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Volume 09 Issue 03 2019
Galt Company
Thirty Years of Superior Client Shareholder
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Editors Desk
  • ew decades ago, the idea of purpose that
    inspired brand development and management, was a
    far cry. However, few prophetic companies
  • including Johnson and Johnson were miles ahead
    of the curve by the high standards of inspired
    individual leadership. Still, it needed few more
    years for the business community to turn its
    attention to brand values. It all happened when
    Steve Jobs recognized the power of brand values
    in driving brand awareness and loyalty.
  • After returning to Apple, Steve drew a parallel
    line between the companys mission and brand
    values in his famous speech. The best part was,
    Jobs was one of the very few leaders who
    recognized that brand values can eventually
    drive customers decision making in addition to
    earning the customers trust.
  • However, most of the business owners eventually
    ignored the ?nal part of the speech and they came
    up with half-baked solutions, which were mainly
    for the sake of competitors or the customers,
    not for the brand. So, those half-baked brand
    values eventually ended up as meaningless, and
    were unable to bring the real change in the
    customer's mind and organizational culture.
  • Now you may ask why Im so bothered about the
    term Brand Values.
  • One of the most important part of brand values
    is, it engage customers on a far deeper level.
    The best part is, rather than just forming a
    connection, it instills love and a?ection into
    the customers heart. On the emotional level,
    customers are often drawn to those brands, who
    o?er certain feature and bene?ts over the others
    and whose products are future proof. Still,
    customers will never ful?ll their needs until
    they feel safe. So, brand values eventually tell
    customers that its safe to move forward with
    the purchase. Thats how love and a?ection
    towards a brand gets formed and you know the
    drill, right? Love and a?ection goes beyond one

How Brands Changed the Way We Shop
Great brands sells dreams, not products.
purchases- it leads to multiple purchases in long
term. So, with great enthusiasm Insights Success
has shortlisted, 20 Most Admired Companies of
the Year, 2019, who are working round the clock
to change the way how businesses work. As our
cover story, we have Galt Company, who works
with Fortune 500 companies to develop the
strategies and organizational capabilities that
achieve and sustain superior shareholder returns
over time. The organization brings the discipline
of the capital market inside a corporation,
impacting how strategic, resource allocation and
performance management decisions are made. Also
while ?ipping the pages of the magazine, dont
forget to go through the CXOs and articles
written by industry experts and our in house
editorial team. Lets read!!
Kaustav Roy
Cover Story
Galt Company Thirty Years of Superior Client
Shareholder Returns
Tech Outlook The Role of Consultants for Every
Business Stage 14 30
Tech-Know Insights What a tech CEO can teach
your business about
Editors Choice Entrepreneurship Going Beyond
the Comfort of Safety to Make Larger Impact
Transformation AI Moving Towards Transformation
of Industries
18 Assurance Minimizing Risk and Maximizing
26 Optimizt Technologies Bearing Flagship in
Technology Sectors
34 Spark Energy Competing in the Transformation
of the Retail Gas Electricity Industry
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Galt Company
Thirty Years of Superior Client Shareholder
Ishare valuable insights from the experiences
they gained
n an interview with Insights Success, Sco
Gillis, Lee
issues and opportunities facing the company while
we also put in place the organizational
capabilities and disciplines that will be needed
to execute against those opportunities and to
sustain superior performance going
forward. Describe the experiences, achievements
or lessons that have shaped the journey of Galt
Company. Galt was founded on the belief that
there is an explicit connection between
performance in customer markets and capital
markets that shareholder value can be managed
and that the ultimate measure of performance for
any publicly traded company is the shareholder
returns that company delivers over time relative
to its industry peers. We have learned that the
biggest in?uence on a corporation's relative
shareholder returns are the management standards
and decision processes that are used to run the
company. Companies that consistently deliver
superior shareholder returns exhibit similar
traits in these areas, namely they have Ÿ A
clear and consistent de?nition of winning and
ultimate measure of performance constantly
Mergy, Joe Shalleck, Co-founders of Galt
advising some of the world's largest and most
corporations. Below are the highlights of the
interview conducted between them and Insights
How do your services bene?t your clients? Galt
Company works with Fortune 500 companies to
develop the strategies and organizational
capabilities that achieve and sustain superior
shareholder returns over time. We bring the
disciplines of the capital market inside a
corporation, impacting how strategic, resource
allocation and performance management decisions
are made. Each of our relationships begins with
an in-depth understanding of where and why our
clients business is creating and consuming
shareholder value, what strategies are currently
being pursued, where resources are being
allocated, how performance is being measured and
managed and what management capabilities are in
place. From there, we focus on the highest
value-at-stake strategic
  • to outperform competitors and investor
  • A keen understanding of where and how they
    generate customer value and how to monetize that
    di?erentiation in terms of cash ?ow and economic
    pro?t, which in turn drive their ability to
    reinvest and the shareholder value they create
  • Manage to an evergreen value-improvement agenda
    focusing management time and attention on those
    things that will materially impact economic pro?t
    growth and shareholder value
  • Strategies and resources that are focused on
    growing share in pro?table markets in which the
