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Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Must Visit Across The World


Waterfalls are an eternal beauty with a spectacular sight. The cascade of water flowing down from the mountains give a breathtaking view. If you are an explorer then waterfalls are the most beautiful encounters you can come across. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Must Visit Across The World

Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Must Visit Across
the World
Waterfalls are an eternal beauty with a
spectacular sight. The cascade of water flowing
down from the mountains give a breathtaking view.
If you are an explorer then waterfalls are the
most beautiful encounters you can come
across. The high feet mountains poring a cascade
of water and giving you a soothing freshness.
Mountains are beautiful but when they roll down
the milky water they look even more gorgeous. Can
anything in this world be so mesmerizing? Watching
the waterfalls would be a dreamy paradise
everyone would want to be in. There are many
waterfalls famous for numerable reasons, but we
have shortlisted the highest waterfalls in the
Let Us Roll Our Eyes On To the Spectacular
Waterfalls In The World
1. Angel Falls
Via Beautiful World
The first reason to visit Angel Waterfall is that
it is the Highest Waterfall in the world. Rolling
down from a height of 979 metres, the waterfall
is named after Jimmy Angel. It is located in the
Guiana Highlands in Bohvar state, in the
Southeastern part of Venezuela. The waterfall
leaps from a mountain named 'Devil's Mountain'.
The waterfall is 150 metres wide at the base.
This place is a UNESCO heritage site which comes
under the Gran Sabana region of the Bolivar
State. Location Auyan-tepui, Canaima National
Park, Bohvar State, Venezuela Height 979 m
2. Iguazu Falls
Via CDN Tours
Among the world's best waterfalls, Iguazu Falls
are one of the most visited waterfalls in the
world. The waterfall is located on the border of
Brazil and Argentina and is a part of Iguazu
Falls. Since the waterfall lies on the border,
the major part of it falls on the side of
Argentina while the largest system of waterfalls
covers Brazil too. The waterfall found in 1541 is
82 in length and has a history behind. It is
believed that the deity wanted to marry a boy who
ran away with her lover in a kayak. The deity got
furious and in that rage, she sliced the river
creating waterfalls for both of them. Location
Misiones Province, Argentina
Height 82 m
3. Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls has one of the most alluring
sights to offer to any visitor. Making a place in
the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is
one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The
fall is located at the border between Zambia and
Zimbabwe gives an awe-inspiring view. The
grandeur of the gushing waterfall can be seen
from the distance of 50km. The base also has a
clear water pool where you can relax and chill
with your friends. The fall derived its name
after the reigning queen Queen Victoria. This
beautiful waterfall has a splendid picturesque
which makes it a sure thing to visit. Location
Height 108 m
4. Niagara Falls
Via Tourism Toronto
This is another fall which is on the border of
two countries, Canada and the USA. The Niagra
falls has three waterfalls connected which fall
in different countries. The official city of
Niagara falls is Ontario which is in Canada. This
place is loved by many cyclists and nature
admirers who ride down on their cycles to witness
this breathtaking view. The Niagara Parks also
offer an enduring cinematic view of the misty
clouds and sparkling waterfalls making a gushing
sound. The fall rate of this beautiful waterfall
is the highest in North America. It has a drop of
more than 50 metres which makes it the major
tourist attraction in Canada. Location Ontario,
Height 51 m
5. Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka, India
Via Scout My Trip
Kunchikal Falls is the tallest waterfall in India
which has a height of 1493 ft. It is located in
the Shimoga district of Karnataka and falls under
the Agumbe Valley. The famous waterfall is formed
by the Varahi River and is home to many reptiles,
birds and animals. To reach the waterfall you
have to make your way through the dense
rainforest. Location Nidagodu village, Shimoga
district, Karnataka Height 455 m
6. Gullfoss Fall
Gullfoss fall is one of the first and major
tourist attractions of Iceland. The beautiful
fall is situated in the valley of Havita river in
the southwest of Iceland. It is a part of
Iceland's golden circle drive, which is a
circular drive that begins and ends outside
Reykjavik. The Gullfoss fall comes in the middle
of the circle drive and is 1 hour 35 minutes from
Reykjavik. Gullfoss Waterfall is a wonder of
Iceland due to its natural phenomenon. This
waterfall is to be viewed from above rather than
standing down in the valley. It amazes everybody
how the water seems to make its way underground.
