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6 Actionable Tips To Improve WordPress Website Performance


Undoubtedly, WordPress is the well-featured platform that you can rely on to build an eCommerce website, a blog website or just manage your content. But, many times when you start making modifications to your WordPress website, things turn up bad more often than good. Adding a few features to your site using plugins might seem good initially, but it affects your website performance in the long run. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 6 Actionable Tips To Improve WordPress Website Performance

6 Actionable Tips To Improve WordPress Website
Undoubtedly, WordPress is the well-featured
platform that you can rely on to build an
eCommerce website, a blog website or just manage
your content. But, many times when you start
making modifications to your WordPress website,
things turn up bad more often than good.
Adding a few features to your site using plugins
might seem good initially, but it affects your
website performance in the long run. For your
customers since the first point of contact is
your website, you must ensure it looks great and
performs well. To ensure that you need to take
help of a few tools and plugins and then test
your website loading speed and its
performance. Some of the powerful plugins that I
suggest you to use are Google PageSpeed
Insights, Pingdom tools, GTmetrix, WebPagetest
and many as such. These tools will help you
find the culprits that are making your website
slow and risking your customer acquisition. In
this blog, I have compiled a few effective tips
that will speed up your website and attract high
traffic. When you reach the end of this blog,
you will have a lot of ideas to improve on the
speed of your website and make the user
experience even better. But before you go
through the tips outlined in this post, I want to
share a bit of important information with you.
Its not about the best website building
platform, WordPress but the best web design Los
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many more. With that out of the way, now lets
jump on to tips to enhance your WordPress
website performance and make it stand out from
the masses.
  • Top 6 Proven Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress
  • Opt For Specialized Hosting
  • At times, the cheap hosting might draw your
    attention but it is never the best choice for
    high website performance. Thats because cheaper
    hosting usually doesnt have the dedicated
    bandwidth to support your Wordpress website
    needs. This is the area where they manage to cut
    costs to offer you those crazy low prices.
  • But that doesnt mean you should not consider one
    if that fits your bill. Shared hosting can still
    satisfy all your websites needs, you just have
    to look for the right one.
  • If you are looking for a dedicated Wordpress
    hosting that suits your needs, you must have a
    look at the following options
  • WP Engine
  • Flywheel
  • Media Temple
  • Kinsta
  • WordPress VIP
  • In case you are confused between two best choices
    and cant decide one to go for, you must consult
    with us. Our web design company is based out of
    Los Angeles but caters to clients in most corners
    of the world. You can reach us online or offline
    to get professional services such as custom web
    design and development, homepage design and
    development, website customization and redesign,
    search engine optimization, pay per click
    advertising and so forth.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins It can be
rather interesting to add one or more features to
your website by installing plugins, but it isnt
always good for the health of your
website. Whenever you consider to install a
plugin, you should run a check whether it is
high quality or not. If you wont do that, poorly
coded plugins could slow down your website to a
great extent. Having this in mind, always select
a plugin with a high rating and large number of
downloads. Above all, it is necessary to ensure
that it has been updated recently and functions
well. An easy way to figure out which plugins
are affecting the performance of your website is
to use a tool named Query Monitor. You can check
out every plugin on your site one by one and test
your loading speed by deactivating and
reactivating all of them individually. Whats
good about this plugin is that it creates a
complete report of all the database queries on
your site, which can be further filtered by
component to find out which plugins are
extensively using up your resources. On top of
that, this plugin also provides information on
hooks fired, PHP errors, scripts and styles,
query vars, Ajax requests and others. However,
if you dont want to do it yourself and hire a
professional instead, the best option you can go
for is SFWP Experts. This is the leading web
design company in Los Angeles that has helped
hundreds of businesses to grow and reach a
global audience. They offer various services at
fraction of cost other agencies ask for like
responsive web design and development,
  • software development, web hosting, social media
    management, conversion rate optimization, email
    marketing, copywriting and online advertising.
  • Remove Your Poorly Coded Theme
  • Themes cover a major portion of your website so
    it is important to pay heed to it. Always keep
    an eye on poorly coded and low-quality WordPress
    themes that could affect the overall performance
    of your website.
  • Even if you have paid a premium price for the
    theme you are using, it isnt guaranteed that it
    has high-quality code and wont affect the
    wellness of your website.
  • A good step you can take is to test your current
    theme or the one you are considering to buy
    against the already present WordPress theme after
    a successful installation.
  • If you face any issue throughout the process,
    please take a moment to share your concern with
    us. We will listen to your problem, identify the
    root case and come up with a perfect solution.
    By the way our Los Angeles web design company
    provides marketing solutions as well in addition
    to web design and development. You can
    communicate with us any way to get
    business-focused services including but not
    limited to search engine optimization, pay per
    click advertising, copywriting, social media
    promotion, internet marketing and content
  • Optimize Your All Images
  • Having high-quality images on your website is
    crucial to help your online presence stand out
    but don't let them affect the performance of your
    website. You can compress and optimize the large
    image files on your website without losing
    quality which in turn will help your site to run

  • Go for the plugins listed underneath to compress
    anything that the Media Library of your site
  • Kraken Image Optimizer
  • Bulk Resize Media
  • WP Smush
  • On the flip side, if you dont want to install a
    plugin then other options you can rely on for
    online image compression are TinyPNG and Kraken.
  • Use A Caching Plugin
  • Since WordPress websites have to make regular
    database requests, the use of a caching plugin
    plummet these requests by generating a static
    HTML page and then display it for the users
    instead. A good caching plugin can help your
    site to handle heavy traffic well and also
    compress and optimize other elements that your
    website has.
  • A few of the widely used caching plugins that are
    trending everywhere are W3 Total Cache and WP
    Super Cache. Though you may find it difficult to
    pick one plugin over the other, you must choose
    the one that suits your needs best.
  • Maintain Your Website Regularly
  • If you want your website to load fast and run
    smoothly then you will have to make sure it is
    getting maintained on a definite interval. The
    continued maintenance of your site includes
    fixing any broken links and pages, dealing with
    comment spam and optimizing your database with a
    plugin like WP-DBManager. By doing this you can
    be sure that your website is performing high and
    it is delivering a great user experience.

At The End you need to clearly understand that
to have a high-performing professional website,
you need to check and work on its various
aspects. Everything matters when it comes to
creating a fast loading website whether it is web
hosting, image compression and optimization, or
good themes and plugins. After all, you want to
offer your visitors a pleasant experience that
compels them to keep coming back to your
site. At the end of the article, I will ask you
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problem running or maintaining your website. Our
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