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More than 50% of your app popularity and business is affected by the interface. So, look for someone who can create beautiful and attractive GUIs. Whether the candidates are Mobile App Developers In Toronto or from abroad, put out the same criteria for all. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mobile App Development Toronto | Yesweus

All about mobile app development platform for you
to know
  • Mobile App Developers In Toronto, Mobile App
    Development Toronto

Mobile App Developers In Toronto
New and innovative ideas are what transforms the
world. This technological modern world is
welcoming such ideas with an open arm. And for
these ideas to flourish connecting them with a
digital platform has become necessary. As the
advancement in any field is done with technology,
these ideas need to be converted for these
digital platforms. This article will tell you
everything you need to know about the handy
mobile app development platforms.
  • So, what are the stages where these apps can be
  • Android
  • It is an obvious fact that android has the most
    reach and a huge audience. There are already more
    than millions of android apps available on Google
    Play. It is a lot easier to establish a mobile
    app here and promote it. For most of the Mobile
    App Developers, android is the first choice from
    a business aspect.
  • IOS
  • This premium audience targetted stage is a little
    complex to get into. It does have more innovative
    functionalities but coding an app for IOS
    requires better and more complex UI.
  • Then there are some platforms where code
    reusability is available. However, that reduces
    the uniqueness factor of any new app.

  • Now what are the programming languages in which
    these mobile apps are developed or coded
  • JAVA
  • Designed to have a few implement dependencies,
    JAVA is one of the most popular computer
    programming languages. It is used for both
    windows and mobile app developing.
  • It has a simplified syntax and explicit
    interface. This language is used so much that
    despite being complex, students are taught its
    basics in schools.
  • Python
  • With a community-based development model, python
    is open-source software. It is a high-level
    programming language. There are python
    interpreters available for many operating
    systems. It supports multiple platforms and
    systems and very easy to develop. It doesnt take
    much for novice Mobile App Developers to master
  • SQL
  • It is used to develop data-based applications.
    SQL is originally based in relational algebra and
    tuple relational calculus. It was one of the
    first commercial languages.

  • This is where the basics of every programming
    language start. However, the old versions were
    mainly used for developing web pages. But the new
    HTML5 has a lot to add to its venture.
  • The canvas elements of HTML5 can be used for
    dynamic graphics, embedded applications,
    online/offline mobile games, etc.
  • C
  • With facilities like low-key memory manipulation,
    C is a general-purpose programming language.
    This popular language is compatible with many
    compilers and libraries and is quite similar to
    Java. C can be used to code complex GUIs as
  • There are many more programming languages which
    are used for various purposes or platforms.
    Almost all of them can be used for more than one
    platform such as windows, android and IOS.
    However, to develop a successful app, having
    expertise over these languages is very important.
    It is not easy developing an app. There is a lot
    to be included in the coding, for example, the
    security patch level. Thats why there are a lot
    of Mobile App Developers that have a whole team
    dedicated to a different aspect of an app.
    Theres a reason why the IT sector has so much

Top tips for hiring mobile app developers
  • Finding an app developer isnt very hard these
    days. However, finding the right person for the
    right job is where troubles surface. It becomes
    harder to look for a partner in IT industry if
    you dont know what the other person can offer
    and what you can contribute.
  • This blog will help you understand the criteria
    you should place to hire a mobile app developer.
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • More than 50 of your app popularity and business
    is affected by the interface. So, look for
    someone who can create beautiful and attractive
    GUIs. Whether the candidates are Mobile App
    Developers In Toronto or from abroad, put out the
    same criteria for all.

  • Language expertise
  • Even if you are specifically looking for a mobile
    app developer, look for someone who has expertise
    in various coding languages. Its important to
    hire someone who is not limited to just android
    or smart phones. Leave room for future
    developments on different platforms such as
    windows, IOS or other.
  • ?       Skills over money
  • Do not hesitate to choose someone who provides
    great service but comes with a price. Experts
    will look after the overall development of the
    app. Not just the coding. They will help in its
    business value as well whether they are Mobile
    Developers In Toronto or someplace else. Saying
    from the point of a consumer, Id prefer good
    quality and service irrespective of the cost.
  • ?       References
  • Its beneficial to hire someone with a good
    reference from past companies or clients. They
    will give you a better insight on the person. You
    can get to know the person has ever done anything
    illegal or has a cyber crime record. As a
    consumer, Im concerned as well if my data gets
    in the hands of an illegal hacker.
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    Development Toronto

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