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How to Test Sites Having Accessible WordPress Themes?


As you might have already noticed, the title itself indicates the presence of two questions in one. First, how to choose accessible WordPress themes for your site. Second, how to check the accessibility of sites. I will come to both but let’s first understand what does website accessibility means? Website accessibility is a term that refers to the practice of making your site more accessible, viewable for all kinds of people. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Test Sites Having Accessible WordPress Themes?

How to Test Sites Having
Accessible WordPress Themes?
As you might have already noticed, the title
itself indicates the presence of two questions
in one. First, how to choose accessible WordPress
themes for your site. Second, how to check the
accessibility of sites.
I will come to both but lets first understand
what does website accessibility means? What Is
Website Accessibility? Website accessibility is
a term that refers to the practice of making your
site more accessible, viewable for all kinds of
people (person with or without disability) to
let them interact and engage with the content
seamlessly. Now that you understand, what does
website accessibility mean, you must know the
method as well to execute it easily. But before
starting out, have a look at the fastest growing
web design company in Los Angeles - SFWPExperts.
Whether it is WordPress web design, WordPress
development, branding, online marketing, SEO or
PPC, they do it all and pretty well. As far as
reliability goes, they always remain available
for clients if they face any issue after opting
for their offerings. You can have a word with
them through call, email, and live chat options,
no matter if its dawn or evening. Diverting our
attention for a moment, lets quickly jump to how
to choose an accessible WordPress theme for your
site. Steps To Choose An Accessible WordPress
Theme 1. Pick a theme that is accessibility
ready. Many theme developers are implementing
the guidelines from the WordPress Theme
Accessibility Handbook, so the best thing you
can do to have a fully accessible website is
simply ask them if a specific theme is
accessibility ready. For instance, just have a
look at the Total WordPress theme. When you
visit the UH website through WAVE web
accessibility evaluation tool you
  • will get to see how they have implemented the
    themes features to increase the usability of
    their website for all students.
  • Another way to get free accessible themes is by
    simply going to and clicking on
    the Themes menu link found at the top of the
    page. Theme Directory will be opened then and
    after that you can find a sub-menu named as
    Feature Filter. And just besides the title you
    will see there is a little gear, just click
    that. You will find plenty of options rendered
    on your screen to choose from.
  • Under Features, click the topmost feature that
    reads like Accessibility Ready.
  • You may then check mark more filters that you
    like. Just at your left you will also see there
    is a Apply Filters button that will display how
    many filters you have applied. Click it and wait
    for a couple of seconds.
  • Now pick a theme of your choice from the options
    shown on the monitor.
  • Take note that just because a theme shows up as
    Accessibility Ready does not guarantee it is
    fully accessible. However, if a theme developer
    has marked their theme as accessible, there is a
    high chance that it does the job. Unfortunately,
    if you face any issue do inform them so they can
    make necessary changes to themes for other
  • That aside, if you are put into a cumbersome
    situation at any point of time due to any
    technical glitch in your theme, site or plugin,
    have in mind we can help. The seasoned designers
    and developers imparting their service at our
    Los Angeles web design company are extremely
    talented and can fix technical issues rather
    quickly. You can reach out to us for a number of
    services such as fully accessible web design and
    development, homepage design and development, UI
    and UX design, social media marketing,