    company has, or can establish, a competitive
    advantage, while ?xing or withdrawing resources
    from other markets or market segments
  • Aligned decision standards, processes and
    capabilities to e?ectively drive relentless
    management of pro?table growth deep down into
    each business unit

opaque where advisory ?rm size and brand
recognition are not well correlated with the
actual results their clients realize. This
places high value on the purchasers of advisory
service to do their own, in-depth due diligence
before trusting the advice they come to rely upon
and paying the fees they will be charged. In
addition, clients should require clear de?nition
of what measurable results they should expect
from their advisory relationship and the
consequences of under or over-performance
relative to that measure. Furthermore, clients
should expect advisors to help strengthen client
capabilities, not replace fundamental
responsibilities of the management team. What
are the current trends that are driving the
industry? Changes in market structure and the
drivers of competitive position have become
quicker and more consequential than at any time
over the last 30 years that we have been
advising large corporations. Where once
technologic advancements improved the e?ciency
of traditional business models, digitization is
in many cases rede?ning a company's o?er and
leading to complete restructuring of the supply
What according to you are the evident challenges
in the industry? The market for business
strategy advice is particularly
required to achieve and sustain superior
shareholder returns. We have an unmatched track
record of client results. On average, our
clients have sustained total shareholder returns
greater than 150 of their industry peers, oGen
for 10 years or more aGer our engagements have
ended. There is no other advisory ?rm with that
track record or reputation among Fortune 500
chief executives. About the Leaders Scott
Gillis, Lee Mergy and Joe Shalleck are
Co-Founders and Senior Managing Directors at
Galt. For thirty years, they have been advising
chief executives and board level management on
the strategic, operating and organizational
changes needed to deliver superior shareholder
returns. About the Company Galt Company works
with Fortune 500 chief executives and their
management teams to develop the strategies and
organizational capabilities that achieve and
sustain superior shareholder returns. Galt
brings the disciplines of the capital markets
inside a corporation, impacting business
strategies, resource allocation and performance
management. The ?rm's clients sustain shareholder
returns in the top quartile of their industry
  • These changes are occurring with such speed that
    established competitors can become obsolete and
    enormous shareholder value can disappear in only
    a few years. This places a premium on
  • Understanding how technology is changing customer
    needs and buying behavior, product/service o?ers
    and supply chains in a company's industry
  • Considering fundamental changes in where to
    participate and how to compete, not just
    incremental changes to current strategies
  • Insuring that digital innovations and technology
    investments have clear paths to commercialization
    and returns
  • Where does Galt Company envision itself in the
    long run and/or what are its future goals?
  • Galt has and will continue to pursue a consistent
    goal to help the management of the world's
    leading corporations achieve and sustain
    superior performance in the customer and capital
    markets. Over the last 30 years, our partners
    have helped over 35 corporations pursue that
    shared objective, including companies like
    Caterpillar, Abbott Laboratories, Coca-Cola,
    Clorox, McCormick, Gillette, BBT and others. We
    serve clients across the globe from o?ces in
    New, York, Chicago, London and Singapore.
  • Considering the rising number of competitors, how
    does Galt Company stand out from its
  • Galt is the only advisory ?rm exclusively
    dedicated to helping large, multi-national
    corporations develop and implement the strategic
    and organizational changes

Lee Mergy Co-founder
Joe Shalleck Co-founder
Scott Gillis Co-founder

Galts clients sustain shareholder returns in
the top quartile of their industry peers.
Galt works with
Galt brings the
Fortune 500 chief
disciplines of the
capital markets inside a corporation, impacting
business strategies, resource
executives and their
management teams to develop the strategies and
organizational capabilities that achieve and
sustain superior shareholder returns.
allocation and performance management.
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Cheque should be drawn in favor of INSIGHTS
Role of
for Every
Business Stage
EExperts such as CPAs, attorneys, bankers,
mentors, and consultants are routinely sought by
successful business
very business owner and executive comes to the
realization and fear that they dont know what
they dont know at
some point in the game. To leap beyond this
fundamental hurdle, wise leaders lean on experts
to help ?ll in the gap.
owners for guidance, advice, and support that can
be promptly made e?ective. Gaps in business are
essentially analyzed to
determine the best, quickest, simplest, or most
cost-e?ective solution, which is then developed
and ?nally implemented by consultants in various
niches every minute of the day. Consulting is a
big industry for a reason. Businesses have a high
risk of failure. Failure is easy, and failure is
hard. With the assistance of a consultant,
businesses have a much better chance of survival.
Lets take a look at how consulting can work at
every stage of a company. Start-up /
Pre-revenue This stage of a business is ?lled
with passion and dreams. The owner is typically a
technician within the industry breaking free
from the constraints of their boss or is a
dreamer of great things in general. Problems
arise when the many components of running a
business the right way interfere and bog down
this solopreneur. Seemingly simple, but highly
important, responsibilities such as accounting,
operations, and marketing can quickly overwhelm
and lead to failure. Bringing in a consultant at
this stage or prior to start up can save the
solopreneur from a tremendous amount of stress.
