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Health benefits of consuming Indian pickles daily


There is a wide range of Indian pickles available in the market, and due to its key ingredients used in the making of the pickles, they also have some health benefits. In this post, we will discuss some of the health benefits of Indian pickles. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Health benefits of consuming Indian pickles daily

Health Benefits of Consuming Indian Pickles Daily
Can you imagine an Indian traditional meal
without pickles? Well, pickles have carved a
niche for themselves by adding a taste and flavor
in the Indian Thali and in addition to that, they
also have a vast array of ingredients such as
chopped vegetables, fruits, vinegar, spices and
other Indian traditional herbs. There are
different secret recipes of pickles and they pass
these recipes through the generations to enjoy
the health benefits of Indian pickles.    Pickling
is one form of food preservation and in the
ancient era where refrigeration was not the
option, food preservation was the only way to
preserve various foods.  There is a wide range
of Indian pickles available in the market and due
to some key ingredients used in the making of the
pickles, they also have some unparalleled health
benefits too. In this post, we will discuss some
of the health benefits of Indian pickles. 
Antioxidant properties  One of the key health
benefits of Indian pickles is antioxidant
properties which are preserved in the unripe
fruits and vegetables when stored fresh without
cooking. Antioxidants are micronutrients in the
body that help the body to fight against those
free radicals produced by cellular metabolism. By
consuming food with high antioxidants, you can
save your body from the free radicals which
damage the DNA by reacting with the cells.
Pickles with shallow roots are a good source of
antioxidants and you can buy them from the online
Indian grocery store.  Improves digestion  The
medical science has proved that probiotic
bacteria are friendly bacteria that improve the
digestion and also improves the metabolism rate
of the body. When you consume antibiotic
medicines, you might end up losing these friendly
bacteria along with dangerous bacteria and by
consuming Indian pickles daily, you can
compensate for this loss with probiotic bacteria.
However, you should only consume pickles without
vinegar to get this benefit. Pickles with the
fermented salt encourage the growth of probiotic
bacteria and improve the digestion system.
Supply essential minerals and vitamins  Most of
the Indian pickles are made of various green
leafy vegetables and herbs rich in minerals and
vitamins such as coriander leaves, curry leaves,
spinach, parsley and amaranth. Eating these
pickles daily can supply your essential vitamins
and minerals daily dose. They contain vitamin A,
vitamin C, vitamin K and minerals such as iron,
calcium and potassium. The supply of these
vitamins and minerals are very essential for the
body to build immunity, strengthen bones and
muscles, and fight against various
diseases.  Protect your liver  Indian pickles
made of Gooseberry and Amla have hepatoprotective
properties which protect the liver from some
harmful attacks. Experts recommend using these
pickles on a daily basis to repair the damaged
liver from these attacks and reduce its effects.
Improves insulin sensitivity  If you are
suffering from medical conditions such as blood
sugar problem, adding vinegar-based pickles in
your daily meals can help you. As per the
American Diabetic Association, vinegar helps
diabetic people in enhancing insulin sensitivity,
especially after a heavy carbohydrate meal. The
main reason for this is acetic acid present in
Reduce ulcers  If you are suffering from stomach
or gastric ulcer problem, you should definitely
try Amla or Indian Gooseberry pickles that can
reduce the ulcers. Most of the times, the causes
of ulcers are hyperactivity and a weakening of
mucous membranes and these Indian pickles are
found helpful in reducing ulcers. Caution  Almos
t all pickles are high in salt as it adds to the
taste and helps in preserving the pickle. Salt
functions as an antimicrobial agent and keeps
fungi, bacteria and yeast. If you are suffering
from hypertension or high blood pressure, it is
recommended that you avoid Indian pickles as it
might increase your blood pressure and invite
heart attacks or strokes. Also, most of the
Indian pickles have a high amount of oil which
might increase your cholesterol levels in the
body. Hence, for high blood pressure patients, it
is not recommended to consume pickles on a
regular basis. However, they can consume them
occasionally. Conclusion Indian pickles have
been the part of Indian meals since the ancient
times and have some proven health benefits too.
Consuming in a moderating amount can offer some
superior health benefits. You can buy them from
an online Indian grocery store or from a brick
and mortar store near to you.
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