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5 Easy Tips Before You Choose the Right Logo


Starting a new business has a lot of challenges and one of them is to decide on how to choose the right logo for your brand. Isn’t it? The logo is as crucial as any other branding element of your business... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Easy Tips Before You Choose the Right Logo

05 Easy Tips Before You Choose the Right Logo
Understand The Importance of Logo
  • Starting a new business has a lot of challenges
    and one of them is to decide on how to choose the
    right logo for your brand. Isnt it? The logo is
    as crucial as any other branding element of your
    business. Thereby, you need to research and think
    about which logo style fits best for your brand.
  • Your logo needs to be unique and must reflect
    your business core reason for existence. Thus,
    you have to conceptualize the logo design to
    ensure it perfectly matches with your industry.
    Also, you have to think of the background of your
    logo and get a clear idea about what works well
    in your industry.
  • Brandmark, a letter mark, wordmark, combination
    mark or emblem are the most popular logos to
    choose from. And it all depends on your business
    industry. Visualize the colors, typography and
    the design style you want in your logo. And
    create one that gives your brand an edge in the
    saturated market. Each design has its own
    specifications thereby you just need to finalize
    the one that best suits your business.
  • In this post, I will be sharing the 5 easy tips
    that can help you in selecting the right logo for
    your brand. You can design your own logo but in
    case you lack the professional skills you can
    hire a design agency too for getting custom logo
    design services for your brand.

Take Inspiration Before You Choose The Right Logo
  • At first, you have to get an idea about the type
    of design that works best in your respective
    industry. Thus, take inspiration by researching
    other high-performing brand logos and see what
    unique they have done. And visualize your design
    with the perfect blend of old and modern trends.
  • Remember, you just need to look for ideas and
    have to come up with your own design that must be
    different from what others have already done.
    People will more likely to develop their interest
    in your brand if they see something different
    that convinces them to try what youre offering.

Keep Memorability Factor As Of Prime Importance
  • It is a well-known fact that people are more
    likely to recall a product or a service by visual
    elements of that brand and not by their name. And
    this can be your competitive point if you know
    how you can appeal your audience with creative
  • A logo is part of your visual brand identity.
    Thus, you need to ensure you create a logo that
    entices viewers and makes them remember your
    brand. Think of the top-tier company logos, for
    example, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.
    makes you just recall the brand by seeing their

Unique And Versatile Logo Concept
  • The competition is tough as there are so many
    brands out there. And so is your chance to get
    the desired brand identity. However, if you keep
    uniqueness at the core of your logo designing
    process, you will be able to make your brand
    stand out in the market.
  • As your logo will be the central part of your
    every brand identity, therefore, you have to
    think of a logo design that can be used
    everywhere. Be it social media, brochure or any
    other medium your logo must be adaptable enough
    to fit in all. Thereby, aim for versatility in
    your logo.

Usage Of Logo
  • Before choosing the right logo you have to first
    think about how you are going to use the logo. If
    you are planning to put a logo on your website
    then its design would have to be created
    differently. And if you want to get it imprinted
    on office mugs and t-shirts to promote your brand
    than the application of logo concept will be
  • You must think of the places where you will be
    using your logo and then choose the style that
    can be the best fit for your brand. Aim for a
    timeless logo design that can help you reap the
    benefits in the future too and not just in the

Keep Brand Consistency
  • No matter how good your products are people will
    identify your brand only when there is
    consistency in your branding efforts. Therefore,
    the colors, typefaces and other elements must in
    alignment with the core brand. You need to
    reflect on your brand personality from each
    branding visual.
  • And your logo must also compliment your brand as
    a whole. Thus, you need to choose design, color,
    and typography while keeping in view how it
    portrays your brand persona. Aim for brand
    consistency whenever choosing a design for your

  • Logo plays a crucial role in building your brand
    identity strong. Thus, if you keep the above
    points into consideration you will be able to
    choose the right logo for your business. Good
    design has the power to make or break your
    business image. And to create a solid brand
    identity you have to strategically visualize the
    concept of a logo that brings in targeted
  • And before even start designing the logo, you
    have to keep the above-mentioned tips in your
    mind. This will help you to ensure the best
    design that gives you desired results in the
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