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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Lower Back Pain?


If you have lower back pain that’s causing significant problems or doesn’t seem to be improving, it could be worth trying manual therapy. A chiropractor can offer this type of treatment for any type of short or long-term general lower back pain. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Can Chiropractic Care Help With Lower Back Pain?

Can Chiropractic CareHelp WithLower Back Pain?
Most of us experience lower back pain at least
once in our lifetime. It may be a common problem
for those working in the IT industry (and sitting
at a desk for prolonged periods of time) or
those who do a lot of physical work. Some of the
most common causes of back pain are falls,
prolonged sitting, obesity, heavy lifting,
sedentary jobs and excessive reaching. Lower back
pain, when resolved on its own, is probably a
result of muscle pull/strain. In some cases,
however, the pain may last for a little longer
and that is when a ligament or joint sprain is
suspected. There are different types of
treatments that can be used to treat lower back
pain. One such method is Chiropractic care.
Studies have shown that the manual therapies used
by chiropractors have proven to be an effective
treatment for lower back pain.
How does chiropractic care work?
EXAMINATION An initial visit would involve a
consultation where the patient gives a brief
synopsis of their lower back pain such as the
areas of pain, its duration, frequency etc. The
chiropractor may then ask a few more questions to
help understand the patients medical history.
The chiropractor would then examine the patient
using different methods to determine the spinal
segments (muscles, ligaments, joints) that would
require chiropractic treatment.
How does chiropractic care work? (cont.)
ASSESSMENT After the initial examination, the
chiropractor may classify the pain into one of
the different categories. A serious injury may
include a fracture, infection or a major
neurological problem (such as nerve problem where
the nerve root of the lower back may be
compressed or pinched). Mechanical back pain in
the lumbar spine is the most common form of back
pain. Having a diagnosis helps the chiropractor
to identify the right treatment that would be
required. The chiropractor may refer more serious
injuries to another medical specialist if needed. 
How does chiropractic care work? (cont.)
TREATMENT The chiropractic adjustment helps
reduce joint restrictions or misalignments in the
spine and to decrease inflammation and pain as a
result. It could also be used in other joints in
the body such as knees and shoulders.
Chiropractors help improve spine health and
nervous system function by increasing joint
mobility and ultimately function. This helps the
body manage the symptoms caused by lower back
pain. Patients with lower back pain are known to
experience reduced pain and discomfort, decreased
inflammation, improved flexibility and range of
motion and also increased muscle tone strength
through chiropractic care.
More and more people are becoming tired of using
pills as a solution and are looking for other
ways to treat their pain. Chiropractors undergo
extensive training to diagnose and treat
musculoskeletal problems. A good chiropractor
will refer the patient to other medical
professionals if the diagnosis is beyond the
scope of his or her practice.
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