France is Very Much Similar To Mumbai – 5 Interesting Similarities From A Mumbai Students Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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France is Very Much Similar To Mumbai – 5 Interesting Similarities From A Mumbai Students Perspective


Here is the similarity between France and Mumbai. Students who are planning to study in France will help them more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: France is Very Much Similar To Mumbai – 5 Interesting Similarities From A Mumbai Students Perspective


Hello students, in the series of our experiential
blogs, we have come with an instructive blog by
Preetesh Shirwaiker, an experienced student
counsellor. Mr. Shirwaiker is a Mumbai
resident, who knows the city very well. It's
surprising for us that he found a great
similarity between Mumbai France. Their
culture, people, home, nightlife and especially
the education structure universities are way
more similar than any other country. Obviously,
they have some di?erences too but in
opportunities also who can tell this thing
better than Mr. Shirwaiker. So enjoy this blog
through Mr. Shirwaiker's words. Hello students,
I'm Preetesh Shirwaiker, a student counsellor at
Edugo Abroad o?ce in Mumbai. My main aim to
write this blog is to clear doubts of students
with regards to studying in France as well as
drawing out the similarities and di?erence in
lifestyle and various other common points that a
student from Mumbai and other cities from India
needs to face, adapt and be mentally prepared to
have a successful career after studying abroad.
The main concern of the students going to study
abroad in a country like France is the language.
A few of them think that the courses will be in
French and they will have to learn French to
study in France. But we want to clear the doubts
as all the courses and universities we have in
our portfolio teach all the courses in 100
English. Throughout the course, you can learn
French if you either want to have a brighter
future in France or want to learn the 3rd most
used business language in the world which will
boost your CV.
Education Universities
In Mumbai, there are 2 major universities with
700 colleges a?liated below the University of
Mumbai. The University of Mumbai is ranked within
the 1000 universities of the world and the IIT-
Mumbai is ranked around 152. In Paris, though you
have 32 universities and almost 11-15
triple-accredited business schools. The QS
ranking of the highest university in France is
52nd in the whole world. In Paris, though you
will get world-class business schools at very
reasonable tuition fees but a slightly expensive
cost of living. Mind you the city is getting
cheaper and as per the a?ordability survey, the
city now is ranked 76th in the world (Up 16
places). The other di?erentiating factor in
France is their approach to students. In India,
most of the studies follow a slightly outdated
methodology but in France, their pedagogy mainly
involves group discussions, debates,
presentations and real-life case studies. This
not only prepares the student for real-life job
scenarios but also makes him strong-minded.
Supporting this theory is the inclusion of
internships as a necessary part of the curriculum
in your degree. This internship will not only
allow you to earn some extra money but also get
you exposure and chance to work in many
Multinational companies present in France, for
example, Renault, Sodexho, Michelin, LOreal,
AXA and BNP Paribas to name a few.
Cost Of Living
In Mumbai, a paying guest can cost anywhere from
15000-30000 rupees in posh areas to a relatively
below 10000 rupees in further remote areas. In
France, the same costs about 20000 45000
rupees depending on the area the student chooses
to stay. The mobile expenses in France go up to
8000 rupees a month and a yearly student pass for
travel in Paris costs up to 20000-22000 rupees.
The public transport in Paris in the form of its
buses and metros is fairly well developed and
covers almost the entire city. From this, you
must be thinking that there is a huge di?erence
in the cost of living and Paris is not feasible
but as we say a coin has two sides. The 2nd part
is the average salary for part-time which is
about 9.8 Euros/hour or about 800 rupees/hour and
the student can work for about 80hours a month.
For a full-time job, the average is nearly 160000
rupees. As compared the average salary in Mumbai
is 40000 rupees.
Nightlife, Entertainment Leisure
As Mumbai is buzzing with life on the weekends
during the night at places like Marine Drive,
Bandra, Bandstand, Carter Road, Malad Mindspace
where all the crowd go to enjoy and dance on
some famous Bollywood tunes Paris has its amazing
nightlife too. Paris has its shares of nightlife
in areas like Oberkampf, Bastille etc. The
nightlife is ever ending in Paris and if at all
you are bored of dancing you can go to the
amazing Ei?el Tower and adore it the whole in
the same way you can sit at Marine Drive and
Gateway of India in Mumbai. During your leisure
times, you can visit Luxembourg Gardens, dedicate
a whole day to Disneyland, walk along the banks
of River Seine while understanding the rich
history Of Paris which grew around the river,
Trocadero River and Ei?el tower to name a few.
Scholarships, Rebates
For studies in France, students are not only
eligible for various scholarships from the
university but due to a very strong bond between
Indian and French governments, there are many
scholarships a common student could be eligible
for. Few examples of these scholarships are
Charpak Scholarship, French Government
Scholarship to name a few. Along with this,
there is Franco Indian Education Trust which
supports students, faculty and research scholars
planning to go to France for studies. The French
government also provides something called CAF(
Caisses dAllocations Familiales) a form of
housing bene?t to students which helps them to
pay their rent. The amount depends on where you
live, the rent you pay. This is a generous bene?t
given by the French government and most of the
countries in the world do not o?er such bene?ts.
Most frequent and common questions which the
students have in mind is that will the degree be
valid if they come back to India or if they move
out to any other part of the world. We would like
to inform them that not only most of the
universities in France are well accredited
having accreditations like AACSB, IACBE, EQUIS
etc. but their degrees hold very good value all
over the world and would be well recognized.
Apart from that, we would suggest them mostly
Grand Ecole, RNCP and CHEQ certi?ed universities
only in France so that they dont have any
problem with the validation of their degrees.
As I have shared above the information for a
student travelling from Mumbai or any other city
from India to Paris for studies it will not be
very di?cult to adopt. There is just an uncanny
resemblance to any Indian city in terms of the
simple roads, the old city vibes and the various
races of people you come across. Above all, just
the feel of the city will make you feel at home.
Paris is called a land of opportunities as many
manufacturing companies have their o?ces in
Paris as well as India like Capgemini, Airbus,
Renault etc. It makes France, an especially
ideal destination for budding students who want
to study abroad into all possible ?elds like
Finance, Marketing, Management, Supply Chain as
well as the Engineering Sector by giving you a
2years of Post-study work visa and a very easy
way to Permanent Residency. The people are
welcoming and the universities are very well
ranked. So do give it a thought and plan to
study in France! We hope this blog by our
student counsellor. Mr. Shirwaiker has given you
all the little insights about the education in
France that you never came across before. Like
Mr. Shirwaiker many experienced student
counselors under Edugo Abroad support the
students to choose their appropriate
universities and courses. Our personal support
team is always ready to guide you to every step.
91 706-900-7131/32 604-609, Venus Amadeus,
Jodhpur Cross Roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad, India