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Business VoIP Phone System and Solutions (1)


Voxvalley Technologies is one of the leading providers of reliable, innovative, and intuitive telecommunications and cloud-communication solutions. Our scalable VoIP and cloud-communication products and solutions are architected by our development team that focuses on revolutionizing modern-day communications and delivering cost-effective solutions to Telecoms, Service Providers and Enterprises. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Business VoIP Phone System and Solutions (1)

About Voxvalley Technologies
Voxvalley Technologies is one of the leading VoIP
providers in the world. Having catered to every
sector in this field, Voxvalley continues to
introduce new, improved and innovative
applications over and over to meet the
requirements of individuals and businesses. The
company over the years has made huge strides in
VoIP and products related to it. It has not only
introduced many solutions to numerous clients
but has even pioneered certain advancements and
What is Vox Suite??
Vox Suite is Voxvalleys answer to almost every
Enterprises and Large Scale Businesses
communication needs and requirements. Having
noticed that most of the Enterprises and
Businesses face a challenge in
communicating affectively within their companys
boundaries, Voxvalley has yet again provided a
solution. Vox Suite being an application is not
only cost effective when compared to an IP Phone
but also contains lot more added features for
an effective communication.
Benefits of Vox Suite
  • When compared to all the previous means and
    methods used by an Enterprise, every Feature of
    the Vox Suite is a proven benefit aiming to
    provide a solution for companies.
  • The Benefits that are provided by Vox Suite
  • Mobility (No restriction / Boundaries).
  • Cost Effective (No Additional Hardware required).
  • Quality.
  • Added Communication Features (Video Calls,
    Instant Messaging, Conference Call, Audio
    Conference etc..)
  • Security.
  • Type of Server Dedicated or Hosted.

When we talk about Mobility we actually
mean it. The old IP Phones restricted people in
terms of mobility and regular access whenever
needed. Here, with Vox Suite we have managed to
re create a revolutionary method which isnt
restricted to area or space. Being an
application which can be easily installed on
your already existing phones or Tablets (Android
or iOS) - Conference Calls , Video Calls, Audio
Conferences, Instant messaged and SMS can be
sent within and throughout the companies
database of employees (Depending on who has
installed the application) across the Globe, just
with the use of the - Internet.
Time and Place arent a matter of concern
Cost Effective
Unlike other communication methods the Vox Suite
is by far the Cheapest yet Affective alternate
available. Being an just application Vox Suite
rules out the need for any external hardware,
which in-turn saves up a lot of money. A one
time Licensing fee and no other hidden charges
makes it an apt communication tool as well. One
of the key benefits of Vox Switch is its variety
of features. Varying from Calls, Conferences,
Video Calls etc.. gives the flexibility for
multiple modes of communication for a cheap
price. Here Enterprises Receive True Value For
Quality Assurance
Voxvalley has always provided Quality based
products / applications which have created a huge
buzz in the VoIP industry. Vox Suite in itself
contains the best of the best from Voxvalley all
put together to make an Enterprise run more
efficiently and accurately. Having a reputation
mainly in Quality - Vox Suite is undoubtedly a
quality based product, delivering the best when
it comes to Clarity and Preciseness over
communication With Vox Suite Quality is
Numerous Communication means
Audio Calls
  • Audio Calls Here calls can be made using any
    Android or iOS based mobile device. The calls
    are routed through the application and via the
    internet, this helps in connecting individuals
    scattered all across the Globe.

Video Calls
  • Video Calls Vox Switch even gives the ability
    to have video calls. This is a huge advantage
    when compared to the previous IP Phones or
    communication methods where in Video calling
    could only be imagined about in the IP Industry.
    This adds more depth in conversation, with added
    realistic presence.

Numerous Communication means
Instant Messaging
  • Instant Messaging A much more needed feature,
    Instant Messaging is one of the biggest
    advantages present in Vox Suite. This feature
    provides a platform for company employees to
    internally communicate via messaging from their
    Existing Phones or even Desktops. With a an
    add on Presence feature in instant messaging.
    The status of each member whether Available,
    Busy, Offline etc.. can be noted down as well.

Audio Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing Audio Conferencing as the
    name suggests is a conferencing feature made
    available to every employee who has the
    application installed. Here multiple members can
    join the audio conference and simultaneously
    share, convey and communicate ideas and thoughts
    across Various devices Phones, Laptops,
    Desktops, DIDs etc.. Opening a wide range to
    join and communicate

Numerous Communication means
Conference Calls
  • Conference Calls Here Video Conference are made
    possible. This is the biggest advantage present
    in Vox Suite since the multiple members from
    various devices running the Vox Suite
    application can all join in from various corners
    of the world and have a Meeting, Conference,
    Board discussion etc.. simultaneously. This an
    added advantage for Enterprises as their
    Managers, CEOs tend to either travel a lot or
    have multiple company branches all over the
    world. Here Time Zone isnt a restriction as the
    application is installed onto there phone or
    desktop and can even be accessed at home or even
    while traveling.
  • Messaging Here using a common phone,
    international messages can be sent out just as a
    normal message would be sent - at the Cheapest
    Price. Hence the charges to send a quick
    message across the globe will never be a

Being a well built application Vox Suite is one
of the most Secured communication means
available in the market. Though when
communicating and exchanging documents, files,
folders via a common server. All the data and
information is stored and saved there. Vox
Suites Security device begins from that very
place and reaches out to every individual user of
the application and to everyone connected to it
as well. By doing so it records every
interaction, every file shared every
communication which takes place and much more.
Basically a log is maintained with the main
access given only to an admin. Here the added
advantage to approve, disapprove or remove
individuals from the communications which take
place is one of the most high end Security
features particularly designed for
Enterprises. Safety to every Enterprises
personal information
Flexible Server Requirements
  • Vox Suite is a very flexible application and can
    be easily integrated on an Enterprises or
    Businesses existing Server base. This helps in
    maintaining logs, and sharing the needed
    documents etc.
  • In certain scenarios where in a Enterprise
    doesnt have a Server or wants a separate server
    just for the application, a solution for this
    has been made available from Voxvalley as well.
    We provide the Enterprises and Businesses with
    servers as well Dedicated or Hosted.
  • The Dedicated server is a server given to the
    Enterprise exclusively from them independent
    from others and only theirs to use.
  • Where as a Hosted server is a shared server made
    available to rent out for enterprises. Each
    server serving and catering to different needs
    and requirements based on different Enterprises.

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