The consultant can walk the owner through the
hurdles of business with ease and experience.
Establishing systems, creating procedures, and
building plans for sales and marketing will
prepare the busy start-up for successful growth
through to the small business phase.
14 September 2019
Tech Outlook
About the Author April Salsbury, MBA is the
owner of Salsbury Co., a business management
consulting ?rm. After growing an organization
from 15 employees to 100 employees and seven
locations, including international distribution
and working in legislation for industry
oversight and accreditation, she believed her
experience as a CEO and a builder could help
small business owners avoid certain hurdles and
gain valuable insight.
September 2019 15
Mom Pop Shop Mom Pop Shops are what we refer
to small businesses with 1-25 employees. This
may be a small generational business or a
growing start-up that is hiring friends and
family to help get the job done. One day, the
goals become too large and the owners take on
more than they can handle in an e?ort to grow.
What these owners dont realize is that they
need to have de?ned systems in place, along with
communication, leadership, and a growth plan to
move beyond Mom Pop Shop status to Small
Business status without su?ering collapse. Small
Business The small business typically has 1-100
employees which may also include many family and
friends. Some systems are in place, yet there
lacks organization and communication leading the
owner down a path of too many chiefs or not
enough oversight. At this stage, business owners
may discover they have a lot of people doing the
same thing, no formal processes and a lot of ?res
to put out. Stress once again takes hold of the
business owner in a way that may make them
question closing shop and going back into the
workforce. Consulting at these stages require
in-depth analysis of where the company currently
exists on the spectrum and identifying gaps in
the foundation of the organizational structure.
Analysis will require a look at ?nancial
performance, operations work?ow and processes,
systems integration and utilization, human
resources suite of knowledge and procedures,
centralized standard operating procedures,
marketing plans and strategy, and more. Analyzing
each component of the business will bring to
light top layer and secondary issues that the
consultant will prioritize to match urgency and
e?ective organizational modeling for proper
implementation. Business owners should expect
this process to take some time, but in the end
the business will operate like a well-oiled
machine ready for growth. Mid-size Business
Enterprise The Mid-size Business has successfully
identi?ed the needs of a growing business. Most
companies of this size (101- 999 employees) and
of the Enterprise size (1,000 employees) have
established policies and procedures,
human resources, systems integration with
maximized utilization, and have a plan to move
forward. These areas will experience ongoing
expansion enhancement over time. Mid-size
companies will start to departmentalize and
create an executive team for improved oversight
and strategy development. Problems Mid-size
companies face are keeping everyone working
toward the same goal, communication, e?ective
leadership and management development, mergers
and acquisitions, continuous improvement of
systems and operational work?ow and recruiting
for longevity all while staying on top of their
next strategic move and pacing change.
Enterprises continue to re?ne and silo roles
within the company however they experience many
of the same issues a mid-size company does. At
Mid-size and Enterprise level, Consultants are
brought into a company on a project basis and
will be focused on a niche of service. This is
when the Branding Consultant is brought in to
develop a brand or revitalize a brand for a
segment of the business Lean Specialists are
brought in to examine one segment of the
manufacturing process System Analyst is brought
in to create functional APIs to connect the 25
soGware programs used by the company to prevent
errors and reduce time wasted on duplicating
entries and possibly, Coaches are brought in to
develop a mid-level management team. There is a
need and a place for Consultants at every stage
of business, even before the ?rst signs of
failure. Bringing a Consultant into the company
earlier in the process will make the transition
to the next big step easier and the long-term
outcome of the business much better. Although
business owners may have a di?cult time
justifying the cost of consulting, especially if
funds are limited, the desired end result has
greater potential to be realized in a shorter
timeframe. Companies that have successfully
worked with consultants see the value of their
work in the overall success of the business and
oGen retain consultants for future projects.
16 September 2019
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Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Health
Ainsurance brokerages in the
s one of the largest and most
maximizing health for over 6,000 businesses and
individuals across the country through a suite
of insurance solutions. Below are the highlights
of the interview How do you diversify your
products and solutions in order to bene?t your
clients? There are signi?cant ?xed and variable
cost components that drive a clients total cost
of risk whether its on the business insurance,
employee bene?ts, ?nancial, surety bonds or
private insurance side. What makes Assurance
unique is that we understand this concept and
have integrated multiple service plaVorms into
on cohesive unit. Our insurance professionals
work in lockstep with other departments across
the agency. The service plaVorm provides clients
with a handpicked team based on risk pro?le, as
well as ensures best in class service,
transactional expertise and a dedicated claims
and safety advocates. Key advantages include
early risk identi?cation, e?ective pre-and post-
claims management, reduced claims and premium
cost, robust wellness initiatives and bene?ts,
as well as improved business processes. Describe
the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt
that have shaped the journey of Assurance.
