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Why Is SEO Important for Small Business?


Are you planning to invest in SEO to skyrocket the growth of your small business? That’s great idea ! before read this useful content which gives more clarity. Read more information at here- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Why Is SEO Important for Small Business?

Why Is SEO Important for Small Business?
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can offer a lot
    of benefits for small businesses. It is not an
    overstatement when you hear SEO experts say that
    businesses that dont practice SEO are in a more
    unfavorable situation than companies who invest
    in search engine marketing.
  • As a small business owner, most of the time you
    must feel like the jack of all trades. You are
    responsible for managing finance, overseeing
    staff and marketing your company to grow your
    business. With the realm of responsibilities you
    manage on a daily basis, we are sure that SEO
    will not be on your priority radar.

  • According to Statistica, 56 of the global
    population used the internet in 2019. This number
    is huge and the chances of your target audience
    being in that percentage are also high.
  • Well-managed SEO activities can have a
    long-lasting impact by growing the revenue of
    your business and influence the online visibility
    of your business on a positive note.
  • So lets dive in and find out everything you need
    to know about small business SEO. If you like to
    speak with one of ColorWhistles search engine
    marketing experts, you can reach us at 1

Why Is SEO Important for Small Business?
  • SEO is important for small businesses because it
    helps to generate traffic!
  • The number of leads and revenue you can generate
    from that traffic depends on a few things like,
  • Your products or services (recurring or one-time
  • Your infrastructure (will your business be able
    to scale?)
  • Your target customer (local or international)

Here are some of the major benefits of SEO for
small businesses,
Helps to create a user-friendly website
  • SEO is not only about search engines, but the
    majority of the focus is also on the users. If
    your users are happy, search engines will also be
  • Following good on-page SEO techniques will
    improve the user-friendliness of your website.

Improves brand recognition
  • SEO will make your website easily accessible to
    search engines and appealing to the users.
  • This, in turn, will improve the organic traffic
    to your website and elevate the brand recognition
    of your company

Improves your conversion rate
  • Most people unconsciously trust search engines.
    So, if you employ top-notch SEO services, your
    website will pop-up frequently when they
    research. Before you know it, they will visit
    your website.

Get proper customer insights
  • SEO will help to get valuable information about
    your customers like what keywords they used to
    find your website, their location, the days and
    times they are most active, time spent on a page.
  • This will help you to make strategies based on
    facts rather than educated guesses.

Bypass competition
  • SEO will help your small business to tackle stiff
    competition that may affect your business.
  • If you have a better-optimized site than your
    competitors, it will help you move up in the
    ranking ladder of search engines.

How Can Small Businesses Take Advantage of the
SEO Benefits?
  • To optimize your whole website for search
    engines, here are some of the basic tips you can

Add keywords in the areas where they matter
  • You can do proper keyword research and add them
    in the site title, domain name, description,
    tagline, keywords, blog categories, page titles,
    and page content etc. Dont overuse or overstuff

Give proper internal links
  • Internal links help search engines to index and
    understand all the pages on your website. If it
    is used correctly, they will help to improve the
    page authority of all the important pages.

Improve page load time
  • Music players, large images, flash graphics, and
    unnecessary WordPress plugins can slow down your
    website. So try to remove them. If you still have
    no luck, you can also get speed optimization
    services to increase website speed

Use proper external links
  • It is not enough if you give internal links to
    your website. You have to give proper outbound
    links too. Do it moderately as each outbound link
    is a vote for another site. If you do it properly
    and people click on the links, it tells search
    engines that you are a trusted authority in that
    particular topic

Update your website frequently

  • Sites that have dynamic content has a big chance
    of getting a good ranking on search engines than
    with those that have static content. Thats why
    blogs and directories always do well on search

Index your website in search engines
  • A lot of search engines will automatically index
    your content, but its not wise to count on it.
    You have to make sure that search engines like
    Google, Bing, and Yahoo are crawling your site

Write great content
  • None of the above tips matter if you dont write
    good content. Without good content, no one can
    carry on proper SEO activities. Good content
    communicates your message, educates readers and
    influence readers to purchase your product or
    service. You can also apply the latest content
    marketing trends into your content strategy to
    stay relevant.

Read real-time examples
  • Read a lot of interesting SEO case studies that
    have realistic scenarios.
  • It will introduce you to reading appropriate
    strategies and may help you with your current
    situation or push you to try something new.

Concentrate on local SEO
  • Practically any type of business can take
    advantage of local SEO. Some of the benefits of
    local SEO include improved online and Google Maps
    visibility, increased local pack prominence and
    consumer trust.
  • By improving local SEO, you can encourage
    customers who are interested in what you have to
    sell to find your business.

Website redesign
  • Your website is the center of the digital
    marketing world and the largest source of
    traffic. If you have a website, do consider
    redesigning it as it will provide you with a
    fresh start.
  • A redesign can improve your website design and
    also enhance page speed, navigation, internal
    linking, breadcrumb navigation, and more.
  • If you work with an agency like ColorWhistle that
    specializes in SEO website redesign, you can
    definitely count on getting an SEO friendly

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business
SEO Services
  • Here are some of the common questions that our
    readers have frequently asked us.
  • We have tried to answer them in the best possible

Is SEO really important for small businesses?
  • Its natural to wonder if investing in your
    websites SEO is really important. Every website
    has different needs. No matter the industry or
    competition, SEO is important for every small
  • For example, if you have an online hand-made
    jewelry store, trying to rank for the keyword
    jewelry is going to be a costly affair when
    compared to targeting innovative childrens
  • This is because the competition for the 1st
    keyword is heavy. So it will take more to get to
    a good position in the search results.

  • You cannot control factors like Search Engine
    algorithms, but you can control the way you do
  • So, if this can have an impact on your website
    traffic, sales, leads, conversion and ranking why
    shouldnt you give it a try?

Should I stop investing in SEO once my website
becomes successful?
  • SEO is constantly changing. The SEO trends of
    2020 may not be there in 2021. Moreover, your
    competitors will always try to outperform you.
  • So unless you keep up your optimization work on a
    regular basis, your success will have a short

How do I find a trusted SEO partner for my small
  • Since SEO is a constant change and there are a
    lot of technical complications circling around
    it, you need to find a trusted SEO partner who
    can fully understand your business.
  • We would suggest you ask the right questions to
    the SEO agency before you hire them. Also,
    examine key factors like past performance, area
    of expertise and pricing.

Choose ColorWhistle as Your Trusted Small
Business SEO Partner
  • If you are looking for a professional SEO company
    to help you get a good search engine ranking, why
    dont you contact ColorWhistle? 100 satisfied
    clients are happy with our search engine
    optimization skills.
  • We have helped many small businesses like yours
    to succeed in the online world.
  • Well be happy to clarify any of your queries on
    how our team can help to improve your sites
    visibility on search engines. Feel free to
    contact us anytime.

  • Are you ready to optimize your website or do an
    SEO website redesign?
  • You can call us anytime 1 919-234-5140.
  • Wed be happy to tackle all your SEO challenges
    and help you climb the top!
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