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10 Actionable Tips To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search


Those tactics have grown obsolete yet existing, where you type a search query to find the result you are looking for. These days the most efficient search method that is trending all around is named as Voice Search. Though it came into existence over a decade ago, its use has only taken place in the recent past. This technology allows users to speak search phrases to the voice search system to get the desired results. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Actionable Tips To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

10 Actionable Tips To Optimize Your Website For
Voice Search
Those tactics have grown obsolete yet existing,
where you type a search query to find the result
you are looking for. These days the most
efficient search method that is trending all
around is named as Voice Search.
Though it came into existence over a decade ago,
its use has only taken place in the recent
past. This technology allows users to speak
search phrases to the voice search system to get
the desired results. But as far as I can guess,
you would have come across the voice search
feature first when using Google search engine,
right? Now the fact of the matter is who keeps
themselves from replicating a good
idea? Whether it is Apple Musics Android app or
Spotify, nowadays many applications have voice
search features. And considering the importance
of this feature, nowadays webmasters have
started optimizing their websites for voice
search. Even experts have predicted that the
worldwide use of voice search will reach 50 by
2020. But thats not the point, the point is how
can you prepare your site to kill it in the
future course of time? We tell you everything
that you need to do to optimize your website for
voice search. In this blog, you will have a look
at some tips and strategies that will help
online users to find your website through voice
search. In advance, I would like to share some
important details about the strategic w eb
design company in Los Angeles - SFWPExperts.
Regarded as the best website problem-solver in
the entire US, this company is apt for
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  • Lets keep that aside for a moment and take a
    deep dive into the main matter of the content -
  • How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search?
  • Prepare A Good Plan of Action
  • As the use of voice search for finding relevant
    information increases, you need to make your
    website adaptable to both the current and future
    needs of this technology. By that I mean you
    need to develop and implement a strategy so
    users can find your site in search results using
    voice search. Evaluate all the keywords that are
    appropriate for your business, your existing
    content, and for those blog posts, you will
    create in the future. Create new content
    including the language voice search systems can
    understand and then post it on your website as
    well as different platforms.
  • List Your Business Online
  • This is necessary for those having local
    businesses. If you dont have one you can skip
    this and move to the next part of the content.
  • One of the nice ways to prepare your business for
    voice search is by ensuring you have a strong
    online presence.
  • For instance, wearable tech devices come with
    small screen sizes and that isnt just
    sufficient to do much. Besides, mobile phones
    have voice

assistants like Google Assistant for Android and
Siri for iOS, that are compatible with voice
search. So, a major chunk of your potential
customers will come through smartphones if you
get your business listed online. But what about
virtual digital assistants? They cant show
search results especially for local businesses,
instead, they show business listings in the
first place. This is where your business could
be left behind and possibly, take a financial
beating. If you want to get your business listed
online and drive high traffic through it,
approach us for these works. By deploying
experienced marketing associates and SEO
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responsive web design and development, web
support and maintenance, internet marketing,
online advertising, SEO, PPC, and so on. 3.
Research Appropriate Keywords For Your
Business Take note that your potential customers
will be using voice search and not keywords to
find your website. That means you will have to
optimize your website according to increased
keyword length while taking into consideration
how humans generally communicate. So instead of
targeting a keyword like Los Angeles web design
company, you need to focus on something like
do you know of any reliable web design company
that is based in Los Angeles?.
  • So, the point where Im trying to make is that
    voice search isnt about delivering the suitable
    results but rather it's about the activities
    related to search terms.
  • If you are still facing issues in optimizing your
    website according to human communication, you
    can opt for good SEO software to help you find
    out multiple keyword strings that will work for
    driving visitors to your site.
  • Optimize Your Google My Business Page
  • Mobile voice searches probably cover a massive
    chunk of local-based searches than the text
    searches. For this reason, it is important for
    you to optimize your Google My Business listing
    around terms that are most commonly used by
    voice searchers around. Also, make sure to put
    location information of your business at the
    bottom of your web page so users can know how
    quickly you can deliver your services to them.
  • Usually, there are two ways a user can search for
    local businesses online
  • Pizza restaurants near me To produce results for
    this type of search query, Google accesses the
    users location first and then filters out GMB
    (Google My Business Accounts) to present them the
    most relevant answer.
  • Pizza restaurants in California To produce
    results for this type of search query, Google
    checks local keywords to provide users with the
    most relevant answer.
  • One thing you must remember here is to make sure
    the name, address, and phone number in your GMB
    account is absolutely correct. Whats more, you
    need to do is to ensure maintaining consistency
    in other local directories when submitting your
    business details.

