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Data Science and Analytics - Avantika University


What is Data Science and Analytics? Learn in depth from India’s top engineering college in Ujjain, MP. Data scientists master the full spectrum of the data science cycle and understanding to maximize returns at each phase of the process from Top Engineering Colleges in MP. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Data Science and Analytics - Avantika University

Data Science and Analytics
  • Engineering College In India Avantika University

What is Data Science and Analytics
  • At times, while shopping around, we come across
    extremely exquisite art on a piece of cloth that
    makes it unique. That's the power of design.
  • So if you are one such creative soul searching
    for top design colleges in India to master the
    art, let us brief you about some of the
    fundamental principles and elements of design.

  • Data science is an elaborated study of the
    information from the massive amount of data given
    by an organization's depository. Initially, it
    involves collecting meaningful insights from raw
    and unstructured data which is processed through
    analytical and programming skills. Now, with the
    increasing digital space, organizations deal both
    structured and unstructured data every day.

  • With the grace of data science, technologies have
    enabled many cost savings and smarter storage
    spaces to store critical data. Data science is
    the field which combines domain expertise,
    programming skills, and knowledge to extract
    meaningful insights from data. Individuals, who
    practice here, apply machine learning algorithms
    to numbers, text, images, and more to produce
    artificial intelligence (AI) systems so that they
    can perform tasks that mainly require human

  • Further, these systems generate perceptions that
    analysts and business users can translate into
    tangible value. These days, data professionals
    understand that they must advance the olden and
    traditional skills of analyzing large amounts of
    data and programming skills. In order to give an
    exposure to the useful perception for their
    organizations, data scientists master the full
    spectrum of the data science cycle and
    understanding to maximize returns at each phase
    of the process from Top Engineering Colleges in

What Data Professionals Actually Do
  • Many people might get confused about their job
    responsibilities. These professionals are data
    retrieving individuals with high-level technical
    skills. They are capable of building compound
    algorithms to organize and create large amounts
    of information that can further be used to answer
    questions in their organization.

  • This is coiled with the individual's experience
    in communication and leadership for tangible
    results to various stakeholders across an
    organization or business. On the other hand Data
    analytics is the procedure of analyzing data
    available in sets in order to make conclusions
    from the information they contain, with the help
    of specialized software.

  • Data Science and Analytics technologies are
    widely used in each type of the industry so that
    organizations can make more decisive business
    decisions and by scientists and researchers to
    verify analyzed models, theories and hypotheses.

  • Data analytics applications are just more than
    analyzing data. Especially on level up analytics
    projects, much of the required work takes place
    upfront, in combining and preparing data followed
    by developing and analyzing models so that they
    produce accurate results.

  • Data analytics is a proven helping hand as it
    aids businesses to increase income, improve
    practice efficiency and marketing campaigns,
    customer service efforts to be more quickly to
    emerging market trends and gain a competition to
    all its rivals - all with the ultimate goal of
    boosting business performance. Depending on the
    application, the data which is being analyzed and
    consists of both historical records and new
    information processed for real-time uses.

  • It can be extracted from a mixed bag of internal
    systems and external data sources. For example,
    banks and credit card companies analyze the
    withdrawal information to prevent any fraudulent.
    Likewise, E-commerce companies make click stream
    analysis to identify website visitors and people
    who are more likely to buy a particular product
    or service.

  • While these terms are used interchangeably, both
    data science and data analytics have a fine line
    of difference as they are unique fields, with
    different scope. Data science can be defined as
    an umbrella term for the number of fields dealing
    with large datasets and data analytics can be
    viewed as a part of the larger process. Data
    science doesn't deal by explaining particular
    queries, rather resolves large datasets in
    unstructured forms to present the insights.

  • Data analysis is focused on questions in mind
    that are to be answered from existing data. It
    must also be noted that data science provides
    comprehensive insights that focus on the
    questions to be asked, while data analytics
    emphasizes finding answers to questions that were
    being asked.

  • Avantika University is the MIT Institute of
    Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique
    learning approach where the students are
    encouraged to think out of the box. Avantika
    University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.