Can Cataracts Be Treated Without Surgery? - Arohi Eye Hospital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can Cataracts Be Treated Without Surgery? - Arohi Eye Hospital


Cataracts treatment calls for only the best cataract surgery in Mumbai, as there is no other non-surgical alternative that can help treat cataracts. All kinds of medical and natural procedures have failed. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Can Cataracts Be Treated Without Surgery? - Arohi Eye Hospital

Cataracts affect almost everyone above the age of
60, impacting the quality of life as the patient
can view things very blurry because of the lens
in the eye becoming clouded. Cataracts also make
it difficult to see in bright light or at night,
making colours appear duller. Cataracts, as much
dreadful as it sounds, is also very dangerous as
it may lead to complete blindness, if it is left
untreated! Thus, you need to have your cataracts
treated immediately, as soon as you identify
that you are suffering from the issue. While
having the best cataract surgery in Mumbai is
said to be the only most successful option for
cataract patients, we are here to clear out all
your doubts related to the query whether
cataracts can be treated in some way without
surgery, because not all of us are ready to have
surgeons play with one of the most integral and
delicate parts of our body.
Trials for finding a non-surgical treatment for
cataracts In 2015, a substance called Compound 29
was discovered, which was a water-soluble matter
that was believed to reverse hereditary-related
and age-related cataracts in the lens tissue.
This discovery was reported in a paper by
university researchers published in the American
Association for the Advancement of Science.
However, this study has been performed only on
mice, which shows no guarantee of it to work in
the human eye and no studies made about the
same on the human eye has been confirmed
yet. Then, there was another compound,
lanosterol, that had also been studies as a
potential solution to cataracts. However, this
compound isnt water soluble, which makes it
impossible to be included in any eye drop
solution thus again, a failure in finding a non-
surgical alternative to treat cataracts. So,
currently there is no non-surgical treatment for
  • Can cataracts be treated naturally?
  • Okay, so we agree that cataracts cannot be
    treated with any compound as such so, is there
    a way to treat cataracts naturally, then?
    According to Mayo Clinic, there have been no
    studies to prove that cataracts can be treated or
    prevented through any natural remedies. Thus,
    there is no possible natural cure for cataracts.
    However, there are certain healthy lifestyle
    practices you must follow, which may not
    eliminate the likeliness of cataracts
    completely, but may at least delay or slow down
    the progression of cataracts. These include
  • Eating fruits, vegetables, and a diet rich in
    minerals and vitamins
  • Wearing sunglasses whenever the eye is exposed to
    the sun and other kinds of UV light
  • Eliminating as much as possible any forms of
    alcohol and tobacco intake
  • Keeping a check on health issues like diabetes,
    which increase the likelihood of developing
  • As you can see, there is no alternative to
    surgery, when it comes to the treatment of
    cataracts. So, whenever you feel that you are
    experiencing blurred vision, and the reason
    could be a possible clouded lens, you must
    immediately get in touch with a specialist. And,
    once your condition has been confirmed, you must
    try to get an appointment for surgery right
    away. Arohi Eye Hospital is where you can get the
    best cataract surgery in Mumbai as the surgical
    procedure is performed only by trained and
    experienced specialists.
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