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A Brief Overview of Test Environment Management Tools


Test Environment Management is a function in the software delivery process. Let’s know in detail about some Test Environment Management Tools and their objectives. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Brief Overview of Test Environment Management Tools

A Brief Overview of Test
Environment Management Tools

In this application-driven world that we live in,
every company can be considered as a software
company, whether it knows it yet or not. Every
other company in the software industry is
releasing new applications on a regular basis.
This made the software delivery life cycles were
complex. Due to this reason, large organisations
need hundreds and sometimes thousands of test
environments to scrutinise the number of
applications being supported. It has become
quite taxing to manage everything
together. According to a recent survey conducted
by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), titled
the EMA 2018 Test Environment Management Survey,
despite all the benefits that the test
environment management tool can provide to
businesses across the industries, only 4 of
large enterprises have fully integrated TEM
processes in the DNA of their application
  • Everyone knows that TEM tools enhance the speed
    and also result in the efficiency enhancement, so
    the question is Why are there not many
    businesses who are integrating it effectively or
    even using it at all?
  • Lets, first of all, understand the objectives of
    a TEM tool.
  • According to the research, it was observed that
    in the teams surveyed, quite a few were working
    with more 600 environments, while 21 of the
    respondents were not aware of the total number of
    test environments they were working on.
  • From a management perspective, this scenario is
    even worse than having too many test environments
    to manage. If you are unaware of how many are
    there, to begin with, there is bound to be a big
  • With the help of a TEM tool, it is possible to
    deal with these challenges. You get the smooth
    testing procedure that can go a long way in
    enhancing the application quality being

With the help of IT environment
management tools, it is possible to get rid of
the much lengthy scheduling and monitoring
processes that would have otherwise required to
be performed on a manual basis. It also helps
companies to reuse and recycle test environments
in a much better way. This assists in reducing
the extra environments to be created.
As per the same survey, organisations today are
looking for test environments than ever before.
For this reason, they are renewing, improving and
developing more applications than ever before.
However, 23 of the respondents admitted that
they had not used any commercial tool ever. In
simple words, roughly one-fourth of those
managing intricate testing schedules do that
without operational hindsight. This can work for
small number of test environments. However,
when it comes to testing a large number, over
time, it can be a bit challenging. Thanks to
the TEM tool, IT decision-makers can easily
overcome the dearth of overall inefficiency,
management difficulty and visibility. Up until
this stage, the entire concentration has been on
automating the development cycle without
unquestionably contemplating the best ways to
find out the waste and defects. These are some
of the reasons due to which TEM has been on a low
priority list.
  • As time goes, the execution of testing
    environments will only increase. Hence,
    businesses need to put in optimum solutions now
    to assist them to cope up with the challenges for
    the near future.
  • Irrespective of the number of production
    releases, the return on TEM investment is bound
    to happen immediately. In case these savings are
    considered as cost avoidance, ROI can be achieved
    in a couple of times.
  • Although the exact figure of savings and ROI will
    differ based on the type of business, one thing
    is assured that once these tools are executed,
    the business will commence seeing the positive
    financial results almost immediately. It will
    even have a positive impact on the testing
  • Thanks to the ever-increasing number of testing
    environments, businesses need to invest in the
    best management tools to release their version
    swiftly and of higher quality. The reason being,
    customers expectations are also increasing.

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