Skin Care Tips for Older Adults to Help Protect the Skin During Winters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Skin Care Tips for Older Adults to Help Protect the Skin During Winters


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Title: Skin Care Tips for Older Adults to Help Protect the Skin During Winters

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Healthy skin is one of the most important, but
often the most overlooked elements of aging- as
your bodys first line of defense against germs
and infection. Sadly, the cold, dry winter months
can take a serious toll on the skin of older
adults. It is important that you take care of
your skin during the frosty months of the year,
older adults must take additional precautions to
ensure they maintain healthy skin
  • Bundle up before heading outside since frostbite
    can occur very quickly especially when its both
    cold and windy. Avoid skin damage by shielding
    your skin with a hat, mittens or gloves, and a

  • Avoid taking lengthy, overly hot showers since it
    can disturb the skins natural balance of
    moisture, leading to inflamed, red and sensitive

  • Dehydration besides contributing to dry skin can
    cause skin to sag making you appear older.
    Experts recommend increasing your water intake
    during the winter (drink 8 glasses of water
    everyday) and limiting your intake of caffeine,
    alcohol, salty foods and soda.

  • Its advisable to invest in a few humidifiers for
    the rooms you spend the most time in, and make
    other simple home modifications to stay healthy
    all season.

  • It is essential to dry off thoroughly before
    getting dressed after you are finished bathing
    especially between fingers, toes and folds of
    skin since fungus, bacteria and other
    infection-causing microorganisms tend to grow in
    moist, warm places like the inside of a shoe.

  • Its wrong to skip the sunscreen, which is
    essential for guarding against skin cancers.
    During winters, the suns reflection off the snow
    can leave you with a painful snow burn which
    could be avoided with application of sunscreen.

Aroga Home Care Services
Closely monitor the condition of your skin and
apply first aid right away at the first signs of
damage to your skin.
  • Opt for a heavy moisturizer for the face to help
    protect your skin.
  • During the winter months, switch your soap and
    other skin care products to milder formulations
    since overly-strong soaps can take a serious toll
    on your skin health.