Planning to visit Europe, then Gullfoss fall
should be there in your bucket list. Location
South West Iceland
Height 32 m
7. Dettifoss Falls
Via Come To Iceland
Another mesmerizing fall from Iceland is the
Dettifoss fall. The fall is located in the
Vatnajokull National Park, in northern Iceland.
The fall has an alluring view of 500 cubic metres
of water pouring down through the 100m wide fall.
The alluring can be enjoyed by making a trek to
the top. This is one of the most visited places
in Europe and you won't regret going
here. Location Iceland
Height 44m, Width 100m
8. Dudhsagar Falls
Via Scroll Droll
Dudhsagar is one of the most celebrated
waterfalls in India that are located on the
border of Goa and Karnataka. The lofty waterfall
flows in the western ghats and has a jaw-dropping
view during the monsoons. The beautiful waterfall
name means milk and is named so because of its
colour. Rolling down from a height of 320 m the
water forms the white texture of milk. You can
have this view even while travelling from the
train. The fast flow of Dudhsagar is a natural
beauty you just can't miss.
Location Sanaulim, Goa Height 320m
9. Bigar Cascade falls
Via Charismatic Planet
The Bigar Cascade falls are not famous for its
height but for the way it falls. The height of
this fall is merely 8m but still, they are one of
the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The
natural waterfall is covered by the Nature
Reserve in Romania, and is 45th parallel north,
at the halfway point between the Equator and the
North Pole. The equally falling water makes it a
worth watching view. Location DN57B,
Romania Height 8 m
10. Ban Gioc Detian Fall
Via Reddit
The 4th largest waterfall that has a home in both
countries, Vietnam and China. Ban Gioc Detian
makes the sound of thunder as it hits the
surface. The view of the fall becomes even more
enjoyable during the rainy season. You can take a
bamboo raft which will take you close to the
waterfall. The Vietnamese have green canopies
whereas the Chineses have blue canopies. You need
to get a permit from the nearest Police Station
to visit this adorning beauty. Once all the
formalities are done you can head towards the
beauty and have the best time of your life.
Location TL 211, Dam Thuy, Trung Khanh, Cao
Bang, Vietnam Height 60 m
11. Yosemite Fall
Via The Harness Adventure Photography
Yosemite waterfall is one of the highest
waterfalls in the world. The view is majestic
with an 8 hr trek that leads you it's peak. The
exhausting climbing is worth as you can view the
beautiful cascade swirling down the mountain
surrounding it. You can also choose to stand
under the freezing water and have a memorable
adventure. Yosemite is one of the historic trails
that give a bird's eye view. The steep climb is
well rewarded with the surreal view from the top.
North America's largest waterfall is of 739
metres from the valley floor.
Location Yosemite Village, California Height
12. Plitvice Fall
Via Pinterest
Plitvice Waterfall is Croatia's largest and
oldest waterfall. The fall is located in the
Plitvice Lake National Park, which is included in
the UNESCO Heritage site. The Plitvice Waterfall
was named after the famous Croatian Opera singer.
Tourist has been visiting this place consisting
of a beautiful waterfall and lake since the 19th
century. Location Central Croatia Length 296.85
square km
13. Jog Falls
Falling from a height of 253 m and has an origin
from Sharavathi River, Jogi falls are the highest
waterfalls in the world. During the summer
season, only a stream of water is visible but as
soon as the rainy season arrives, the water takes
up a lot of volumes. The water surpasses the
height and volume of Kaieteur Falls in Guyana.
After Kunchikal Fall, Jog Fall is the
second-highest waterfall in India. This is a
treat to every tourist who visits Karnataka and
falls in love with this place. Location Jog
Falls, Karnataka 577435 Height 253 m These
captivating images must have made you crave for a
vacation soon, isn't it? Travel to these places
which are a paradise on Earth with all good that
nature has to offer.