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How‌ ‌Games‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Influence‌ ‌Environmental‌ ‌Education‌


Our kids as future citizens should know the tips to protect their natural surroundings so that the Earth can be a better place to live in peace and harmony. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How‌ ‌Games‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Influence‌ ‌Environmental‌ ‌Education‌

How Games Can Influence Environmental Education
Presented By BabyEarth
Environmental Education Through Digitization
Digitization has made education more interactive
and engaging. The impressive audio-visual content
helps in imparting education in an informal way
for students especially kids. Environmental
education is no different in this regard. By
incorporating gaming elements, the learners can
be put into various simulated environments so
that they can visualize or experience how deadly
environmental hazards can become for their
planet. Save Earth 2020 is an interesting concept
that can be included to enable students to learn
their lessons with ease and efficiency.
Games And Environmental Studies
Games are popular forms of entertainment for
people of all ages in the world. Environmental
education, on the other hand, is repetitive for
students especially kids as they have to devote
fixed hours either in classrooms or in their
homes. They have to remain restricted during the
study hours with little or no relaxation. This
makes education a boring activity. So to get rid
of this educators have thought of making learning
a fun and exciting process by blending games into
it. Knowledge about pollution care can be
imparted purposefully if kids are exposed to
realistic environments with simulated elements or
Need For Edutainment
Education and entertainment if combined suitably
can make kids learn and retain better and in
quick times. This is because they will learn
every time while playing. Moreover, playing does
not need any specific hours and places. This will
make them free from the boredom of practicing
their lessons. Thus the concept of edutainment
also facilitates them to remain in touch with
their education during any time of the day. This
will make them more curious to explore their
subjects in detail which can make them more
responsible as future citizens in guarding their
mother Earth.
Save Earth Challenge
Modern-day interactive games come with task-based
or strategy based activities that need to be
completed to move on to the next level or to
receive any awards or points. This encourages
kids to play attentively so that even the minute
details can be learned for actual implementation.
Challenging objectives are created to indulge
kids in using their thought process for better
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