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How Choose the Best Sunscreen for Skin


India is filled with various skin types, from cream white tone to dark chocolate and brown as well. So, do we need sunscreen gel, and if yes then It's hard to find the best and suitable product according to your skin type. Let's continue to the PPT to know how to choose the best sunscreen gel for Indian skin. For more information visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Choose the Best Sunscreen for Skin

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Did You know?
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is full of
variety in the skin type. From cream white tone
to dark chocolate. But that's not why we get
sunburned.  It's hard to find the best and
suitable product according to your skin type.
Let's continue to the article to know how to
choose the best sunscreen gel for Indian skin. 
Why is sunscreen gel used for? 
Sunscreen Gel is best cosmetic product
that protects the skin from the tanning, and more
particularly from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared
rays, which are very harmful to the epidermis and
its health.   We distinguish two types of UV
UVA, which is responsible for skin aging,
and uvb protection, which cause the appearance of
famous sunburns. If they do not have the same
penetrating power of the skin, both increase the
risk of skin cancers such as carcinomas and
melanomas. As for infrared, they emit free
radicals which heat and damage the skin, which
can lead to the appearance of burns. 
How to choose your sun protection sunscreen gel?
More than the packaging and the texture of the
product, which are matters of personal preference
and skin type, it is important to choose a
sunscreen SPF is adapted both to its photo type
and comes with broad spectrum protection.   Yes,
depending on whether you have a drink on the
terrace or splash around in the Indian beach, you
will not choose the same sun protection index, as
the sunshine is not the same.  To know - Tips
and FAQ About Sunscreen Gel 
The lighter the skin, the more it is necessary to
protect it from the sun. Phototypes 1 to 2, which
correspond to very clear to clear skin tones that
burn easily, must not be exposed without having
applied a Sunscreen SPF 50 or more, regardless of
the level of sunshine with Hight protection.  Ph
ototypes 3 to 4, which bring together clear to
medium skin types that tan well and even very
well, can alternate between a Sunscreen gel SPF
50 and an SPF30 depending on the location, type,
and duration of exposure.  Finally, phototypes 5
to 6, which include mixed, dark and black skins,
can opt for a lower sun protection index (SPF
30), but, the higher SPF, the more the skin will
be protected. 
Derma Essentia Sunscreen SPF 50 Gel / Gel Based
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