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Top 7 Web Design Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate


A website is termed as a good website only when it is able to deliver an outstanding user experience. There are some questions based on which you can determine how good your website is and where it requires improvement. However, you will need to take the help of an independent designer or a web design company, when you want to improve your website design. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 7 Web Design Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Top 7 Web Design Tips To Increase Your
Conversion Rate
A Good Website Design How to create an excellent
website design? A website is termed as a good
website only when it is able to deliver an
outstanding user experience. There are some
questions based on which you can determine how
good your website is and where it requires
  • Just think, when potential customers visit your
  • Are they able to understand what your company
    does in the first 5 seconds?
  • Can they navigate your website easily?
  • Are the contents on your website well organized?
  • Can they understand your website information
  • Do they engage with your website for a long time?
  • These are some questions that ask you to pay
    attention to various elements of your website if
    you want to deal with its poor performance. You
    need to work in various areas of your website
    such as design, content, and navigation. When you
    do this, you will notice that the engagement
    rate of your potential customers with your
    website will start increasing.
  • However, you will need to take the help of an
    independent designer or a web design company,
    when you want to improve your website design.
    Its not that you cant design your website
    yourself but, for doing that you will need to
    have a good amount of knowledge about CSS and
    HTML programming languages. Unless you dont
    acquire such knowledge, there is less chance that
    you will be able to design a custom website for
    your business. Its better if you contact our
    web design Los Angeles company that has
    intellectually-minded designers and developers
    to create a successful website for your business.
    So, trust

  • SFWPExperts, if you want to get a high
    revenue-generating website that takes your
    business to a whole new level.
  • Now, we are sharing top 7 web design tips from
    Google that will increase your conversion rate
    and convert your new customers into regular
  • Think about the journey of your users before
    designing a website
  • Planning and implementation are the two important
    aspects of any project. So, you need to plan out
    the structure and design of your website while
    considering the needs and necessities of your
    customers. Think about
  • What your visitors will do after coming to your
  • What activities they will perform until they
    convert into your customer?
  • Which pages they will be interested in viewing?
  • What action they would take further?
  • What should be the offers that would encourage
    them to convert?
  • Focus on all these points and get ready with good
    answers that will motivate your visitors to
    become your customers. Also, you will have to
    make sure that your website answers all these
    questions in an effective way. Dont forget that
    the design of your website will play an important
    role in answering these questions and you need
    to be prepared for that.
  • Now when you already know the importance of web
    design in planning the users journey, look for
    a cutting edge web design company in Los Angeles

  • can live up to your website expectations. In the
    search of good companies, you will come across
    many agencies that will claim to create an
    intuitive website for your business. But, how
    will you decide if they are capable of doing that
    or not? Just ask them to show their work
    portfolio and check out the performance of those
    websites. If you think this is what you were
    looking for, then go ahead with your choice and
    if not, look for a better company. However, we
    have an idea to save you from this mess and
    directly get in touch with the best web design
    company. Approach SFWP Experts to meet your web
    design needs and they will create an
    attention-grabbing website for you that will make
    your potential customers interested in your
  • Dont put confusing and complicated content on
    your website
  • There are many elements in a website that
    interrupts your customers journey and distract
    them from carrying out their purpose. Some of the
    common distractions are complex animations,
    flash players and long boring content that
    spoils their user experience. Since todays
    online audience has a very short attention span,
    you should focus on creating short and engaging
    content for your website. This will help in
    making the right impression on your visitors.
    Avoid using jargon and difficult words in your
    content that could confuse your readers. Write
    easy and simple content for your target readers
    that will increase their engagement rate with
    your website and reduce the bounce rates.
  • Use social share buttons