copywriting, search engine optimization, pay per
click advertising and a lot more. Free
WordPress Plugins To Create A Fully Accessible
Site Sometimes you might want to build your own
WordPress theme, or maybe just want to use a
theme of your choice. There is no need to worry.
The best thing about being a WordPress user is
that it offers you hundreds of thousands of
plugins to use for your site. Whenever you need
something, probably you will find one that fits
the bill. Our top pick is WP Accessibility that
has a wide array of tools to help you find out
and resolve many common accessibility issues that
you might face when using WordPress themes. The
nice thing about this is that it requires very
little expert knowledge and minimum setup. WP
Accessibility Helper (WAH) is another option you
can rely on as it includes a slew of useful
features for font resize, skip links, DOM
(Document Object Model) scan and the rest. It is
one of the fastest ways to add a lot of
accessible features to your site in one go. Some
other WordPress plugins you might want to try out
are solutions to more specific accessibility
needs. 1. Accessible Fonts The key role of
Accessibility Widget is that it creates a
font-size switcher widget for the sidebars on
your site. This way readers who have come to
your site can easily change the size of text that
suits them best.
  • The second most popular option for easier
    reading, you can count on is the Zeno Font
    Resizer. Whats good about this plugin is it lets
    admins of websites to set the font resize
    options (the minimum maximum size) and a
    cookie duration. This way users will be able to
    see the correct size font when they make a
    second visit to your site.
  • Text To Speech
  • For visually disabled readers audio options is a
    must-have to increase the user-friendliness of
    the site. My personal pick is Speaker - Page to
    Speech. This plugin is suitable to create an
    audio version of the posts published on your
    site. A few of the best features that this plugin
    is known for are 190 human quality voices, 30
    languages, and most importantly works great with
    most themes.
  • Moving to the next option for audio accessibility
    G Speech Text To Speech Solution is a free
    alternative. The good thing about this plugin is
    that it works well with the text on your site
    and adds an audio block to it. Then you can
    change colors, speaker voice and more using the
    given options.
  • Forms
  • A quick and easy way to make your contact form
    accessibility ready is to install plugins like
    Contact Form 7 Accessible Defaults and WCAG Form
    Fields For Gravity Forms. Another way to make
    your contact form accessibility ready is using
    plugins like Formidable Forms.
  • Besides, there is a large number of tools and
    plugins available to help you with various
    issues associated with making websites fully
    accessible for users. You just need to do a
    little bit of research to look for them.

Be mindful that our Los Angeles web design
company is always ready to help you with our
experience, no matter if it is associated with
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marketing. Currently, we have 600 clients all
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service. We can deliver you the same if you are
in need of any services such as customized web
design and development, SEO-friendly design, logo
design, website support and maintenance, PPC,
SEO and so on. How To Test Your Website
Accessibility? Once your fully accessible site
is ready to be up, it is a good idea to test for
any bugs or errors. Although there are numerous
methods and softwares to test whether or not
your site is accessible, there are just a few to
make testing a cakewalk. We have already
mentioned one of them in this article i.e, WAVE
web accessibility evaluation tool. Being an
extremely helpful tool it shows up every alert,
error, feature, structural element and many more,
so you can fix up the issues after getting
notified. Another powerful tool for web
developers is Tota11y that is developed by the
Khan Academy keeping a proper accessibility
visualization tool in mind. To enable the
accessibility tool you just need to add this JS
file to your site. This particular tool can be
found at the bottom of the screen appearing as a
little glass icon. Just click that to see all the
accessible elements on your page and errors that
you might want to resolve. Bear in mind that
professional help is always at your disposal if
you run into any problem that you cant handle.
Our Los Angeles web design company is committed
to resolve every issue that your site has,
whether it is associated with web design or
plugin development. Based on the quality of
services that we deliver, every year more number
of clients want to work
with us. To stay in touch with us to get services
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website redesign, icon design, search engine
optimization, email marketing or pay per click
advertising, just make a phone call or drop us
an email. Final Thoughts On Website
Accessibility Website accessibility is more like
an important functionality for your site if you
really want to attract huge traffic to your site.
I hope now you would have completely understood
whether or not making your website fully
accessible is necessary. Just have one thing
clear in your mind that having an easy to
perceive and easy to navigate site is the first
step to engage your potential customers. They
are the one who are going to give you business
down the road. So what are you waiting for? Take
this opportunity to bring the tools discussed
above in action to increase your website
accessibility. Needless to say, whom should you
approach when facing any difficulty throughout
the process - SFWPExperts. Being the prominent
Wordpress website design company, we promise to
offer you reliable and effective services such
as cutting edge web design and development,
digital marketing, SEO, PPC and so
forth. Contact Details 213-277-9177 Wordpress Developer Visit
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