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Here's Why Customer-Centric Firms are At the Top


This blog post talks about the reasons you should be using portals and the ways it has brought benefits to big tech companies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Here's Why Customer-Centric Firms are At the Top

Here's Why Customer-Centric Firms
are At the Top
Do you remember the days when ordering food was a
newly introduced concept? Yes? What came to
your mind? Mobile applications? Nope. Thats not
it. Lets backtrack to the beginning of the food
ordering and delivery industry. Phone calls.
Yes! We used to order food over phone calls. Ask
all the 90s kids. They know the struggle. It
was quite real. Where do you think the term
Hangry came from! Well, before mobile apps took
over, we used to wait for good 45 mins to an
hour if not more just for a single dish. There
were yellow pages involved, a lot of back and
forth, waiting, bad food, some yelling, and
plain dissatisfaction. And the problems would
still exist. Like returning that order or food,
asking for your money back, and then going
through the same process again because you are
still hungry. Remember? At that point, it was
natural to feel the need to never order food and
just make an effort to go out if craving anything
specific. But, now those days are gone. Today we
are living in an era of technology. It has made
our lives easy. How? Purchasing things like
gadgets, household appliances, clothes,
medicines, etc. be it big or small everything now
is just a few clicks away. Ordering food too!
Continue reading the article to find out how
technology has revolutionized the food delivery
industry and made some hungry people very happy,
while I go and grab my wrap that I ordered only
20mins back! Apart from ordering food online, you
can now, live track it, cancel it easily, talk
to the support staff, the delivery person,
change address and many other things. The first
company to introduce online food ordering was
FoodPanda but soon due to some bad operational
decisions, ineffective communication, and
technical issues, they failed to make a dent in
the industry. Soon after, Zomato launched its
online food ordering application. And to no
ones surprise they became a huge
success. How? By providing easy to use and
hassle-free user experience. And exceptional
247365 chat support. How do they manage to be
there for their customers all the
time? Knowledge/support portal customer
portal. These portals help you bridge the gap
between you and your customers by minimizing the
queries and request load and
enabling customers to self-serve. This not only
makes it easy for people ordering food to solve
their issues that might include instructions to
the delivery person, change of address or order,
without having to wait for a single minute but
also renders complete customer satisfaction.
Apart from self-serving, these support portals
can also serve as a ticketing system where your
customers can add queries for which they
couldnt find any answers. And if the customers
want to talk to directly talk to you, then they
can opt for the online chat support too. They
made it big in a really competitive industry by
being there for their customers and closely
paying attention to their behavior. And this is
exactly what all the customer-centric firms do.
To grow. To expand the customer base. To retain
current customers. Not only this, there are many
other benefits of having a support or knowledge
portal. Lets look at a few of them and the ways
these portals can help you in growing your
business and customer base. Increase
Productivity of Your Support Team With Help and
Support Portal, native screen pops give your
agents instant access to contextual Portal data,
including the callers user record and tickets.
This empowers agents to provide personalized
interactions and eliminates the need to ask
time-consuming or repetitive questions.
Turn Any Device into a Support Portal The web
real-time communication facility turns your
employees web browser into a phone. Thus, Portal
enables agents to respond to customer requests
from any location. It also eliminates time
taking procedures like hardware, maintenance and
set-up time, while allowing an enterprise to
focus on organizations resources to deliver
exceptional customer service.
Turn Interactions into Insights Every interaction
matters To read in depth about the works of a
support portal, download our support whitepaper.
About Us CRMJetty is a hub of innovative
customer relationship solutions. Our tools
ensure that you can render enhanced interactions
at each stage of your customer lifecycle. So, if
you are searching for a portal development
company to help you set up a WordPress customer
portal or any client portal, we are here to help
you in building the right customized portals. We
have served in this industry for a
decade and have built many custom portals like
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Get in touch with us to create customized
portals. Source h ttps//
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