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How to Sell Beats With ClickFunnels?


Want to know how music producers can sell beats with clickfunnels? Is this the new way of selling beats online? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Sell Beats With ClickFunnels?

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  • What is Clickfunnels?
  • Does it really work for selling beats online?
  • And how can music producers take advantage of
    this beat selling strategy?

  • Clickfunnels is a software created by Russell
  • Its main focus is on building funnels to sell
  • A funnel is a journey the buyer goes through once
    he or she purchases the initial product.
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  • The difference between selling beats though a
    regular beat store compared to using funnels is
    that, when a customer purchases through a funnel,
    they will be taken to another page promoting
    another product.
  • This is called "upselling".

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  • There are a few things music producers should
    know before using this beat selling strategy.
  • Using funnels to sell beats can be profitable if
    you do it correctly and if you're consistent.

  • This strategy will not work for music producers
    who just want to build funnels as fast as
  • Taking your time building beat-selling funnels
    can change the way you sell beats forever.
  • Don't cancel your Beatstars or Airbit accounts
  • And, if you own your own website, don't close it

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  • Selling beats with Clickfunnels is different from
    selling beats with Airbit or Beatstars.
  • That's why I recommend using both strategies.
  • With the funnel strategy, you sell beats through
    packaging them up instead of just the basic
    leases that you sell through Airbit or Beatstars.

  • Once they purchase that offer, they will be taken
    to a page where you have another offer waiting
    for them.
  • This is called an "upsell".
  • The great thing about selling beats with
    Clickfunnels is that you can have multiple
    upsells inside your funnel.

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  • There's two ways you can generate traffic paid
    traffic or free traffic.
  • First, free traffic will take music producers
    much longer to sell beats using Clickfunnels.
  • If you stay consistent creating content that
    google can rank, then free traffic is a great way
    to build your business.
  • But it does take some time to build free traffic.
  • Want To Learn About Selling Your Beats online?.
    click here

  •  Most music producers who want to sell beats
    online want that fast traffic.
  • If you want fast traffic, I recommend paying for
  • That way you know if your offer will convert into
    sales or not.
  • Once you know your traffic converts into sales,
    that's where you scale up your music production
    business and BLOW UP!!
  • Facebook and Instagram are great ways to drive
    massive amounts of traffic to your funnel.

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  • If you're serious about growing your music
    production business and you're not just another
    music producer who's looking for the next
    hit-and-run strategy, then Clickfunnels can work
    for you.
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  • Yes! You can double your beat sales using
    Clickfunnels, but only if you act now and follow
    funnel building strategies.
  • This is by no means a new way of selling beats
    online, but it's definitely a strategy you can
    add to your beat-selling arsenal.
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