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Types of Designing Courses in India - Avantika University


There are various types of designing courses in India. Some of them are industrial design, user experience design, communication design, interior design, fashion design. In order to become a proficient designer in your chosen field, you can pursue B.Des and M.Des offered by Avantika University. It is one of the top design colleges in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Types of Designing Courses in India - Avantika University

Types of Designing Courses in India
  • Design College In India Avantika University

Types of Designing Courses in India
  • Do you aspire to enter a field where you can
    explore your creativity to the fullest? If so,
    then you should enter the field of design.
  • With the emerging trend and significance, design
    courses are very popular among youngsters these
    days. Design is a wide-encompassing sphere made
    for those who have the knack to think

  • You have lots of options at your disposal if you
    intend to embark on your career in design that
    includes the range from industrial design, user
    experience design, communication design, interior
    design, to fashion design.

  • Students who have a creative mindset with a sense
    of harmonizing different design elements and
    passion to create aesthetically appealing
    spaces/products are perfect for the sphere. You
    can pursue best in class designing courses and
    receive mentoring direct from industry experts at
    Indias first design-centric university Avantika

  • Situated in the ancient educational hub, Ujjain,
    Avantika University is a part of MIT Pune. The
    university is known for its unique learning
    pedagogy that emphasizes on Designeering. This
    further enhances the inventiveness of students in
    the designing era. If you wish to be one of the
    alumni of this center of excellence, you can seek
    design courses available in the university

Product Design
  • Today, customers look for products that are not
    just functional but appealing, eco-friendly and
    sustainable. Hence, there is a need for product
    designers who understand consumer trends and
    design products catering to those. Avantika
    offers product design course in their bachelors
    degree program of Industrial Design. The course
    trains the learners to use proper structure,
    material texture, detailing, color, and other
    elements to create prototype.

  • Candidates learn advanced product designing that
    can also create industrial machines and products
    which are optimally functional, aesthetically
    appealing and efficient. A trained product
    designer creates a product that not only appeals
    to the end-users but also caters their needs. One
    of the main aspects of product design is to make
    products that are eco-friendly, safe,
    easy-to-use, easy-to-handle and to meet with the
    users requirement.

Communication Design
  • Modern-day marketing is more inclined to digital
    media than print media although the presence of
    print media cannot be ignored. Avantika
    University offers a Communication Design as their
    4 years bachelors degree course that trains
    students to enhance all design elements to
    express thoughts and communicate the message.
    Graphic Designing is one of tracks of
    communication design.

  • Graphics design forms an integral part of both
    forms of media. All modes of advertisements
    ranging from websites to brochures appeal to the
    viewers by virtue of the creativity of the
    graphics designer. A trained Graphics Designer
    creates stunning visuals either offline or online
    that grabs attention and effectively communicates
    brands message.

Fashion Design
  • If you are intrigued by fashion, then you should
    choose the field of fashion design. The field is
    one of the ever-burgeoning spheres in the present
    era as everyone is getting inclined towards
    fashion. Avantika University offers a degree
    course in fashion design. During the course,
    students are accustomed todifferent fabrics,
    styles, patterns, colors and trends of the field.

  • They learn through hands-on experience that
    includes working for exhibitions, stage show,
    fashion shows and so on. Feronia Fashion Night is
    one of an apt examples that showcase how
    Avantika s teaching pedagogy focuses on project
    based learning.

Space Design
  • Space design is the combination of art and
    science which makes the interior of a building
    look more aesthetically appealing and functional.
    Aspace designer ensures that people working and
    residing in a building have an engaging
    environment with all kinds of facilities present
    in their working space. Avantika University
    offers Industrial Design course with space design

  • This course trains the learners to create
    optimally functional and appealing spaces. It
    teaches space management, conceptual development,
    site inspections research, construction planning,
    and idea execution to the candidates.

User Experience Design
  • User Experience refers to the design of the
    overall experience of how a user will interact
    with an application or a website. It includes
    design of interface, navigation, themes and other
    components so that users can easily interact with
    the website/app. It is the task of UX designer to
    ensure that users are able to use the
    app/software/website with ease.

  • Avantika University offers B.Des in User
    Experience Design. The program trains the
    students to get create user-friendly interface.
    It accustoms the learners to cutting-edge
    technologies and digital tools that facilitate
    development of creative concepts.

  • These are some of the types of designing courses
    in India, most exciting specializations that
    design aspirants can choose. The course helps
    students in understanding the fundamentals,
    concepts, principles, and techniques of design.
    In order to become a proficient designer in your
    chosen field, you can pursue B.Des and M.Des
    offered by Avantika University.

  • Avantika University is the MIT Institute of
    Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique
    learning approach where the students are
    encouraged to think out of the box. Avantika
    University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.

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