Weve been fortunate over the years to have been
recognized as a Great Place to Work by many
national, local and insurance industry-speci?c
publications. Our workplace culture has
continually evolved, though we came by this
recognition quite organically. It began with the
ideology that an engaged workforce would
produce better results for our clients. We drove
engagement with a focus on transparency, vision
setting, career development and appreciation.
And while those things wound up having the
impact wed hoped in terms of client
satisfaction and performance, admittedly it has
and continues to propel our organization in ways
we never quite expected. Not the least of which
is by helping us to continue to attract the best
and brightest talent in our industry who desire
a culture and environment not typically found in
the insurance brokerage space. What according to
you are the evident challenges in the industry?
As technology seeks to replace friction in
nearly every industry imaginable, our brokerage
world is certainly not immune. We must take care
to credibly calculate the value we bring and
the impact we make beyond merely the execution
of services that require limited thinking. In
addition, the changing regulatory landscape and
rising healthcare costs continues to pressure
our clients and so creative approaches are
needed to drive solutions.
awarded independent
U.S., Assurance is the premier,
national insurance brokerage for
clients and industry professionals. The
company is an alternative to brokerages that
sacri?ce client services to meet pro?t demands,
that institutionalize clients in a manner that
negates personal relationships and
accountability, and that marginalize and
disengage top talent. Assurance invests an
industry-leading percentage of revenues back
into the services its clients need to improve
their businesses. It generates measurable client
value by minimizing risk and maximizing
health. Additionally, it attracts and retains the
best insurance professionals by rewarding their
expertise, investing in their futures, and
recognizing their contributions. Assurance is
currently the 35th largest insurance broker of
U.S. business. It places over 1.5 billion in
premiums annually for businesses and individuals
and is sta?ed by over 500 of the brightest and
most competitive people in the insurance
industry. In an interview with Insights Success,
Tony Chimino, the Chairman Chief Executive
O?cer of Assurance shares his insights on how
Assurance creates value by minimizing risk and
18 September 2019
Minimizing Risk. Maximizing Health. These four
words give us purpose, ?re us up and challenge
us every day. This passion affords each
Assurance employee the opportunity to profoundly
impact the world.
Tony Chimino Chairman CEO
Considering the rising number of competitions,
how does Assurance stand out from its
competitors? Theres been a disturbing trend over
the last 15 years in the insurance brokerage
industry growth merely by acquisition,
over-funded by debt. Now, the massive debt trend
in our industry has resulted in numerous
unintended consequences including the
marginalization of production talent. As an
independent and privately held insurance
brokerage, we place value on our employees, we do
not marginalize talent or treat our employees
like a mere expense. Where does Assurance
envision itself in the long run and/or what are
its future goals? We believe were our clients
best investment. We expect to stay true to our
passion of minimizing risk and maximizing health
through our long-term vision of "credibly
calculating our services create 1 billion in
value annually for clients." This vision keeps
us focused on improving the culture,
productivity and bottom line of our clients, not
of ourselves. Generally, if we maintain our
growth trajectory, by 2025 we expect to have a
physical presence in 5 major geographic markets
across the United States and be among the very
largest privately-owned and independent
brokerages in the country. Testimonials Weve
been with Assurance since early 2006. Assurance
has provided e?ective guidance, unparalleled
benchmarking, aggressive market representation,
as well as superior customer-centric service. We
value their expertise, loyalty, commitment to
our industry and daily recognition that their
service integrity is perpetual and necessary in
todays competitive environment. We not only
recommend Assurance to our partners and peers we
promote them as a value add to our business
model. - Labor Finders Weve had a working
relationship with Assurance for over 15 years.
They truly understand our business environment
and the pressures the Senior Living industry puts
upon us. Assurance has saved us enormous amounts
of premium costs over the years, while
continuing to put our best interests ?rst. We
consider them as more than our insurance
brokers theyve become our business partners
and most importantly our friends. - Heritage
Enterprises, Connie Hoselton, Executive Vice
President Human Resources About the
Leader Tonys driving ideology for Assurance is a
complete and dedicated focus on creating value
for clients through minimizing risk and
maximizing health. This includes a combination
of business insurance, employee bene?ts and risk
management improvements. Tony credits Assurances
growth and success to hiring the most talented
people in the insurance industry who are then
recognized, rewarded and energized to make
clients better.
September 2019 19
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Moving Towards
Transformation of Industries Ibetter and achieve
success in their respective arena. An
n the recent years, Arti?cial Intelligence (AI)
transformed various industries and helped to
ideal amalgamation of human intelligence and
machines has
proven that it can create wonders in the
businesses. This attachment of human intellect
with the machine assists businesses, to automate
their day-to-day activities, to understand
customer behaviors, to decrease work
expenditures and to create occurrences on an
individual level. Therefore, business
individuals need to keep a close eye on the
latest developments occurring in AI industry.
