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Top E-Commerce Trends For WordPress Sites To Stick To


If you would have noticed, e-commerce platforms have hugely evolved in the past few years. A lot of features and functionalities have been added to improve the user experience. In simple terms, you can say that the e-commerce trend has been changed profusely from what it was before. A few more than one technological advancements are brought into play to increase the user-friendliness. Still, you can’t anticipate what you will see in the coming days. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top E-Commerce Trends For WordPress Sites To Stick To

Top E-Commerce Trends For WordPress Sites To
Stick To
If you would have noticed, e-commerce platforms
have hugely evolved in the past few years. A
lot of features and functionalities have been
added to improve the user experience. In simple
terms, you can say that the e-commerce trend has
been changed profusely from what it was before.
A few more than one technological advancements
are brought into play to increase the user
friendliness. Still, you cant anticipate what
you will see in the coming days. Since WordPress
is the one of the biggest website building
platforms in the world, no wonder it is
preferred by most business owners to create
e-commerce sites too. To create an e-commerce
website in the WordPress, you can use an
open-source e-commerce plugin named
WooCommerce. But creating an e-commerce website
to sell your products isnt all you are required
to do. You need to keep customizing your website
according to the taste and preferences of
potential customers. Because at the end of the
day you want better user engagement and thus
higher sales. What an e-commerce site actually
is and what are the technologies shaping its
identity are all what Im going to discuss in
this blog. But prior to kick-starting this blog
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Keeping these things aside for a moment, lets
switch to the main talking point of the content
- e-commerce trends. First, lets take a look at
the e-commerce website itself. What Is An
E-commerce Website? There is no difficult
definition to this since e-commerce websites are
online portals where transaction of products and
services takes place through transfer of
information and funds using the internet. An
e-commerce website needs to be built on the right
platform to capture interest of target users.
With unique and appealing web designs, WordPress
is the right choice for this job. One of the
WordPress plugins sounds like WooCommerce offers
powerful features and great services to business
owners who want to have an e-commerce website. No
matter if you are new to the online business or
the business itself, Woocommerce should be your
top choice since its easy to manage and maintain
as well. The developers at WordPress have
prioritized the user experience in WooCommerce
by incorporating features and functionalities
that improve the on-site experience. Unlike
previous versions, now it has become more
responsive and SEO-friendly as well. What Are
The Advantages of WooCommerce? Its absolutely
free and allows users to add unlimited products
with attributes. It gives you full control of
the site with many customization options that
work seamlessly on all devices like laptop,
tablet, and desktop. You can have an interactive
and intuitive interface even without typing a
single line of code. It is easy to install and
use as well.
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responsive web design and development, plugin
development, theme design, search engine
optimization, conversion rate optimization, and
a lot more. Over to the descriptive detail,
lets turn to the main matter of the content. 5
Best E-Commerce Trends For WordPress You Must
Follow 1. Enhanced Product Page
Experience Being one of the aspects of user
experience, enhanced product page experience
plays a key role in encouraging customers to make
a purchase. With that said, WooCommerce is the
perfect choice for ecommerce website management
since it features AR and VR technology to scale
the online shopping experience of users. Lets
take a look at both one by one Augmented
Reality Plugins In the times approaching,
augmented reality is going to revolutionize the
online shopping experience. By combining the
digital with the real world experience, soon
customers will be able to check out the products
they want from all angles. AR plugins will allow
traders to include additional information in
their products to ensure a smoother checkout.
For instance, AR plugins with a webcam or a
smartphone camera can render an item or garment
virtually within the screen space and impose it
on an individuals picture. Thats not all, there
is also an option to tweak the size differences
and color choices for users automatically or
manually. By presenting the products just like a
physical view, AR enhances the viewing and
examining experience of products and empowers the
buying decision of the customer. Virtual
Reality Plugins WooCommerce supports 360 degree
view of products and VR content and images.
There are a variety of plugins at ones disposal
to scale their e-commerce websites. With VR
plugins, you can enhance product viewing
experience of your users whether they are
accessing your site through mobile devices or
desktop. It lets them to get immersed in the 3D
world with or without using a VR headset. Talking
examples, WebVRshop is one of the best plugins
to add 3D models to all your products or
items. Important We highly recommend you to
work with a web development company that offers
360 degree images and immersive videos to make
your products visually appealing. The benefit? It
will make your products sell faster and also
drive new sales to your online business. Since
there are not many companies around that can help
you have a feature-rich ecommerce website you
can reach us anytime to build one. With
experienced designers and developers, we also
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  • Mobile Shopping
  • Nowadays having a responsive website is essential
    for your business if you want to receive high
    traffic on your website. The responsive design
    enables your site to display and function well
    on all devices and platforms your users might be
    using. When you consider that mobile traffic has
    a greater share in the page views, it becomes
    significantly important to optimize your website
    for mobile phones. Having products available on
    your site for users purchase anytime, anywhere
    across the globe is a newer trend that appears
    to stay here for the long-term and will help in
    improving your customers experience.
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    website that delivers convenient and hassle-free
    customer experience, collaborate with us.
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    services to startups, enterprises, and small and
    medium sized businesses such as custom web
    design, web development, website hosting, UI
    design, UX design, search engine o ptimization
    and email marketing.
  • Video Headers
  • With videos becoming part of the content
    marketing gradually, viewing more sites having
    video backgrounds and headers should come as no
    surprise. These days websites using interactive
    videos on their homepage or other pages rank
    even higher in the search results as compared to
    one that doesn't make videos part of their web
    content. Using themes on your site that feature
    video headers is an effective method to engage
    your visitors and boost your SEO marketing
    efforts. When you realize that more than 87 of
    website administrators use videos in their
    content, you

understand how popular this trend has become to
keep users engaged for a long time on the
websites. Designing an engaging website for your
target audience is a great step towards making
your business successful online. And relevant
images and videos play a major role in achieving
that goal. Just in case you want to build a
stellar website that primarily focuses on
encouraging your visitors to be your customers,
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