Currency Trading Trends - Best Currency Pairs to trade in 2020 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Currency Trading Trends - Best Currency Pairs to trade in 2020


Learn about the latest currency trading trends & the best currency pairs to trade in the Forex markets that are open 24 hours a Day. Profit with Accuracy! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Currency Trading Trends - Best Currency Pairs to trade in 2020

Currency Trading Trends
  • Best Currency Pairs to trade in 2020

What is Currency Trading?
  • Forex currency trading involves buying and
    selling currency pairs to take long and short
    positions in the market to generate profits from
    currency pair price movements. Knowing which are
    the best currency pairs to trade requires an
    understanding of what forex currency trading is,
    and what currency pairs are.

Currency Pairs
  • In the forex market, quoted prices reflect the
    rate at which one currency is exchanged for
  • Each individual currency is identified with a
    three-letter symbol known as an ISO code
    (International Organization for Standardization),
    i.e. USD for US Dollar, EUR for euro dollar, GBP
    for the British pound, etc.
  • Forex quote symbols for currency pairs are listed
    by pairing together the symbols of the two
    currencies being exchanged. For example, the
    EURUSD represents the currency pair that includes
    the Euro Dollar against the US Dollar.
  • The GBPJPY represents the British pound against
    the Japanese Yen. The order in which the symbols
    list is of key significance in a forex quote.

Currency Pairs Price Movements
  • The price of a currency pair increases and /or
    decreases based on the value of one currency in
    terms of the other in the pair.
  • Currencies appreciate of depreciate against each
    other for various reasons, including the
    government policy, interest rates, trade
    deficits, and business cycles.
  • Its very important to understand that currency
    price movements cannot be viewed in the same way
    as price movements of other types of assets.
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Best Currency Pairs to Trade
  • Price volatility, volume, wide intraday price
    range, and tight spreads are key elements
    required in order for a trader to successfully
    generate profits from forex currency trading. The
    best currency pairs to trade in the forex market
    are those that possess an abundance of these key
    elements. Currency pairs vary with respect to
    their trading attributes.
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    currency pairs? (03mins 32secs)

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