This information can be vital as they can
utilize AI in areas where it can create pro?t
for them. There are various industries that are
already utilizing AI in their respective
business functions and are getting bene?ted.
Following are some of the leading industries that
have utilized AI as an instrument to optimize
their operations 1. Healthcare Healthcare
sector has shown a positive response to
assimilate AI in its ?eld. That is the reason
Healthcare has received enormous funding to
develop and execute AI. The modern day machine
intelligence is assisting healthcare sector to
examine medical data extracted from X-rays, CT
scans and various other tests. Segregation of
this information is important as doctors go
through the patient's history to check and
diagnose illness. Healthcare experts are
dependent on their years of experience and
prefabricated algorithms to acknowledge
22 September 2019
Infrastructure Transformation
the symptoms of an illness. However, sometimes
they overlook and make mistakes unconsciously. A
BBC report titled AI Early Diagnosis Could Save
Heart and Cancer Patient stated that nearly 20
of experienced doctors make mistakes while
diagnosing patients illness. Therefore, this
arduous as well as daunting task is certainly
made easier by AI. There are famous examples of
utilization of AI in healthcare sector. The
Babylon AI doctor app avails speech recognition
to interact with patients cross-examines
carefully against its database and provides
necessary treatment. Another interesting
healthcare AI, Molly by -virtual nurse
app- links patients to scienti?c recommendations
and help, with the assistance of proprietary
categorization engine pays attention to the
patients and replies appropriate response to
them. MicrosoGs Hanover project utilizes machine
comprehension with natural language processing
to forecast productive cancer drug compatible to
the patient. 2. Automobile and
Logistics Automobile industry is witnessing
crucial shiGs such as autonomous driving,
connectivity, electri?cation and divided
mobility. It is anticipated that the automobile
industry will experience rise in economic growth
by shiGing from conventional to disruptive
technologies and unconventional business
models. On October 14 2015, Tesla announced that
it is going to launch an autopilot car i.e. a
car with self-driving capability. The car is
expected to drive itself from coast-to-coast with
the help of autonomous navigation. Other car
makers are aiming to implant AI services like
Amazons Alexa. This will authorize passengers
to self-command car technologies with the help
of natural language voice orders. German premium
car maker Mercedes-Benz has deployed voice
command personal assistant in CES show 2018 held
in Las Vegas. Its arch business rival BMW
followed the footsteps and decided to adopt
Alexa and its assimilation into its handpicked
BMW and mini automobiles. KIA Motors has also
proclaimed that it is thinking about assimilating
Google assistant in its cars. It is the need of
the hour for any business to perform better in
its services and increase pro?t as much as
possible. It is expected that machine learning
(ML) will empower systems to an extent that they
will comprehend the data and utilize it to
increase their performance. This is where AI
comes into the picture. The association between
AI and ML can create wonders in logistics, where
time is a paramount entity. The logistics sector
gathers extensive data from diverse sources such
as websites, smartphones and various telematics
tools. Predictive analytics not only rearranges
September 2019 23
  • delivery schedule but also predicts subsequent
    orders which gives logistics sector an advantage
    to utilize its resources e?ectively.
  • Interestingly, AI does not stop there. It assists
    in semi- autonomous driver assistance,
    autonomous ?eets for ride sharing, engine
    overseer and forecasting maintenance for
  • Also, AI has been assisting logistics sector to
    construct supply chains beforehand with the help
    of advanced systems. This computer assistance in
    automobiles delivers goods in the e?cient manner
    which is essential for the success of a
    logistics company. The forecasting helps
    logistics to avoid disastrous calamities such as
    di?cult weather situations, tra?c delays and
    many unexpected occurrences.
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing sector has changed drastically over the
    years. Customers anticipate for a personal
    experience and it is the need of the hour for
    marketing sector to change itself and adjust
    accordingly. They are required to leave the
    conventional methods of marketing and concentrate
    on enhancing their communication, execute
    demands as well as aspiration. This adaptation
    of AI is vital for marketing sector as
    reluctance to implement this new technology can
    lead to loss of business for the company.
  • AI assists marketers to ?nd and forecast customer
    attitudes. This precious information allows
    marketers to carry out impacVul keywords and
    communicate with consumers on a more personal
    level. Moreover, chatbots also help to execute
    this communication in a less expensive, e?ective
    and in a persistent way.
  • On top of it, AI generates ideas which are
    subdivided into many sub ideas. This way the
    risk of catering a sole idea is eliminated and
    various ideas can be catered according to
    customers and their preferences. Brands have
    started to acclimatize on this useful technology
    and are focusing on selected customers. Startups
    have also begun to apply AI with the help of AI
    automated personalization and compelling video
  • Virtual Assistant
  • A Virtual Assistant can help you to handle smart
    home devices. This feature will allow you to
    administer door locks, lights, appliances and
    many smart home devices. There are Virtual
    Assistants available in the market, which show
    the capacity to function as an intercom. A user
    needs to place Virtual Assistants in every room
    to communicate with others. Amazon Echos Drop
    In feature enables users to interact with each
    other from di?erent rooms.
