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What is a CMS And Why Should You Have One For Your Small Business?


Here is everything you need to know about what is a CMS software and how it can help your small business presence grow online – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is a CMS And Why Should You Have One For Your Small Business?

What is a CMS AndWhy Should You Have One For
Your Small Business 
A Content Management System commonly referred to
as CMS is a tool or software designed to create,
manage, edit, and publish digital content on the
internet. What if I told you that you can create
and manage digital content i.e., websites without
much technical knowledge and losing a big chunk
of your saving! Yes, this is all possible with
the smart use of a CMS. I am going to take you
alongside and were going to take a look at what
exactly a CMS is, what the pros and cons are, and
which one will be suitable for your business!
What is it?
  • CMS

A CMS probably takes care of the most hectic job
of web development that is CODING. It almost
blurs the line where one needs to code the
back-end of a website. A content management
system allows multiple users to create and manage
the data, design, and all other contents of a
website without any technical difficulties. With
the use of control panel (CPanel), a CMS lets
businesses create, publish, edit archive
content, and then distribute such content quickly
and efficiently. Businesses can readily create
and publish desired content through a CMS and
publish it on their website. The content can be
anything from landing pages to blogs and product
promotions and much more. The performance of
ones website, i.e., analytics can also be viewed
and reported through a CMS. One of the major
benefits is that you can set permission levels
and hide the desired settings and options at the
editor/employee level.
About CMS
  • Small Businesses Need To Know

Online presence counts for almost 70 of the
overall success rate of a small business. Online
shopping and product buying experience have
evolved so much in the last 4 to 5 years that a
strong website/selling portal is a must-have for
businesses ranging from small to medium scale. If
you need any assistance or want us to develop
your small business website at super competitive
rates then simply drop a message here. I just
want to mention one more thing here, a CMS based
website will simply allow you to market your
product to a global audience without spending a
fortune on advertising plus, you will be able to
save a lot of expense of opening a traditional
brick and mortar store. A website is important
to stay in the game and remain competitive. All
of these benefits are the perks of simply going
digital with a strong, pleasant ad user-friendly
website. It is no surprise that research shows
massive growth in small businesses opting for a
website and investing in digital marketing.
I know, not everyone is comfortable with
technology. Some small business owners would
still rely on traditional trading methods but to
confront the need for easiness, a CMS allows you
to easily manage and add content in a few
drag-and-drop steps. We at Uinta provide the
best-in-class web app development service in
Utah, and we are on-board with you in each step
from designing to development of your website in
an easy and cost-effective way. I had to
mention that because we wont leave you like the
rest once the project is complete. Cutting it
short, a small business with a tight budget to
invest in digital marketing can compete for the
big fish with smart digital marketing strategy,
sale funnels, and a perfectly adequate website.
Benefits of a CMS
So, the list of benefits of using a CMS has
numerous entries but the major ones are the
cost-effectivity and the easiness to use the
system. These are probably the most valued pros
of using a content management system. You can
effectively streamline your product catalogs,
update content, and customize the design and feel
of your website within few minutes. With the
readily available customizations, the maintenance
cost almost draws back to zero, as you dont have
to rely on web developers to update and make
changes in the content from the back-end of the
website. A CMS based website is quite easy to
optimize, the website and content become
mobile-friendly and performs really well on
search engines.
Benefits of a CMS
All these dynamics and benefits of a CMS can
truly elevate your digital marketing efforts,
make you reach the desired audience, convert
prospects into leads, and improve sales to
increase your bottom line. If youre looking for
an effective website development service then
simply contact Uinta Digital and we will take
care of the rest.
Small Business?
Just like almost anything digital, the CMS also
has two types i.e., free and a paid version, and
in this case, we have open-source platforms and
paid/proprietary platforms. When we say
open-source CMS, the first platform that brings
our mind is WordPress. It is the most commonly
used content management system worldwide. Other
major open-source CMS includes Joomla and Drupal.
All of these platforms are super customizable
with millions of plugins and themes developed for
each one of them. One can easily set up the look
and feel of a business website with free or paid
themes, plugins, and add-ons. People are
attracted to open-source CMS because these
platforms are affordable and they are updated on
a regular basis. The security risk is, however,
one of the major cons of using an open-source
CMS. The risk of hacking or the Trojan attack
continues to be an unrelenting concern of these
  • What Type of CMS will Suit your

What Type of CMS will Suit your Small Business?
On the other hand, proprietary CMS platforms are
tailor-made to meet the individual needs of a
business. The come with a license fee and
therefore, hard to afford for emerging small
businesses. So, what type of CMS you should use
for your small business? The answer lies simply
in these two questions. If you can afford
proprietary CMS then go for one because they are
not prone to security risks and the can be custom
made according to your business requirements.
Secondly, it totally depends on your marketing
budget. If you can maintain your small business
website all by yourself then you can simply opt
for an open-source platform or hire a digital
marketing agency for a small maintenance fee. If
you want to improve the online presence and boost
the sales figures of your business then simply
contact us and we will happily create a perfect,
demand-oriented website for your small business
and that too for a low cost.
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