Tata Local Loop Service Provider in India | Price and Tariff Plans | Call: 9036000187 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tata Local Loop Service Provider in India | Price and Tariff Plans | Call: 9036000187


Call: 9036000187 Tata Local Loop Service Provider in India - Bangalore. Tata Provides Best Price and tariff Plans – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tata Local Loop Service Provider in India | Price and Tariff Plans | Call: 9036000187

  • Tata Leased Line Connection, Tata Point to Point
    Connection, Tata PRI Line Connection, Tata
    MPLS-VPN Connection, Tata SIP Trunk Solution,
    Tata Toll Free Solution, Tata Local Loop

Tata Leased Line
  • Whats the difference between broadband and a
    leased line?
  • Both broadband and a leased line provide
    Internet access at a fixed subscription cost. The
    differences areA leased line is a dedicated
    connection between your premises and the local
    exchange. It is fixed bandwidth and offers
    identical upload and download speeds and is not
    subject to contention with other users.Broadband
    is not a dedicated connection between your
    premises and the local exchange. It is variable
    bandwidth, asymmetric, meaning faster for
    downloads than for uploads, and subject to
    contention with other users.

  • Benefits of MPLSService providers and
    enterprises can use MPLS to implement QoS by
    defining LSPs that can meet specific
    service-level agreements (SLAs) on traffic
    latency, jitter, packet loss and downtime. For
    example, a network might have three service
    levels that prioritize different types of traffic
    e.g., one level for voice, one level for
    time-sensitive traffic and one level for best
    effort traffic.

Tata Point to Point
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless
    Communication. In Wireless communications,
    Point-to-Multipoint communication (P2MP, PTMP or
    PMP) is communication which is accomplished via a
    distinct type of one-to-many connection,
    providing multiple paths from a single location
    to multiple locations.

Tata Local Loop
  • In telephony, the local loop (also referred to as
    the local tail, subscriber line, or in the
    aggregate as the last mile) is the physical link
    or circuit that connects from the demarcation
    point of the customer premises to the edge of the
    common carrier or telecommunications service
    providers network.

Tata PRI Line
  • Tata PRI is the standard for providing
    telecommunication services to enterprises and
  • The Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a
    telecommunications interface standard used on an
    Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) for
    carrying multiple DS0 voice and data
    transmissions between the network and a user.

Tata SIP Trunk
  • SIP trunking enables the end points PBX to send
    and receive calls via the Internet. As SIP is
    applied for the signalling protocol for multiple
    real-time application, SIP trunk is able to
    control voice, video and messaging applications

Tata Toll Free Solution
  • Do you need to pay extra for toll-free numbers?
  • Your toll-free number comes as a package-based
    service wherein you get some free calls, SMS and
    whole setoff features. You need not pay extra for
    any of the services availed included in your
    package. However, upon consumption of the free
    minutes, you will be billed based upon per/minute
    call charges of your VoIP service provider.
  • How many toll-free number prefixes are available
    to buy?
  • 1-800 toll-free number prefix is one of the
    oldest toll-free number prefix available in the
    market. It was launched in 1963, and since then
    millions of numbers have been sold out. The FCC
    is the governing and regulatory authority of the
    toll-free number and releases new toll-free
    number prefixes as per need.
  • With the growing affinity for 1800 toll-free
    numbers, no new combinations are available for
    sale now. Recently, on June 3, 2017, FCC released
    a fresh batch of 833 toll-free numbers. As of
    now, 833, 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844
    toll-free number prefixes are available. If
    reports to be believed, FCC is going to launch
    822 toll-free prefixes by 2020.
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