  • Users can also utilize Virtual Assistants to shut
    down and start TV sets on compatible television
    models. In addition, a

Virtual Assistant in the kitchen can also be
utilized to handle kitchen machines. Virtual
Assistants such as Amazon Echo as well as Google
Home incorporates Routines attributes which
allow these Virtual Assistants to carry out many
tasks on a single command given by the user.
This means a user can create a Routine command
which will instruct the Virtual Assistant to
start multiple tasks it supposed to
execute. Industries are constantly trying to
update themselves by adapting new technologies.
AI is transforming industries and helping them
to grow their businesses. It is going to advance
into more sectors. It will help human beings to
operate risky tasks, decode universal issues and
take care of various human tasks. We can
de?nitely anticipate a future where AI will be
the new normal.
24 September 2019
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Optimizt Technologies
Bearing Flagship in Technology Sectors
Imade by its impeccable team in order to bring
n an interview with Insights Success, Optimizt
  • Improvement and Audits, specialize Corporate
    Trainings and Sta?ng Services. Using their
    expertise, they create unique and enduring
    synergies aligned to their clients business
    mission and goals.
  • OTs vision is to become the most recognized,
    trusted and value-added technology partner
    globally by its Clients.
  • How do you diversify your products and solutions
    in order to bene?t your customers?
  • We want to diversify our o?erings to consolidate
    our presence for existing market and clients.
    Then slowly we will expand our o?erings to new
    geographical markets within next few years.
  • We will identify our value proposition,
    articulate it and back it up with evidence. We
    will focus on core skills, capabilities and
    achievements when determining our value
    proposition. Formulating business development
    strategy, building network and relationships,
    evaluation of resources will help us to grow
    during signi?cant challenges in this market.
  • Onsite or nearshore business model has been
    developed for our existing clients which has
    brought more clarity and success in our
    business. Perfection in project management,
    well-de?ned processes, value-added services,
    strategic partnership and at last investment in
    resources has also helped us to succeed.
    Presently, we are focusing on reinforcing
    competencies for future technologies like IIoT,
    AI, Data Science, Cloud Services etc.

Technologies (OT) emphasizes on the contribution
di?erence in the customary business practices.
With the
edition "20 Most Admired Companies of the Year
2019", Insights Success admire such organizations
diligence to o?er authentic solutions to its
Below are the highlights of an interview
Give a brief overview of the company and its
vision. Optimizt Technologies (OT) is most
recognized trusted Engineering Service
Provider (ESP) company established in year 2010.
OT o?ers multi-disciplinary technology services
that are tailored as per the client demand with
Innovation to Integration and Implementation. OT
serves diverse Industries such as Automobile,
Aerospace, Civil Structures, Energy, FMCG, O?
Highway Vehicles, Metro Rail, Process Industry
(Oil Gas) along with clients from Asian,
European, and North American countries. Due to
its outstanding service quality and performance,
worldwide renowned companies approach OT. It has
also received prestigious International awards
recognitions for innovative quality technology
services and business excellence in year 2012,
2015, 2018 and 2019. Its expertise lies in
Engineering Product Design and Development,
Mathematical Computation and Simulation,
Application Development, Cloud Computing
Services, Test Automation Services, Process
26 September 2019
Optimizt Technologies offers innovative and
value added engineering technology solutions
to diverse businesses globally.

Give a detailed explanation of the featured
persons in?uence towards the industry and the
company. Jitendra Jagtap is the Founder and CEO
of Optimizt Technologies, having 14 years of
experience in engineering design and research
?eld along with project management. His role at
OT is Techno- Commercial, which includes
overseeing cross- functional groups and de?ning
new business strategies, identifying emerging
technologies, new business prospects, key
accomplices and OTs branding. Staying attuned
with the companys mission and vision, Jitendra
has taken some steps for enhancing OTs growth
and building trust in employees and clients.
