized button. The results you get
from this software happens to be fairly accurate
and can be trusted. However, take note that
parked domains, redirected domains, or even new
websites will show a penalized status on being
checked in this application. A few other tools
you can go for to check if your WordPress website
is on Google's Blacklist or not are Sucuri
SiteCheck and Google Webmaster Tools. Sucuri
SiteCheck Just in case the result you have
received about your website is frightening
enough and you dont have an idea how to tackle
that, trust us to help you out. Our Los Angeles
web design company has a number of specialized W
ordpress developer experts team whom you can
consult with to know what steps you should take
next to recover your website. In extension to
this, you can reach out to us to avail other
services such as mobile-friendly web design and
development, landing page design and development,
user interface design, social media management,
email marketing and the rest. Here, comes the
most crucial part of the content 9 Tips To
Prevent Your Website Being On Googles
Blacklist Since fixing up the damage caused by
de-indexing your website is a time-consuming and
long term process, you must take actions
beforehand to prevent your site getting in that
  • However there are numerous things you can do to
    stop Google blacklisting your site, there are a
    handful of most effective preventive measures you
    can adopt to be in Googles good books.
  • First of all, install a firewall and then
    schedule a regular full scan.
  • Clean your website and get rid of malicious
    content if any.
  • Dont link to spam sites or get indulged in the
    sale or purchase of links.
  • Make sure to have original content on your site
    without promoting keyword stuffing.
  • Choose hosting plans that offer great service
    within your budget.
  • Make a point to update your WordPress website on
    regular intervals and use reliable themes and
    plugins only.
  • Keep changing your username and password and take
    other measures as well to protect your login
  • Secure either of your files .htaccess and
  • Keep yourself updated with Googles terms and
    conditions and also the changes taking place in
    its algorithm.
  • These are good practices you can follow to help
    your website not put on Googles blacklist.
  • Summing It All Up
  • As you have seen, being in Googles blacklist has
    several drawbacks and you have to spend a huge
    chunk of time to get your site recovered. This is
    why you must bear in mind to use free online
    tools like Google webmaster to check the health
    of your website regularly. Once you know that
    your website is no longer indexed by Google,
    your first step should be to take your website
    offline and get in touch with your hosting
    provider to disable your site. If you are able
    to login to your site, note down what appears on
    the screen and notify your host about the same.

Besides, you can have a closer look at Googles
guideline on maintaining a clean site and if
necessary, interact with professional designers
and developers to clean up your site. Once
youre done, ask Google to review your site and
make necessary changes if suggested. After that,
Google will start crawling your site and
re-index your pages. It might seem to be a long
term process, but there is a good chance of
recovery of your site. For additional
information, you can get a hold of our Wordpress
website d esign company - SFWP Experts and we
wont be left behind in assisting you. We
specialize in services that happens to be of web
design, development, and marketing
sector. Contact Details 213-277-9177 l
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