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The Modules for CBSE Class 6 Courses for students


CBSE Class 6 courses are one of the most comprehensive and well-compiled modules – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Modules for CBSE Class 6 Courses for students

The Modules for CBSE Class 6 Courses for students
Edubull is the online learning platform which
helps the students to practice a little extra
than what it is taught in their respective
schools. CBSE Class 6 courses are one of the most
comprehensive and well-compiled modules. This
module will benefit the students to understand
the various subjects better. The six modules of
Maths will help the students to understand Maths
better There are six modules for Maths in the
CBSE Class 6 courses in the Edubull online
learning platform. The VI Maths module is a
level above the class 5. The same module is
available in Hindi as well. Maths Resource I and
Maths Resources II teaches the students with
exciting tricks and tactics which will help them
to love this subject. While Maths Resources III
uses an interactive and interesting audio-visual
lesson to assist the students in understanding
the concept in a simple way. Five modules of
Science will pique the interest of the
students The CBSE Class 6 courses of Science will
make the student find this subject interesting.
The lectures in VI Science keep the students
engaged and interested due to the use of
multimedia-based learning tools. The module is
replicated in Hindi in VI Science (Hindi). In VI
Science Resource I some of the topics like
changes around us, Living and non-living things,
workforce and gravity are covered. While in VI
Science Resource II, various topics of
Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught to the
students. VI Science Project teaches the student
how to do different science projects. One module
of Hindi in the CBSE Class 6 Course Edubull, the
online learning platform has uploaded one course
in CBSE Class 6 courses for the students. The VI
Hindi Vyakaran comprises of sixty lectures which
cover various grammar topics like visheshan,
i.e. the adjectives, kriya, i.e. verb in English,
Muhavery, i.e.
Idioms with its meaning and how to use the same
in a sentence. These are some of the grammatical
topics which are covered in Hindi. One module in
English for the loving English Literature The
CBSE Class 6 courses for English has one module.
Module VI English Literature Resources has 67
lectures. The literature topics comprise of Who
did Patricks Homework? A house, A Home, The
Quarrel are some of the topics which the students
have to read and understand. The module
introduces the students to English
Literature. Three modules of Social Science to
giving more insight about the subject The module
of VI Social Science Resources teaches the
students three subjects, namely Geography,
Civics and History. VI Social Science modules
make the students aware of various other topics
like Diversity in India, Diversity and
Discrimination, Urban livelihood. Social Science
module will help the students to explore and
observe their social and cultural
environment. Five Modules in Sanskrit gives an
introduction to the subject The CBSE class 6
course of Sanskrit gives the introduction to this
ancient language of India. VI Sanskrit provides
an interactive lesson in Sanskrit. Learn Sanskrit
teaches the student the name of the birds,
animal, fruits and flowers in Sanskrit. Learn
Sandi Sanskrit gives the student the knowledge
about different sandhi types and its usage.
Sanskrit Lakar teaches Lakar in Sanskrit and how
it has to be used in written communication.
Sanskrit Shloka teaches the students various
Sanskrit Shlokas and its importance.
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