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5 Free WordPress Pagination Plugins That Are Hard To Miss


Bringing traffic to your website is the first and foremost task you need to do to generate leads for your business. Users come to your site, read your content, and then show interest in your products if your blog post is convincing enough. But, that’s not all you are running after. At the end of the day, you want higher conversions and huge profits. So, the question is when that would happen? Perhaps when your users stay longer on your site. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 5 Free WordPress Pagination Plugins That Are Hard To Miss

5 Free WordPress Pagination Plugins That Are
Hard To Miss
Bringing traffic to your website is the first and
foremost task you need to do to generate leads
for your business. Users come to your site, read
your content, and then show interest in your
products if your blog post is convincing
enough. But, thats not all you are running
At the end of the day, you want higher
conversions and huge profits. So, the question is
when that would happen? Perhaps when your users
stay longer on your site. An easy and simple way
to keep them engaged is to publish numerous
posts on your site that are relevant to your
products or services. Once you do that, it
becomes difficult for your users to find the
content that they want to give a serious
look. That moment, you feel the need to organize
all your written materials which in turn will
enhance the user experience. Now you may be
wondering how to organize the content on your
site. Well, the rather simple answer to this
question is Pagination. For those who are not
familiar with Pagination, I have explained it
below. And the one who understands it well can
skip to the next section of this post. Here it
is important to note that pagination is majorly
focused on improving the reading experience of
your users. And if you want to have a
gorgeous-looking website that impresses your
users compel them to work with you, avail our
amazing website building services. Our Los
Angeles web design company is into SEO-friendly
web design and development, website redesign and
hosting, website support and maintenance, search
engine optimization, conversion rate
optimization, pay per click advertising and many
more services.
  • What is Pagination?
  • Pagination is a serial order of pages on the
    online platform which are connected to each
    other and have similar content.
  • Take note that even when the content on a section
    of a page is split into distinct pages, still
    that is defined as pagination.
  • What Are The Advantages of Pagination?
  • It allows the readers on your site to access the
    following or preceding posts immediately.
  • They dont need to wade through a bunch of pages
    just to find the relevant content.
  • It enables them to directly jump to the page they
  • Improves the loading speed of your site to some
    extent by avoiding loading all your pages at the
    same time.
  • It provides links to other pages on your site.
  • Looking at so many benefits of pagination, you
    can understand well how important it is to
    integrate this feature into your website. So if
    you want to enhance even more the experience of
    your users using other features and
    functionalities, just make a phone call to us and
    share whats on your mind. The designers and
    developers who are part of a core team of our Los
    Angeles web design company are well-experienced
    in design, development and recreation of
    user-friendly websites. There are many more
    reasons to reach out to us such as Wordpress
    website design, web development, plugin
    development, social media marketing, content
    marketing, SEO, PPC and more.
  • With that keeping aside, let us move on to free
    WordPress pagination plugins that you cant
    afford to miss.

  • Lets get started.
  • Top 5 Free WordPress Pagination Plugins Of 2020
  • WP-PageNavi
  • With close to a million downloads, WP-PageNavi is
    so far the most reliable plugin you can install
    to number your web pages. This particular plugin
    allows you to create stylish pagination links for
    your blog posts by generating the template tag -
    wp_pagenavi(). Using this tag, you can easily
    replace the built-in Wordpress pagination.
  • What this plugin actually does is it adds a new
    tab under the Settings section and from there
    you can easily customize the content for
    respective current, first, and last pages.
    Thats not all, you can also customize the text
    for the number of pages that you want to display.
    Besides, you can set the number of pages for
    your blog as well as customize the buttons
    representing next and previous pages.
  • This plugin also has a few options to style the
    pagination and you can change its default style
    to new one by selecting anyone from the drop-down
    list. Here one thing you must note that it is
    not necessary to display all serial numbers in a
    consecutive manner. You can also display the
    numbers in multiple of any number, usually
    preferred 2, 4, 6. Or, 5, 10, 15.
  • This can be really helpful for you if you manage
    a large blog site having a high number of pages.
  • WP-Paginate

