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A Compiled List of Website Fails and How to Avoid Them


A website is the reflection of a brand, agreed? You can’t show your potential customers what your brand is all about as easy through a website. This is why businesses these days aim to have a strong online presence and even stronger convincing ability. But as they say, things don't always go as planned. A lot of uncertainties become part of the experience as you go ahead to achieve a targeted goal. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Compiled List of Website Fails and How to Avoid Them

A Compiled List of Website Fails and How to
Avoid Them
A website is the reflection of a brand,
agreed? You cant show your potential customers
what your brand is all about as easy through a
website. This is why businesses these days aim
to have a strong online presence and even
stronger convincing ability. But as they say,
things don't always go as planned.
A lot of uncertainties become part of the
experience as you go ahead to achieve a targeted
goal. Sometimes your website fails to drive
expected traffic, other times they dont stay
longer on your site. Because of one or more
reasons your sales figures are affected most of
the time. Be it unfavorable user experience, or
ineffective CTA (Call To Action), there is
always someone to keep your customers from making
a purchase. So, the question is how to get rid
of low user engagement, low sales, and low
repeat customers? Analyzing your website,
finding prevailing issues, and fixing it up
ASAP. In this blog, Im going to cover one of
the most important topics of website design -
what are common website fails and how you can
avoid them to attain better results? Prior to
digging deeper to find out what could turn off
your visitors, lets have a quick look at a
first-rate web design Los Angeles company -
SFWPExperts. Having some of the finest
professionals in their core design team they are
fully capable of turning a meager website into
high-performer. However, this is not the only
advantage they have, they also offer brand
promotion services to clients all around the
world. Some of the services you can look out for
include SEO-friendly web design and development,
web support and maintenance, online marketing and
promotion, search engine optimization, pay per
click advertising, and more.
With that said, lets have a brief discussion
about the typical website that fails and its
avoiding procedures. 5 Disastrous Website Fails
And How To Prevent Them 1. Unorganized On-Site
Information Online users come to your website to
serve a specific purpose. They are either
looking for an answer to their question, know
about your products or services, or shop
inventories they like. If they find it difficult
to locate desired items, its likely they will
leave without contacting your support team.
Thats not the experience you want to deliver
your potential customers, right? Because your
business is the one thats going to have a
direct impact. Taking the above elements into
consideration, its vital to plan the flow of a
website pretty well before it is sent for design.
Remember to consider the needs of your users
since they are the one who is going to fill your
pockets. An easy way to make your website
user-friendly is to arrange web pages in the
descending order based on their actual
importance. Websites having similar structures
are easy to use and navigate. Users can find the
desired information in the fraction of a minute,
moving from one page to another. If you havent
checked out your website yet, do it now. Or, you
will lose multiple opportunities to make money.
At our Los Angeles web design company, seasoned
designers and developers are looking to clients
like you to make your site more approachable and
usable. With our excellent redesign skills, we
guarantee to bring more traffic to your site and
convince them to stay longer. Reach out to us if
you need qualified services like user-centric
web design and development, UI/UX design,
conversion rate
optimization, email marketing, search engine
optimization, and pay per click advertising. 2.
Not Compatible With Mobile Devices One thing I
must put clearly before you avoid building a site
that renders well on desktop but fails to
display properly on mobile devices. Although
newer mobile devices have better configurations
than older ones when it comes to showing web
content, still their experience can't be
considered rather good. The content appears in
different ways, sometimes extending beyond the
edges of the screen, other times becoming so
small that it cant be read properly. Whats
more, it may limit the functionalities sometimes
if there are just too many functions to execute.
Hopefully, you got why its important to make
your website mobile-friendly, right? Apart from
this, you should also take note that the number
of people using the internet through mobile
devices is relatively higher than that of desktop
users. Also, it is growing at a fast speed,
looking like one day they will be able to do
almost all the work people do on laptops. So the
fact of the matter is if your site isnt mobile
responsive, you may be discouraging a chunk of
your potential audience from coming to your
site. Its solution is pretty simple and
straightforward - optimize your site for mobiles
and then you will see the difference in results.
Gone is the day when webmasters used to create
separate desktop and mobile version websites to
cater to all types of users. These days they use
modern technologies to create responsive web
designs that automatically change the layout of
the site to adjust to the small screen of mobile
devices. In case you have questions about
developing responsive websites or want to have
one, just get ahold of us. Being the finest web
design company in Los Angeles, we are committed
to providing an amazing customer
experience that you might havent dreamt of. We
have been in this field for a long time so we
have essential skills to meet customers needs
and demands through a stunning website. You can
approach us for a whole host of quality services
such as responsive web design and development,
mobile app development, copywriting, content
marketing, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, and so
on. 3. Lack of Useful Content Or Difficult To
Understand Have you ever experienced - sometimes
when you search some sort of information online,
you find the desired blog post but couldnt
understand what exactly the author is trying to
convey? This could happen due to many reasons,
for example, overuse of jargons (technical
terms), bad grammar, or even least familiar
slangs. Or even in the worst case, you visit a
site in order to seek something specific but
soon you come to know that theres no relevant
content on the site. It happens with most of us,
right? Now you know why some users would
immediately leave a page and search for
something more useful? Hold on for a moment and
now imagine that you are just a normal user who
knows nothing about the industry you are
currently in. What are the factors that will
pull you to a site like yours? What problem does
your site solve for the given visitor (you)? Is
it providing a considerable amount of information
that includes the issue itself, its solutions,
and the product or service required to resolve
that problem? Or, are you just insisting on the
end-user buy your inventories? Also, consider,
do you write content that a 9th standard student
could understand? Or, is it just a sample of
complicated writing including numerous technical
terms? If you take so many things into
consideration, designing a useful site will be a
much easier task.
Blogs play a key role in attracting the target
audience. Usually, people who are online want to
get answers to some questions as badly as
purchasing a few products or services. To be
clear, if you say you have the best widgets in
the world means nothing unless and until you give
them an explanation like what the widget is
useful for, how your widget is superior to the
competitors, and other questions like these. In
such cases, blogs prove to be really helpful
since they can provide all that information
nicely and effectively while keeping the readers
engaged, generating leads, and more importantly
selling a bunch of products or services. Readers
will see you like both, an authoritative person
of a certain field as well as a trusted advisor
for them. However, if you dont know how to
attach a blog section to your site or you want
to have a well-crafted blog site, connect with us
today. Experts at our Los Angeles web design
company deal with website building and digital
marketing tasks that are focused on drawing in
your target audience. We have helped hundreds of
enterprises around the world to grow their sales
through award-winning web designs and online
product promotion. Conclusively, you can reach
out to us for content-friendly web design and
development, web hosting and redesign, branding,
brand promotion, pay per click advertising and
search engine optimization. 4. Slow
Loading Site speed is an important factor that
enhances or ruins the user experience. Its
better to not have a website than having a
slow-runner that convinces users to never
revisit the site down the road. 79 of online
shoppers who face issues with the website
performance say they wont get back to that site
to make a purchase.
  • Whats even more important to consider is that of
    late Google released a Speed Update making the
    loading speed of websites a considerable factor
    to rank better in the search results. The ideal
    site loading speed is 3 seconds or even less.
  • Here are some tips you can follow to optimize
    your site speed
  • Watch Out For Updated Speed Report Google highly
    recommends webmasters and website administrators
    to use the Lighthouse tool to find out the load
    speed issues as well as fix it up.
  • Optimize Images Bigger image files are among
    common causes for slower loading times of
    websites. To deal with such a problem you can use
    an image optimizer tool to reduce images size to
  • Choose A Reliable Hosting Provider A web host
    below average is one of the main reasons for
    poor website performance. Take note that users
    access files from a remote server whenever they
    visit a website. And the files will load as fast
    as the speed of the server that clearly depends
    on the quality of the web host you have opted
  • Without any doubt, page speed is a ranking factor
    that also affects the overall performance of a
    site and translates into a better or bad user
  • If your website looks visually arresting but it
    is actually lethargic, we can improve its
    performance to a great extent if you give it to
    us. Located in the middle of Los Angeles, our
    web design company can be your best companion
    when it comes to enhancing your on-site
    experience. We have team members across the
    globe who have at least 5 years of experience in
    their field, be it website optimization or
    website promotion. An easy way to communicate
    with us for services like eCommerce web design,

