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05 Surefire Tips To Choose The Right Brand Color Palette


You need to choose the right color palette that will make your brand look aesthetic. Getting an edge in the saturated market is quite a challenge that you can overcome... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 05 Surefire Tips To Choose The Right Brand Color Palette

05 Surefire Tips To Choose The Right Brand Color

Tips To Choose The Right Brand Color Palette
  • Initiating a startup is easy but to build a brand
    identity is a tough job that requires you to
    master the art of branding from the core. Various
    aspects need to be taken in consideration in
    branding your startup. However, colors alone are
    responsible to ensure a remarkable brand
    identity. Whether you are in the process of
    designing website for your brand or creating a
    logo that will reflect your visual
  • You need to choose the right color palette that
    will make your brand look aesthetic. Getting an
    edge in the saturated market is quite a challenge
    that you can overcome. If you know how to make
    your brand stand out. You can even consult brand
    strategist to help you get ideas on the color
    combination your brand must reflect. To get the
    professional logo design services or complete
    brand design and development solutions you can
    hire a graphic design agency.

Understand Brand Colors Meaning
  • Your brand success depends on several factors out
    of which colors makes the most visible
    difference. It is all about choosing colors that
    evokes the right emotions. Thereby, understanding
    brand colors and the perception it creates in
    your audience mind is essential. There are
    different colors having different meanings. For
    example, red color is used in branding to grab
    instant attention as it gives the sense of
    passion, excitement, urgency.
  • Likewise, yellow color is used to reflect
    optimism, happiness and freshness. You need to
    study the colors along with its meaning first to
    portray your brand perception. Be it designing
    your website or the logo for your brand you first
    need to decide on the colors based on the meaning
    it conveys.

Know The Color Combinations
  • There are some brands that have gained global
    recognition. If I take their brand name, you will
    instantly remember the color combinations they
    have used. For example, if I say Starbucks, the
    white and green colors come in mind. That is how
    color affects humans ability to relate
    psychologically with brand. You need to know
    which colors together will make your brand look
  • There are some blend of colors for example red
    and yellow, pink and purple, black and red that
    makes the most amazing color duo. Use different
    color set to examine the one which works best for
    your brand and use it accordingly. With right
    color sets, you can also create visually
    appealing graphics.

Creating A Brand Color Palette
  • Once you know the color combinations it is now
    time to think about how to get started with
    creation of brand color palette. The first step
    is to know the color set you will be working on
    and then check that specific color in the color
    wheel combinations. You need to check the other
    complimentary colors that will work best with
    your primary color. Moreover, you have to look
    for monochromatic and triadic colors to create
    the best hue. Know that you have to consider each
    aspect of color theory to come up with a brand
    color that make your audience feel pleasant. You
    need to create a color palette that makes your
    brand gain competitive edge in the market.

How To Choose Brand Colors
  • Selecting the brand colors is one daunting task
    that even branding experts find it challenging.
    However, there are some tips that can make the
    process easier. Before you choose the brand color
    first recognize your key brand focus that you
    aspire to accomplish. The branding goals you have
    set and what message you want your target
    audience to get.
  • Further, you need to think how the color
    psychologically relate with your brand. If you
    are good in understanding color psychology you
    will be able to trigger the right emotions.
    Moreover, look what your competitors are doing.
    It will help you understand how other brands are
    making waves through utilizing unique color

Brand Color Palette Examples
  • There are some top-tier color palettes that will
    help you convey your brand message easily to your
    audience. To create the best color combination,
    you need to work on the colors that are tested
    psychologically to entice audience attention. You
    can use monochromatic, complementary, analogous,
    triadic color combinations based on what works
    best for your industry.
  • A good color palette will make your brand image
    stronger while a poor color palette will ruin
    your brand image. Therefore, before you decide on
    the colors, you need to understand your audience
    psyche first and ensure to use it maximize your
    brand presence.

  • If you keep the above-mentioned elements while
    deciding on the brand color palette you will be
    able to create a strong brand presence. However,
    color is one part that makes your brand look
    awe-inspiring. There are other branding aspects
    too but if you focus on these key elements you
    will be guaranteed to have a solid brand image.
    Make sure you do your best research before you
    start selecting the color palette for your brand.
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