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Choosing The Best Buffet Restaurant In Bangalore - TORQ03


When you are looking to book from the best buffet restaurants in Bangalore, you need to know how to choose the best one from the lot. Here are some tips that can help you pick the right one. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Choosing The Best Buffet Restaurant In Bangalore - TORQ03

The buffet system has been in existence since the
19th century, when a light meal was served a few
hours after the main dinner, late at night at
grand balls, where not everyone would want to
eat, or when not everyone would want to have food
at the same time or in the same quantity. Ever
since, the buffet system has existed with
variations and today stands as one of the most
popular style of treating a group of guests on
any big function.
So, if you are looking to give some special
guests a treat, whether it is a birthday, an
anniversary, a promotion, or any other great
celebration you want your special ones to be
involved in, opt for an elegant buffet system.
Taking a big group of people to a restaurant to
eat at a table can be too heavy on your pocket,
while also bringing in hassles of choice of
food. In a buffet system, on the other hand, you
can offer varieties of cuisines, without having
to worry about who likes what, and all you do is
pay for the number of guests, no matter what and
how much they eat. But, one thing that is for
sure is that you have to choose the perfect
venue. You need to choose a place that offers
good food, and also great buffet system service.
So, how do you choose one? Heres a blog to help.
Versatile food You should always opt for one
single buffet venue that offers a multitude of
food items and cuisines. Every season and
celebration requires a different kind of menu
and you must have your one favourite destination
where you can arrange for any kind of
celebration in every kind of weather. Birthdays
require a different cuisine type, and weddings a
very different one. Similarly, kids parties
require a different kind of cuisine, while adult
parties a completely different one. Even weather
plays a very important role. Serving hot tea and
coffee at a winter party is as genuine as
serving chilled mocktails during summers. Hence,
you need to look for a venue that has the
capability to serve all that you wish for. The
presentation You need to look for a venue that is
expert at presenting food the right way. The way
food is presented should be elegant and
captivating to allure the eyes. When food
allures the eyes, it already becomes half perfect
for the guests, even before getting tasted. What
we speak of here is not the requirement of a food
stylist, but about the presentation of the
tables and décor. The entire buffet hall must
look appealing and welcoming, with the food
counters looking neat, clean, and hygienic. Even
if the food is displayed in the simplest manner,
but with etiquette and class, its already half
the battle won! The layout While the presentation
should be classy, you should also look for a
venue that knows where to place what. First and
foremost, every type of food must be kept
separate and distinct. The beverages, the
starters, the main course, the desserts all of
them should be kept separate from one another,
in a way that can clearly show what the table
holds. Every item name should be clearly stated
against it in big bold letters so that your
guests wont have to wonder about what the dish
is about. Also, the food must be conveniently
placed for the guests. One needs to know where to
place what so that the entire dining experience
becomes easy and comfortable for the guests. The
temperature One of the most important things is
that every food item must be kept at the right
temperature. Some items need to be strikingly
hot, while the others chilling cold. Then, there
may be others than need to be only warm. A venue
that has this
understanding wont have to be guided. After all,
it is not only the taste but also the right
temperature of the food that matters a lot.
Having your soups and dals served hot, and your
beverages rightly cold your rotis hot, and your
rice warm all of this requires lots of
attention. The décor You must choose a venue who
can decorate the space as and how you require.
What kind of a party you are giving, and what
kind of guests you are inviting, along with the
number of guests to be expected, all of this
requires different settings of the space. You
may opt to keep the space just the way it is, or
have it designed as per your occasion the
choice is yours. Which is the perfect place for
your buffet party? After looking at all the
considerations, there is just one place that can
fulfill all your buffet requirements and that
is Torq03. Yes, we are speaking about the biggest
entertainment center in Bangalore, Torq03! But,
this is not only an entertainment center, but
also one of the best buffet restaurants in
Bangalore. You can throw a party here for all
your friends and family to gorge on the delicious
buffet, offering a variety of Indian, Chinese,
and Continental delicacies, along with loads of
tongue- tickling drinks, both alcoholic and
non-alcoholic, to choose from! ALSO READ
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