Manage Travel Bookings And Back-End Processes Effectively Using My HUB Lite & Pro - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manage Travel Bookings And Back-End Processes Effectively Using My HUB Lite & Pro


Manage Travel Bookings And Back-End Processes Effectively Using My HUB Lite & Pro – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Manage Travel Bookings And Back-End Processes Effectively Using My HUB Lite & Pro

Manage Travel Bookings And Back-End Processes
Effectively Using My HUB Lite Pro
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Todays tourists are pretty adept with modern
technology and empowered with data-rich
information. Online travel agencies have to
really step up their game if they wish to
successfully ride the tide of growth. Duping
customers with fake promises have become a thing
of the past. So, without the help of proper
technology, survival in the competitive and
overly-saturated travel ecosystem will become
tough for the agencies. The new generation OTAs
are a bunch of complex systems managing tons of
both front-end and back-end processes. And, a lot
happens on their administrative side which a
couple of staffs may not be able to cater to
single-handedly. This is where advanced
technology such as online travel agency software
services can really make a difference.
Miscalculations missed travel information, missed
delivery and payment dates, as well as missed
inventory checks, can damper the growth of such
online agencies. Now, humans are prone to
committing errors, but the competitive market
doesnt have room for such blunders. So the
safest way is to shoulder the responsibility on
travel software development companies and get
easy software solutions to manage both back-end
and front-end services seamlessly. Travel
software services like My Hub Pro and My Hub Lite
are pretty efficient in single-handedly managing
workflow without committing a single error,
unless there is a serious system glitch. But, of
course, you can get assistance from the hired
travel agency software development company to rid
your process off such system malfunctions. Here,
we will learn how online travel agencies manage
online, offline bookings and back-end processes
like a pro, with the help of software services.
But, first, lets understand How do OTAs
work? Planning tour packages, marketing
quotations, receiving bookings, maintaining
connections with suppliers via different channels
to generating financial reports a lot is
happening behind the travel agency website. So
you see, running a travel business is definitely
not a piece of cake. The employees hardly get a
chance to rest their working brains for a couple
of seconds even. What customers see is just the
website or the mobile application. But the job of
a travel agent is huge and cumbersome, extending
way beyond receiving travel bookings and queries.
Here is a brief of the key functionalities that
takes place in an average online travel
agency. Receive and manage bookings  Receive
both online and offline bookings generated across
multi-channels. Checking and sending availability
to the user  Checking availability requests from
different providers via an API and receive
availability confirmation from the providers,
filters as per a users preferences and company
rules, as well as sharing the same with the
end-users. Generating booking request to the
supplier  Post booking confirmation and payment
from the user, the same is shared with the
providers (GDS, hotel, airline). This is followed
by issuing flight tickets, confirming hotel
bookings and e-mailing the same details with the
traveler.  Customer data documentation
 Collecting and documenting customer data shared
on the travel agency website is important for
designing personalized remarketing
strategies. Analyzing data  Customer or employee
data, thus documented, is analyzed for generating
insightful reports and planning future
         Create exciting tour packages and
quotations  Creating exciting tour packages and
quotations for end-users that will sell like
hotcakes. Inventory and supplier management
 Maintain good connectivity with different
suppliers and vendors via different
channels. Customer relationship management
 Identifying and segmenting potential customers
as well as assuring efficient customer support
via emails, live chat, voice and text
messages. Accounting and payment processing
 Accepting customer payments and payments from
vendors using two different business models.
Maintaining financial accounts to tally their
profits earned against losses incurred. Reporting
and analyzing  Generating different sales,
marketing, and customer reports as well as
analyzing data for designing business
Benefits of using travel software services like
My Hub Pro and Lite Travel agency software
development companies like have
designed user-friendly online travel agency
software such as My Hub Pro and My Hub Lite to
aid online travel agencies cater to their
front-end and back-end processes like a
Pro. Introducing My Hub Pro and Lite My Hub
Lite An easy-to-navigate, flexible, and a
user-friendly travel agency back-office
application designed especially for travel agents
and tour operators. Such a helpful application
helps companies easily manage their daily sales,
supplier payments and accounts receivable. My
Hub Pro This back-office application for travel
agencies is an extended version of its brother,
My Hub Lite. Besides helping the agency with
back-office work, My Hub Pro provides a front
online live presence to facilitate flights,
hotels and transfer bookings via a live online
booking engine. Travel agencies can easily manage
their online, offline bookings, and maintain a
clear view of the companys daily activity at the
same time.
  • There are untold benefits of using such helpful
    travel software services, a few of which is
    mentioned below
  • Automated back-end processes save time and
    eliminate possibilities of human errors
  • Design tailor-made packages and travel quotations
    that sell
  • Manage multiple XML suppliers and GDS, as well as
    sourcing fares across different geographies
  • Flexibility to create own tour packages
  • Speed up accounting and reporting work minus
    human errors
  • Customer data documentation and design
    personalized tour packages based on stored data
  • Speed up travel agency growth and earnings.

Still, struggling to handle piling up work? It
is really hard to boost your travel agency in the
absence of advanced technology especially when
the whole world is surviving online. Travel
software services such as My Hub Pro and Lite can
make that dream of yours come true. If you are
looking for an efficient travel software
development company, look no further than Goranga
Tech  your travel software partner. Source