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The Highest Paying Insurance Companies, According to Medical Billers


As medical providers, you understand likely more than anybody else how important health insurance is—we all need it to help pay for our healthcare, from routine doctor visits to more serious medical costs like an emergency surgery or hospitalization. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Highest Paying Insurance Companies, According to Medical Billers

The Highest Paying Insurance Companies, According
to Medical Billers

The Winners Circle About
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield got their start in 1929
    and, has led the healthcare industry by rising
    to the challenges that change brings, enabling
    new discoveries, and continuing to evolve,
    according to its webpage. They pride themselves
    on providing their clients with high-quality,
    affordable coverage, which is made possible by
    their experienced employees and valuable
    partnerships. And according to medical billers,
    they are one of the highest paying insurance
    companies out there.
  • TRICARE (formerly known as the Civilian Health
    and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services),
    which again received 20 of above voter support,
    is dedicated to providing uniformed service
    members and their families all around the world
    with reliable healthcare. This is further
    detailed in their mission and vision statements,
    which are to, enhance the Department of Defense
    and nations security by providing health support
    for the full range of military operations and
    sustaining the health of all those entrusted to
    our care, and, be a world-class health care
    system that supports the military mission by
    fostering, protecting, sustaining, and restoring

  • One of the third-place winners, Aetna, was
    founded all the way back in 1853 this insurance
    company is devoted to providing all parties
    involved (individuals, employers, health care
    practitioners, and others) with great service and
    benefits. According to CEO and President Mark
    Bertolini, the companys foundation is built on a
    few core values simplicity, such that the health
    care process is made a simpler one focus, in
    that health is of utmost importance and
    connection, whereas customer and employee
    communication is unfaltering.
  • Magellan
  • Magellan, which also tied for third, claims to be
    a company on the move, leading humanity to
    healthy vibrant lives. They strive every day to
    fulfill their own valuesintegrity,
    accountability, collaboration, and caringand, in
    turn, aid a multitude of communities with their
    health. Like Aetna, Magellan prioritizes
    interconnectedness, as they work to tie
    behavioral, physical, pharmacy, and social needs
    into one to provide care that is personalized,
    coordinated and cost-effective.

Optima Health
  • And lastly, our final third place winner, Optima
    Health (a service of Sentara) is a trusted
    company dedicated to providing quality healthcare
    to their 450,000 customers. Optima seeks to
    improve health every day, as claimed in their
    mission statement, and aspires, to be the health
    plan of choice in the communities they serve,
    as specified in their vision statement. Among
    their numerous health plans, include
    employee-owned, employer-sponsored, Individual
    and Family health plans, and employee assistance
  • Are you a medical provider, seeking to learn more
    about the insurance companies you work with on a
    day to day basis? Look no furtherbecause weve
    got you covered. Those of us at
    know that staying informed on varying insurance
    companies can get tricky. So, we gathered some
    important information for you to consider, by
    simply asking 10 medical billers a series of
    questions pertaining their experiences with said
    health insurance companies. One of those being
    Which insurance company is most likely to deny a
    claim? Read the subsequent results below

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A Glance at These Companies and Their Culture
  • UnitedHealthcare (20 of votes)
  • UnitedHealthcare, which received 20 of the
    medical billers votes for most likely to deny a
    claim, caters to their customer needs by
    offering multiple insurance plans that cover
    dental, vision, and more. They are brought
    together by their mission to help people live
    healthier lives and make the health system work
    better for everyone. Additionally, this company
    prides itself on benefiting both individuals and
  • TRICARE (20 of votes)
  • TRICARE, which also received 20 of the survey
    votes, has a central focus on providing uniformed
    service members and their families with quality
    and reliable healthcare. And one of their primary
    goals, as described in their mission and vision
    statements, is to enhance our nations security
    by doing just that.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (20 of votes)
  • Rounding out the three companies tied with 20
    each of survey votes is Blue Cross Blue shield.
    This insurance company is dedicated to employing
    experienced members and, in turn, providing
    customers with high-quality and affordable
    coverage. Additionally, they remain a beloved
    company by, rising to the challenges that change
    brings, enabling new discoveries, and continuing
    to evolve, according to Blue Cross Blue Shields
  • Cigna (10 of votes)
  • Cigna, which received 10 of the survey votes,
    got its start over 200 years ago however, since
    its initial development, Cigna has transformed
    into a totally new company that focuses on
    improving their customers health, well-being,
    and sense of security. Furthermore, they claim to
    prioritize great relationships between the team
    members and the customers.

In Conclusion
  • There are a lot of different factors to consider
    when deciding which insurance companies you do
    and dont want to work with as a medical
    provider, such as a companys reach, reputation,
    andof courseits reliability. These are all
    important considerations, and it is much like a
    puzzle you have to put together. Hopefully our
    medical billers opinions on the subject at
    handwhich insurance companies pay the
    highestprovide you with one piece to the puzzle
    and help you make an educated, effective decision.

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