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Best Life Insurance Policy in India | Call: 8217831004 | Best Life insurance Companies in India


Call: 8217831004 for best and safe investment options with high returns plans in India Best Term Insurance, Child Insurance, NRI insurance, ULIP insurance, Group Insurance, Retirement Plan, Health Insurance Plan, Savings and Income Plan adviser and agent – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Life Insurance Policy in India | Call: 8217831004 | Best Life insurance Companies in India

WelcomeLife Insurance Policy is very important
in our life
Life Insurance plan in India Term Insurance
Plan Child Insurance Plan NRI Plan ULIP
Plan Group Insurance Plan Retirement Plan Health
Insurance Plan Savings Income Plan
Term Insurance Plan in India Key Features of
Term Life Insurance plan Save Tax U/S 80C
80D The premium you pay for your term insurance
plan can save tax for you. Critical illness
premium saves tax for you u/s 80D, while life
insurance premium is counted u/s 80C of Income
Tax, subject to conditions Long Policy Term You
can opt for a longer policy term to stay
protected. You can stay covered for up to 50
years with a term life cover. Death Benefit as
Regular Income Modern term insurance plans allow
you to give your dependents a regular income
along with the lump-sum benefit in the event of
your unfortunate demise.
Premiums Returned on Survival You can now receive
all your money back if you survive the policy
term. Term insurance plans with the return of
premium benefit offer to return all the paid
premiums on the policy as survival benefit. Add
Disability Benefit to Your Term Plan Any kind of
disability due to accident or illness can affect
your income earning capacity. You can add
disability benefit with your term plan at
affordable prices. The disability cover is
available on payment of additional
premium. Cover Against Life Threatening
Diseases Cancer, heart attack, renal failure are
some curable diseases which can be
life-threatening. Dont let money concern you on
the way to the cure from these diseases. Critical
illness cover is available on payment of
additional premium High Maturity Age Of all life
insurance plans, term insurance offers the life
cover for the highest age bracket. You can
continue the term-insurance cover up to the age
of 85 with Max Life Insurance.
Child Insurance Plan in India Start Planning
for Your Childs Education As a parent, your kids
are the most important part of your lives.
Smallest of your happy moments depend on them.
While trying to maintain a balance between
emotions practical life, managing spending and
savings often becomes a tricky task. You would
do anything to make your children happy and to
secure their life future. Max Life Child
Insurance Plans have been specially customized to
address your childs future needs, even in your
absence. What is a Child Insurance Plan? A child
insurance plan is a combination of insurance and
investment that ensure a secure future for your
child. Life cover is available as a  lumpsum
payment at the end of policy term. Not just this,
these plans also provide  flexible payouts at
important milestones of your childs education.
While one may not want to think about unfortunate
situations like death or serious medical illness,
its important that you shield your childs
future against such incidents. Max Life Child
Insurance Plans ensure that your childs future
financial needs are taken care of even in your
NRI Insurance investment Plan How to choose
best NRI Investment Plan in India Call 8217831004
Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) in India
  • What are ULIP plans?
  • ULIPs are life insurance cum investment options
    which provide you an opportunity to invest in
    stocks, bonds or mutual funds for multiplied
    growth while providing you with a protection
    cover. ULIPs provide a flexible approach to
    investment planning as they allow you to safely
    balance your fund with equity and debt
    components, with options to switch as the market
  • Why to invest in ULIPs?
  • Investing in a ULIP for long term can be a smart
    decision because
  • It is safe and secure investment with healthy
    market returns
  • It offers flexibility to make changes to funds
    thereby securing your money from market ups and
  • It enables you to save tax on your investments
    and returns
  • It also provides life cover to protect your family

Group Insurance Plans
  • What are Group Insurance Plans ?
  • Group Insurance Plans help to deliver multiple
    insurance benefits to a standard group of
    individuals in one go. These are available for
    organizations and groups to provide effective life
  • Why select a Group Insurance Plan?
  • The main reason to opt for Group Insurance Plans
    is a hassle free mechanism to provide insurance
    cover at scale. These plans are ideal for
    employers, associations, societies, banks and

Retirement Plan in India
  • What are retirement plans?
  • Retirement plans are insurance products designed
    to provide you financial security once your
    working income stops. With the proceeds of the
    retirement plans, you can also opt for monthly
    pension benefits by purchasing annuity plans.
    They help you invest your earnings over the years
    and create a fund which you can withdraw as a
    whole or in parts during your retirement years.
    Further, with dual benefits of protection with
    investment, these plans are ideal for covering
    your financial needs in the golden years of your
  • .
  • Why you should invest in retirement plans?
  • In our ultra-stressful modern lifestyle, we
    barely get time to plan for future and give a
    conscious thought about retirement planning.
    However, if we can pause a little, understand
    current and the possible future expenses based on
    our lifestyle and start investing in a life
    insurance retirement plan, we can relieve
    ourselves from retirement woes. Whats important
    to understand is that
  • It is a disciplined, affordable, and secure way
    for retirement planning.

Savings Income Plans in India What are
savings plans? Saving plans are life insurance
products designed to support disciplined savings
and at the same time ensure steady returns
throughout the policy term which can be payable
as monthly income or lumpsum depending on your
need and chosen plan. Additionally, being a life
insurance product, these plans also provide the
tax benefits, terminal illness benefits, death
benefits, and much more. By selecting a plan that
covers your familys financial needs, you can
ensure financial security for your loved ones,
and be worry-free. How to choose the best
plan? When it comes to choosing one of the best
saving plans in India, it is advisable to
identify your short and long-term goals keeping
in mind your current savings, liabilities, and
familys financial needs. The following points
can help you evaluate saving plans Competitive
plan features and benefits to meet your future
needs Flexibility to withdraw money to meet any
emergency needs Rider Options to get additional
benefits to maximize plan coverage
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