These steps involve creating spark in the team,
gap analysis and training, improving facilities,
implementing quality processes and security
systems etc. Jitendra has delivered hundreds of
corporate training programs for MNCs from USA,
Europe, India. Thousands of engineers are in his
credit who are working all over world in the
?eld of RD today. Jitendra also has great
in?uence as technical consultant to few Asian
and European organizations operates in
India. Describe the experiences, achievements
or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey
of OPTIMIZT TECHNOLOGIES. In most professional
services it is di?cult for customers to judge
quality until its too late and they face a
potential catastrophe. Having clear understanding
of this fact, OT has developed long term
strategy to win new businesses. Initially focused
on pilot projects and a?ordable pricing
services, we have
Jitendra S. Jagtap

September 2019 27
Its long-term goal is to develop smart methods
tools for engineering community to enhance
learning e?ciency. Then it will be o?ered at
a?ordable price especially for economically poor
students in Asia. OT is planning to establish
Technology Research Centre with necessary
facilities for engineering students where
Industrial subject matter experts will be invited
to guide these engineers of future. Considering
the rising number of competitions, how does
OPTIMIZT TECHNOLOGIES stand out from its
competitors? Due to emerging technologies and
market trends, there are signi?cant changes in
traditional engagement models to demand greater
value and tighter service integration. Currently
OT is also facing many challenges due to rising
competition. On the bright side, rising
competition is creating opportunities for OT to
think, reinforce and ?ne tune business model for
long run. OT is now focusing on delivering
technical excellence, custom business models
aligned to client business needs. Along with
this, company is predicting future technologies
to add new services vertical in o?erings and
upholding professional pride and
integrity. Company is working tirelessly and
ethically to ensure that values are added to
every service it delivers. In order to do so,
this India based company is going to leverage
the massive pool of skilled workforces to
deliver outstanding technology services. Innovatio
n, Integrity, Inspiration is the key parameters
which OT focuses as part of business strategy to
successfully stand out in future
market. Testimonies Fortune 500 and globally
listed companies like Johnson Controls, Emerson,
Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Forbes Marshall, GE Oil
Gas, MAHLE, Henkel, HORIBA MIRA, Putzmeister,
TCS, Tech Mahindra, PARI Robotics, Jindal Steel,
TATA AutoComp, Godrej are few of its clients to
whom it has been providing services. OT has
successfully executed critical projects for USAs
top Electric Vehicle OEM, Europes leading Metro
Rail Supplier, Japans leading Electric Drive
supplier which was awarded by giant Indian IT
companies as a strategic services partner.
built strong con?dence and trust in our clients.
Consistent investment in knowledge, resources,
processes, strategy has helped us to shape OT as
trusted partner for our clients. We learned good
lesson that fuel your business by leadership,
people and systems while value the time. Within
9 years of business, we have been recognized
globally for our services and expertise. Fortune
500 and globally listed world renowned companies
are our clients today. We have received few
International Awards in recognition of quality,
commitment innovation for our services. Though
we feel proud today, we will continue to work
tirelessly and persistently to grow our business
globally to create employment and other society
bene?ts. What according to you are the evident
challenges in the industry? Challenges such as
need for innovation, increasing competition,
pricing aligned to client business metrics,
short delivery models, retention of talent in
budgeted cost are key challenges in todays
industry. These compounding parameters are
driving signi?cant transformation, pushing
professional services providers into a new era
of services delivery.
Over the course of the next few years, we will
see signi?cant changes in the services
engagement models. To facilitate the change,
managed services contracts for ESPs will need to
move away from the traditional engagement models
to demand more value and tighter service
integration. Where does OPTIMIZT TECHNOLOGIES
envision itself in the long run and/or what are
its future goals? In upcoming years, OTs
strategy is to initiate marketing operations
in handpicked countries with select services in
demand. building customer credibility,
developing domain expertise and promoting the
acceptability of the o?shore concept. Along with
this, company is planning to start operations in
potential countries to provide nearshore
services to new clients. OT plans to build a
brand image and wants to be recognized as a
trusted partner in this market. By the mid of
2020, the company will be investing for resources
in future technologies in its porVolio such as
IIoT, AI, Data Science, Cloud Services etc.
28 September 2019
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Pam Bateson CEO Co-founder Thrive Partners
30 September 2019
What a tech CEO can
Tech-Know Insights
teach your business about digital?
About the Author
Pthree years ago. In this article, she
Pam Bateson is an expert coach and mentor in
business, training others to M a s te rs level
qua l i ? cati on s a n d supervising coaches.
She has worked within the healthcare, retail,
hotels, construction, media, agencies, education
and public sector. She specialises in C o a c h
i n g , M e n to r i n g , E m p loy e e
Engagement, Change Management, L e a r n i n g a
n d D ev e lo p m e n t a n d Organisational
Design. She has worked with all levels in
organisations from g r a d u a t e s to t h e C
E O . S h e h a s designed change programmes
that connect projects, outcomes, training and
coaching. The performance outcomes have been
outstanding. She is CEO and Co-founder at Thrive
am Bateson set up Thrive Partners,
an on-demand coaching company,
shares her point of view on how important
humans are in a more digital world, what shes
learned as a tech CEO, and what this means when
youre looking to use tech in a way thats both
disruptive and works for customers. In October
2015, I gave up a successful career as a
management consultant and coach to set up Thrive
Partners. Lots of people thought I was crazy. I
was approaching 50, with two children still at
home. But for the decade running up to that
decision, Id been thinking about a better way
to deliver coaching supported by digital, to
share more widely the coaching tools Id used to
help clients for many years. This was the
business I set out to build three years ago.
