Key benefits of on-demand courier delivery app – Mobile app developers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Key benefits of on-demand courier delivery app – Mobile app developers


If you’re into courier or logistics business, take a glance at the key benefits of an on-demand courier delivery app explained by our mobile app developers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Key benefits of on-demand courier delivery app – Mobile app developers

Key Benefits of On-Demand Courier Delivery App

  • The courier industry has witnessed significant
    growth in the past few years. Companies belonging
    to this industry are striving to step up their
    game and offer the best customer service as well
    as experience.
  • Currently, on-demand apps are making a statement
    globally. Courier businesses are readily
    embracing this digital innovation to facilitate
    their delivery process. The on-demand courier
    delivery apps not only reduce the workload but
    also offer opportunities to businesses to make
  • While businesses from all corners of the world
    are shifting their conventional courier delivery
    way with on-demand apps, there are still some
    companies that are reluctant to invest in them.
    So, we are explaining below some massive benefits
    of on-demand delivery apps to steer clear their

Seamless Online Booking of Parcel
  • Since this is a digital era, everything is online
    these days. On-Demand courier delivery apps are a
    part of this technological advancement that
    provides easy ways to customers of getting things
    done. A plethora of giants like FedEx offers
    online booking feature for transporting goods and
    have eliminated the need for traveling to courier
    companies to hand over the packages.
  • Using this feature, customers can quickly book
    the couriers pickup date and time by entering
    the destination and the parcel type. Besides,
    they can also see the tariff rate for online
    courier delivery from their added address to the
    destination. Thus, they wont have to worry about
    the pricing.

Swift Courier Tracking in Real-Time
  • Courier tracking is one of the biggest challenges
    of delivery businesses. They are bound to keep
    track of the parcel until it reaches the
    destination. Earlier, companies used to stay in
    touch with the driver of the shipment to know the
    status of the parcels. However, with an on-demand
    app, they can easily do this task by scanning the
    barcode of a particular courier or using an
    in-app GPS.
  • Additionally, your customers can also track the
    status of their booked parcels to estimate the
    exact time of delivery. Therefore, real-time
    tracking is nothing less than a boon for courier
    companies as well as their customers.

Access to Multiple Payment Methods
  • Nowadays, customers look for a secure, quick, and
    easy way to proceed with the payments. By
    integrating multiple payment methods like
    debit/credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, etc. in
    the on-demand app, companies provide various
    transaction ways to customers. The online payment
    feature also helps you to monitor and manage all
    your transactions and eliminate the apprehension
    of delayed or failed payments.

Better Fleet Handling Management
  • Any logistics company will have a fleet of
    vehicles, and the fleet management team often
    struggles to keep track of each automobile.
    However, an on-demand delivery app easily sorts
    this issue out by storing all the data required
    for fleet management. It provides accurate
    information about everything right from tracking
    the routes of every vehicle to the details of the
    driver directly in your hands.

Timely Updates Through Notifications
  • Transferring a product from source to destination
    is an attention-demanding process. The app will
    instantly notify you if the drivers face some
    issues in the process. Besides, you can also
    update your customers with every checkpoint of
    your delivery services including, order received,
    pick up, under process, dispatched and delivered,
    etc. by sending push notifications. The more the
    customers stay updated, the more valued they

Hassle-free Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse management is another significant part
    of a courier business. Using an app, you can
    easily know the location of your stored
    inventories and track the status of every
    warehouse with just a few taps.

Less Paperwork
  • Courier business pivots around paperwork. Every
    product that you deliver comes with a ton of
    paperwork, which is hard to handle. However, an
    on-demand courier app significantly reduces the
    paperwork by storing every piece of products
    information and keeping its track until it is
    delivered. Thus, a mobile app automates
    everything and also saves up a lot of a hefty
    amount of money on stationary.

Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • No matter which business you are running,
    customer satisfaction should be your primary
    goal. An on-demand courier delivery app provides
    the convenience of booking the package from any
    location and ensure that the customers dont face
    any issues while availing your services. Besides,
    multiple payment methods, along with the tracking
    features, facilitate everything for the customers
    and gives them a sense of satisfaction. If you
    provide an option for feedbacks and reviews, you
    will become familiar with the aspects you need to
    improve in your delivery process.

Key Takeaways
  • The on-demand courier delivery app is essential
    for every courier business, and the benefits
    above have proved why you should get one. Most
    companies are capitalizing on on-demand apps to
    gain a competitive edge and thrive in the market.
    So, if you want to give a mobile presence to your
    courier business and provide best-in-class
    services, consult our experienced mobile app
    developers. They will certainly go the extra mile
    to guide you in the best possible manner and
    deliver you a high-quality product aligning with
    your goals.

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