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07 Successful Strategies That Goosebumps Your Brand Logo


Branding logo design is one of the basic strategies to upgrade your business. Your business is in danger if a logo fails to deliver the brand's message, it is considered as the guardian of your brand or business... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 07 Successful Strategies That Goosebumps Your Brand Logo

07 Successful Strategies That Goosebumps Your
Brand Logo
Do you own any business?
  • If yes then, what do you do for its success?
  • Building a brand isnt enough, it requires
    Constant struggle and determination.
  • With time, the business must familiarize itself
    with new and original ideas to improvise.
  • Branding logo design is one of the basic
    strategies to upgrade your business. Your
    business is in danger if logo fails to deliver
    the brand's message, it is considered as the
    guardian of your brand or business.
  • Having an attractive logo design is not enough
    your brand logo must showcase your business very
  • Following are the successful strategies to boost
    your Brand Logo as well as increase your

Do Strong Research
  • Making a logo does not mean that you got
    something that looks good only. Branding logo
    benefits your business and speaks about your
    brand. So before moving further, do some intense
    research about the client and its requirements.
  • Researching about your client through various
    mediums such as social media platforms and other
    authentic sources is necessary. Moreover, have a
    healthy discussion with your client, telling him
    about trending logo ideas that drive your
    branding logo to the next level.

Identify for whom you are Designing a Logo
  • Before moving further, identify for whom you are
    designing a logo. Who's your audience?
  • Your designing style can differ from potential
    customers. For instance, if your brand has
    targeted kids, then your brand message, tagline,
    color, shape, the font should fit with kid's
    interests and preferences.
  • It is also part of your research process to
    identify customers it might take time to reach
    the final stage, but evaluating different
    approaches is highly recommended.

Must Know About Logo Design Categories.
  • Being a creative logo designer or having
    state-of-the-art graphic designer skills, you are
    well known to all the categories of logo designs.
    Therefore opting for an appropriate type is not
    an easy task.
  • Look at some categories of logo design.
  • Icon or Symbol Icons and symbols are simple and
    bold images that symbolically represent a company
    or product.
  • Word mark This is the typographical
    demonstration of the company or product. In most
    Branding logo designs, custom fonts are used, or
    improved styles of existing fonts are used.
  • Letter mark  a letter mark is a strategic
    choice it is designed through the combination of
    letters and makes it memorable through initials
    of the brand's name.
  • Emblem logos that are created with the
    combination of text and symbol in single
    graphical design. Also known as crest style.

Chose Colors and Fonts Wisely
  • As a logo designer, you have to be very selective
    in choosing font and colors for your logo.
    Exclusive logos require exclusive fonts, with
    evolving trends in logo, fonts style are also
    changing. Use of correct font in logo highlights
    your brand in the market.
  • Same goes with colors, as color rise the
    awareness of your brand. Different colors evoke a
    different feeling, so it is required to use
    appropriate shades in logos.

Don't Forget Your Old Logo
  • In the case of redesigning, never forget your old
    logo. You should keep some elements of the old
    logo while branding your logo design.
  • However, you can ask your client what to keep and
    what to discard from the old logo clients have
    preferences, likes, and dislikes.
  • The client's feedback can quickly help you to
    know the importance of the old logo. If you
    entirely recreate something for the same brand
    that it might confuse customers to recognize the
    brand again.

Make it for your phone first
  • These days' people have quick access to the web
    via mobile instead of the desktop, and it affects
    the size of their designing material. When it
    comes to the tiny number of pixels, the overly
    stuffed logo will look horrible on mobile
  • Branding logo designs that have simple colors and
    fonts work more for phones.
  • Your audience like easy and quick access to
    different websites, for instance visiting a free
    logo maker website is commendable on phones
    easily that helps customers in getting their
    desired logo choice.

Test Your Logo before Wrap up
  • One of the critical strategies for boosting your
    branding logo is to know the market reactions.
    How your target customers, critics, and
    competitors respond to your logo.
  • You can go through some testing stages for your
    logo, which also helps in classifying a brand and
    know its place in the market.
  • Ask your old and new customers about your logo,
    hear their opinion, and welcome their
  • Consult a professional designer regarding quality
    of your logo to make graphical revisions wherever
  • Test your logo according to various size and
    ratio as it ensures the reliability.
  • Transform the product packaging with the new
    logo. If you clear all the stages of testing,
    then showcase your logo and create a strong brand
    identity in the market.

  • Many strategies work for the branding logo the
    keen objective is to meet the demands of the
    customers to attain the identification of the
  • Creating a logo by making the most of some
    strategies can give your brand a new face and
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