Everyone spends a considerable amount of time in
creating the best content and publishing it on
their website. But it doesnt make any sense if
people dont get to read it. For this reason,
you need to make sure to add social sharing
buttons on all your pages when you publish it.
Applying this technique is a simple method to
boost your search engine rankings when you get
the traffic from social media platforms.
Remember that the availability of social sharing
buttons on your pages is an advantage that
allows your readers to share your content on
their social media pages. Through this
information, you need to understand one thing
that social sharing buttons are one of the
important features to be added to your web pages.
And, to do this, you need to find a well-known
web design company in Los Angeles that can
provide you website-related services as well as
SEO services under one roof. There is a higher
chance that you may come across various companies
on the internet that can provide you this kind
of service but not all are capable of doing it
perfectly. Therefore, it is recommended to hire
our company for your website design needs and we
will provide you with an effective solution to
increase your online traffic quickly. We are
pretty good at designing and developing websites
that achieve great results in various
industries. 4. Create effective CTA
buttons The call to action buttons is quite a
useful feature that helps the visitors to
understand what they need to do after visiting a
website. For this reason, you need to provide
your users with directional signs on your website
by creating
effective CTA buttons. It is not necessary that
you use a call to action button only at the
bottom of your site but you can also place it at
the top and middle of the page. Using a single
call to action button at the end of the page
doesnt look that effective when your aim is to
make your visitors fully interested in your
products. There are various ways to add multiple
calls to action buttons to your page. You can
use it as a link to learn more information or ask
them to get a free demo or consultation. Keep
in mind that unless your call to action buttons
will not look compelling to your visitors, they
will not convert into your valuable customer. You
can create an effective call to action button in
various ways, but if you want to do it in the
right way, reach out to a professional web design
company in Los Angeles. They have many creative
minds in their team who are able to make your
potential customers interested in your products.
If you have no idea about how to find the right
company for your specific website needs, we are
available to help you. You can ask us for
anything, whether it is compelling web designs or
crazy-effective CTA buttons. We create excellent
websites for our clients including digital
marketing services so that their business could
expand in less time than expected. 5. Choose
the right images If you use the right images on
your website, you can enhance its look and feel
within a few minutes. Dont pick any random photo
from the internet that dont look genuine or is
overused by many websites. Take the time in
choosing the
right image from the stock photos that look
beautiful and attractive. Pay attention to such
photos that can make your brand more realistic
and also give a human touch to your website. 6.
Use simple navigation Apart from designing an
interactive website for your business, it is
equally important to create a simple navigation
system for your website. This is because
whatever the navigation system you are planning
to use in your website will determine your
users experience when they move from one page to
another. If your navigation system will look
confusing or complicated to your target
audience, they will abandon your page immediately
and switch to your competitors site. Thus, the
bounce rate of your website will be increased and
it will directly affect your search engine
rankings. Since search engine rankings affect
the money-making potential of your website, you
should always try to give a great user experience
to your visitors. Do you know what elements
confuse users when they land on your website? It
includes many things such as poorly organized
contents, misleading product claims, and unclear
navigation systems. If you want to design an
effective navigation system for your website,
talk to our web design experts and they will
share their ideas about how your navigation
system should be designed. Our web design
company in Los Angeles is an advantage for
individual website owners who want to increase
their conversion rate ASAP. After reaching out to
us, its sure that you will walk out with a
modern website for your business, giving you a
leading edge in the industry. 7. Make good use
of whitespace Often, it has been seen that the
designers give utmost importance to the use of
whitespace in their web designs. Do you know why?
Because whitespace is an integral design element
of a website that enhances the visibility and
readability of its content. That extra space you
see on websites is often left for readers so
that they can clearly see the texts and images
placed on the page. Another advantage of using
whitespace on a website is that it helps in
placing the design elements in a certain
position. Thats why it is necessary for website
owners to review the pages after getting their
website and remove content that is not adding
any value to users. Make sure there isnt any
single element on your web page that can create
negative space for your potential
customers. Basically, the design of your website
is the most important element that can make or
break a deal. So, if you want to make your users
happy by providing them a great user experience,
ensure that you implement these design tips
nicely while designing a website. However, it is
not necessary that every visitor who lands on
your website turns out to be a valuable customer,
but you should be prepared with an effective
strategy to achieve that particular goal. Use
search engines like Google or Bing to find out
the best Wordpress website design company. Check
what kind of experience their designers have? Are
they capable of building a result-oriented
website for you? If its fine to you, go
ahead and if it looks like a time-consuming
process, you can directly connect with the SFWP
Experts. We will give you all the details that
you require for your website designing needs. We
have over 10 years of experience in designing a
responsive website for our clients and also well
familiar with the latest technologies that are
used to build successful websites.
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