Today, were working with 25 clients on ?ve
continents delivering our own brand of
on-demand coaching, backed with insights for the
whole business. The learning curve has been
steep particularly for someone who, by their
own confession, didnt have a lot of
September 2019 31
experience in learning technology. So here, I
wanted to share some of the things weve learned
and what it might mean for your
business. Dream big I didnt really set out to
build a business that would be considered
disruptive, but my background as a lean engineer
and coach did mean that we ripped up the rulebook
when it came to the coaching industry. We
scrapped the idea that you needed to meet face
to face, and that sessions had to last an hour,
or even two hours. And we made it a lot easier
for people to access a coach to answer the
questions they had there and then increasing
access so people could chat to an expert within
an hour. Working with my co-founder, we then
rebuilt the industry by asking the biggest
questions we could imaging. What if we could
make coaching available to whole organisations?
What if we could get listening as valued as
speaking? And what if we could help
organisations learn as quickly as individuals? I
found these questions irresistible I wanted to
do for coaching what Uber had done for getting a
taxi, NeVlix had done for home entertainment, and
Tinder had done for dating. Its these big
dreams that have galvanised our success in the
last few years and which has set us in the
right direction for the future. Build for modern
users Despite big dreams, weve also made our
fair share of mistakes! A lot of them mistakes
happened when we took our attention away from
our end customers. It sounds obvious to see it
there on the page. But it can be easy to lose
sight of the customers that matter most,
especially when, as a tech CEO, sometime we get
preoccupied with a shiny piece of new
technology. So, what to consider ?rst when it
comes to users? The main thing to bear in mind
is that they expect experiences that are easy
and fast to access a shiG brought about by what
we call the Amazon Prime Mindset. In this era,
clunky user experiences reduce the chances of
uptake of services. In short, if your technology
cant match or exceed the quality of digital
experience people get in their everyday lives,
then youll need to go back to the drawing
board. Create wins for the many So, if users
come ?rst who else can we harness the power of
technology for? Our answer? Everyone else in the
system. Early on in the development of our
MyThrive plaVorm, we realised that delivering
digitally would enable us to do more
than just scale and facilitate coaching in global
organisations it would also mean we could spot
trends and patterns within communities of users,
in organisations or society at large. Just as
carefully listening has a powerful and
transformative role in one-to-one coaching
conversations, carefully listening to and
analysing anonymised version of the conversations
we host has a powerful and transformative role
within whole organisations. The whole-system
insights we produced has helped to make sales
processes smoother, improved communications and
created more opportunities for people to
learn. Keep it human With suicide being the
biggest killer of men under 45, loneliness
sweeping through developed economies in epidemic
proportions and a third of all young people
su?ering from anxiety, I strongly believe that we
have a duty to keep talking to each other as a
society. We believe that keeping the art of
conversation alive in this digital age is
essential only humans can master creativity,
empathy, humour and imagination in a way thats
compelling. Information is everywhere, so were
using technology di?erently to o?er real human
experiences at scale, at any time of the day,
whenever our clients need a conversation, for
everything you cant Google. And what of the
future? Curiously, even the structures of
arti?cial intelligence and machine learning look
set to mimic human patterns. Its still early
days, but leaders in this space talk of deep
learning with AI by layering up di?erent tools
that connect in the same way as our brains
neural networks. And so, the next three years? My
recent experiences have led us to ask even bigger
questions than we did to begin with which I
suspect will lead to our next irresistible set
of adventures! What if we could transform
learning management systems into learning
ecosystems? What if any community of learners
could connect with any community of teachers?
And what if a better understanding of outcomes
from learning could help both individuals,
organisations and society to thrive? I for one
believe there are exciting times ahead.
32 September 2019
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Spark Energy
Competing in the Transformation of the Retail Gas
Electricity Industry
park Energy is an independent,
regulated cost-plus models arent inherently
motivated to achieve. Whether or not consumers
are Spark Energy customers, they bene?t in a
competitive marketplace with the options of
choice driven by innovation, product o?erings
and price. Mr. Kroekers impact on the company
is impressive, particularly in the companys
growth. With his leadership, the company went
from private to public (SPKE) in 2014 and since
that time the company has tripled in revenue,
customer count, and earnings. History in
Making According to Spark Energy, the process of
taking a fully regulated industry to one that is
open for competition and consumer choice is
making history and something everyone who took
part in making it happen can be extremely proud
of. The company asserts that the future
generations will read case studies about the
transition of a regulated gas electricity
utility market to competition. It truly is
history in the making not unlike what happened
in the telecommunications industry that started
transitioning back in the 1980s. Overcoming
Adversities The challenge in the states that are
open for competition is breaking the inertia
that regulated, incumbent
utilities have through their many, many, decades
of being the customers only choice. Theres an
education of consumers and an evolution that
takes time to break that inertia. The
additional challenges in the industry are
clearing the barriers that exist to open up
additional U.S. states for competition. Innovatio
n has not been realized at the rate that
everyone expected, primarily due to the sharp
drop in commodity prices earlier this decade. I
believe we are starting to see this innovation
now not driven by high commodity prices, but
rather an elevated consumer interest in
technology and being good stewards of our
resources for future generations. The upside for
consumers that can be realized through
competition is limitless if not beholden to a
strictly regulated model that provides no
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