development, homepage design and development,
SEO, PPC, etc. is to drop us an email outlining
your website needs. 5. Absence of Lead
Magnets A website is like a store of valuable
things that produces quality business leads. But
if you dont thoroughly explore the
opportunities, you wont get anything. Most
site visitors are afraid of sharing their contact
information thinking that it might lead to some
sort of abuse. To make them feel relaxed and
stress-free, offering a freebie is a good idea
that will help in building a relationship with
them and get their contact details. Some of the
best options you can go for placing a lead magnet
on your site - ebooks, video courses,
comprehensive guides, tutorials, and much as
such. Here is a Facebook Ad Template Library
that helped a Texas-based digital marketing
agency to generate 35000 leads in just 2
months. In Closing As you have seen, how
imperative it is to take notice of your website
fails and resolve it as quickly as possible. If
you are seeing a drop in your visitor's count,
leads generation, or, for that matter even sales,
look for a popular web design agency around to
fix it that can fix your website related issues.
Remember, having an awesome website is
fundamental to a successful business. So, its
better to plan the structure of your website
beforehand and incorporate useful features than
regretting poor results later.
Providing an amazing user experience is not just
good for search rankings of your site but it
lays the foundation for turning your business
into a renowned brand. Amidst all these, dont
forget to make contact with our Wordpress website
d esign company if you see any of the above
issues existing in your site. As the name
suggests, SFWPExperts have attained expertise in
various skills including professional web design
and development, software development, plugin
development, internet marketing, social media
management, search engine optimization, and so
forth. Contact Details 213-277-9177 l
a_at_sfwpexperts.com W ordpress Developer Visit
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