  • Just in case you need help with your Google My
    Business account creation, you can refer to us
    at almost any hour of the day. We have a special
    team for managing digital activities of
    businesses to enable it to achieve the targeted
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    professional services only, clients across the
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    optimization, and so forth.
  • Increase The Loading Speed of Your Website
  • Probably every SEO analyst knows that page
    loading of websites matters a lot when it comes
    to ranking positions in the search results. And
    also with loads of digital content on the web,
    the faster your site loads, the better user
    experience it will deliver.
  • According to a study conducted by one of the
    optimal digital marketing agencies, websites
    having simple and easily understandable pieces of
    content ranks better in the SERP. In the same
    study, it was also found that Google rewards web
    pages with fast loading speed with good ranking
    in the search results.
  • Tune In Your Site For Question-Based Keywords
  • This includes why, when, where, how-to, and much
    as such. Just to let you know most of the voice
    searches start with question-defining terms like
    who, why, how, and the rest. So, it is necessary
    to find out the ways how your audience speaks
    when they are searching for your products,
    services, or even websites.

In addition, you need to consider that voice
searches are more conversational in nature and
usually a bit longer than text searches.
Therefore, you need to use more and more
long-tail keywords in your content to get higher
positions in the search engine results for voice
searches. Answer the Public and Buzzsumos
Question Analyzer are just a few tools you can
use to find the voice search keywords for your
business and create content based on them. If
you also want to optimize your business website
for long-tail question-based voice searches, but
dont have enough time to do that, connect with
us. With an exceptionally well SEO team with lead
magnet experts, we can increase the traffic on
your website, lead generation numbers, and
ultimately the conversion rates. Not just this,
we are also involved in professional website
design and development services that meet our
clients and their user expectations pretty well.
In a nutshell, you can reach out to our
Wordpress website design company for a variety of
services like custom web design and development,
landing page design and development, social
media management, internet marketing, SEO, PPC,
and on and on. 7. Build Question-Based FAQ
Pages To be clear, question-based searches are
increasing day by day and an average voice
search result consists of 28 - 30 words. Having a
FAQ page on your website will meet both of these
conditions rather well. This is the reason
creating a well-designed FAQ page is important
that answers most questions of users. Thats not
all, voice search results are more likely to
come being sourced from a FAQ page than regular
desktop results.
  • Besides, you can also include high-performing
    keywords in the descriptive content when
    answering FAQs. This way you can increase the
    chances of popping your website on the top of
    search results when users will perform a voice
  • Create As Much As Possible Voice-Search Friendly
  • To be on top of the reader's mind, one thing you
    must remember is to produce easy- to-read and
    conversational content. Not only it is helpful in
    attracting more users to your site but conveying
    your message clearly and effectively.
    Additionally, for an automated voice to easily
    read your content, make sure its language can be
    easily perceived even by a 9th-grade brat.
  • If you dont have much time to produce
    voice-search friendly content, dont worry we
    have your back. Many creative content writers are
    part of our Los Angeles web design company who
    knows how to bind readers with naturally-flowing
    and interesting content. We can provide you
    services in almost any corner of the world while
    maintaining its proper quality level. Some of
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    eCommerce web design and development, website
    hosting and maintenance, content writing,
    content marketing, search engine optimization,
    and online marketing.
  • Dont Use Jargons In Your Content
  • As you remember well, it is highly recommended to
    use a rudimentary, natural, and conversational
    language in your content. Its because people
    use such language only when they perform voice
    searches. This means your content must match
    with the users search term to show up at the top
    positions in SERP.

To be crystal clear in your approach, I would
like to share another chunk of information - a
study by an esteemed digital marketing agency in
the US shows that an average Google voice search
result is written in quite a simple way so a 9th
standard student can easily understand. The
simpler your language is, the higher the chances
of your content to appear on the first page of
voice search results. An easy way to check your
contents readability is by using tools like The
Hemingway App. All you need to do is copy your
content from the source and paste it in this
application. The app will show you the
readability level of your content as well as
some effective tips that will help you in
improving it. 10. Dont Overlook The Importance
of Regular SEO When you make a priority to
produce great content while doing your
traditional SEO chores, you are also improving
your chance to do exceedingly well in voice
search. This is the reason websites having high
DA (Domain Authority), better rankings, and high
user engagement performs excellently in voice
search. Closing Words Of late voice search has
started gaining traction and that day is not too
far when it will become a top choice for the
online search. For businesses to stay ahead of
the curve in 2020, they must be able to do voice
search SEO in the best possible way. At the same
time, they need to make sure their regular SEO
activities are being carried out at optimal speed
either. If all this is done correctly, rest
assured your website will become Google-friendly
and of course appear on the top in search results.
Now that you know how to optimize your website
for voice search, its time to get to work
following the tips listed above. At any point of
time, if any problem emerges in your website,
you know whom to contact? SFWP Experts! We have
the best technology, resources, and ideas to
enhance the rankings of websites as well as
fine- tune its functionalities. Have a word with
reps of our Los Angeles web design company if
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a_at_sfwpexperts.com W ordpress Developer Experts
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