Next, WP-Paginate is another trusted plugin you
can use to offer your readers some neat
navigation features on your site. Using this, you
can provide more links to your content which in
turn will improve your SEO. On the plugin
settings page, a CSS tab can be found that you
can use to add custom CSS for the pagination
links you have. An additional feature you get in
the advanced versions of this plugin is to
paginate post comments, a really useful feature
for you if lots of people comment on your blog.
Once you activate this plugin, you will have to
edit a few codes in your theme files. Other
than that, you can also customize the pagination
label and change the previous and next post
links using code or text. There is also a page
range option available in this plugin that allows
you to set the number of links to be displayed
before and after the current page. In case you
want to get some assistance for how to arrange
your blogs in a serial order that sinks well
with its relevance, we are here to listen and
resolve your concern. You can find our Wordpress
website design company on the web as SFWP
Experts that provide business development
services to companies all around the world.
Global and national brands contact us to get a
variety of services such as blog site design and
development, landing page design and development,
homepage design and development, copywriting,
email marketing, leads generation, conversion
rate optimization, SEO, PPC, online marketing and
many others. 3. Pagination By BestWeb Soft One
of the widely used plugins around the globe,
Pagination by BestWebSoft is suitable to
automatically add custom paginations to your
tags, posts, search results, categories, and
content pages. By going to settings page, you
can choose the type and location of pagination
you want and customize it as well according to
your interest. Just to mention, this plugin
allows you to display Next and Previous arrows
on the blog posts for your readers and customize
it according to your will. On top of that, it
also helps in hiding the pagination for select
pages and shifting the pagination to right,
left, or center of the page. Not just this, you
can also choose either of long or short display
types - the former type lists every page number
consecutively, the latter one skips the serial
order and displays the numbers in multiples. Its
Pro version has an edge over the general one,
having Load More buttons and Infinite Scroll on
offer. If you want to know what to look for in
pagination plugins before selecting one, you can
get into a conversation with us using phone,
email or live chat options. Our Los Angeles web
design company is committed to providing
valuable guidance to people who are interested in
growing their businesses. You can reach us for a
wide assortment of services including
professional web design, web development, search
engine optimization, pay per click advertising,
online marketing and promotion, social media
management, and more. 4. SX No Homepage
Pagination While all the other free WordPress
pagination plugins that you have come across add
the feature to the page, this one does a
completely opposite job. Yes, it removes the
pagination feature from the page. That means if
you no longer need this feature on your blog, the
SX No Homepage Pagination plugin is the one you
must go for. As far as the setup process
goes, you need to download it first, activate it
then, and now you are ready to do the task. 5.
Pagination Styler For WooCommerce For every
eCommerce store that runs on WooCommerce, you can
style well your pagination using the most
amazing plugin - Pagination Styler For
Woocommerce. And do you know what the good news
is? Well, you dont need to do any type of
coding to make it happen. By simply installing
and activating this plugin, you can get your job
done without any hassle. Some of the features it
ships with include custom pagination, color, and
text. Additionally, you can also change its look
and tailor it to suit your brand reputation
precisely. While sometimes keeping things simple
has an advantage, all the other occasions you
want to customize your website down to the
smallest detail. Have in mind if you really like
to take your WooCommerce pagination to a whole
new level, take the plunge and opt for the
premium version of this plugin. Summary Althoug
h WordPress has a simple pagination feature by
default, you should wisely use these plugins
loaded with amazing features to improve the
navigation of your web content. They make page
management easy and also improves your SEO by
increasing page views. However, you need to make
sure not to break down the content into too many
pages else Google will consider it as thin
content. And that might hurt your rankings. For
any question or query associated with pagination,
you can visit our website and drop us a line.
The team members of Wordpress developer experts
- SFWP Experts will keep in touch with you to
find a resolution.
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