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Responsive Website vs Mobile Apps


A responsive website can be defined as a flexible website that can be accessed through different devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. Whereas app is a kind of software application that is designed to run on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and watches. A responsive website adjusts automatically according to the screen size of different devices so that it could fit to display the area properly. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Responsive Website vs Mobile Apps

Responsive Website vs Mobile Apps
Making Investment in Responsive Website or Mobile
App What are the differences between an app and
a responsive web design? A responsive website
can be defined as a flexible website that can be
accessed through different devices such as
desktop, mobile, and tablet. Whereas app is a
kind of software application that is designed to
run on multiple devices like smartphones,
tablets, and watches. A responsive website
adjusts automatically
according to the screen size of different devices
so that it could fit to display the area
properly. On the other hand, apps are developed
to be used by mobile, tablet, and smartwatch
users. However many website owners who tend to
expand their user's database invest in the app
development for their company before they could
understand if they need one. It is necessary for
them to find out the answer to why they should
have an app for their business. It doesnt make
any sense for website owners to create apps just
because they want to have apps for their
business. Usually, they develop apps just
because they see it as the latest trend to stay
ahead of their competition and attract a large
number of visitors. The app users are also part
of their target audience who might be interested
in doing business with them. The website owners
invest a lot of time and money in creating useful
apps for their users. But they come to know
after some time that most of their target
audience dont download a lot of apps every
month. In that case, what they need on an urgent
basis is responsive website design. The
responsive websites are completely different from
the simple websites due to their ability to
deliver an improved user experience. Responsive
websites can be opened in any device without
compromising the features, elements, and the
look of the website. But in non-responsive
websites usually, its features and elements get
displaced from its original position and are
responsible for the poor design.
For this reason, many website owners focus on
creating a mobile app for their company instead
of a mobile version website. If you also want to
have a responsive website or mobile app for your
company, look for SFWPExperts the best web
design Los Angeles company that has years of
experience in this field if you aim to build a
conversion-focused website for your business. We
have highly skilled web design professionals who
will help you to make strong and long-lasting
relationships with clients across the world. We
have been helping local and nationwide clients
for many years to build a solid online presence
and increase their website traffic. What Is An
App? The app is a software application that is
designed to run on mobile phones, smartwatches,
and tablets to perform one or more tasks. In most
of the cases, the apps are developed to perform
a specific task that cant be done through
websites. Why Do You Need An App? As we have
discussed before, you need to check if the app
can perform a specific task that is impossible
for websites. In this way you can determine that
not only your app is relevant for your users but
also desirable for them. For example, apps are
most suitable for brands that are well-recognized
by people locally or globally. So if you have a
huge following and you have to create a
reward system for your users, an app would be the
best option for them to keep track of such
rewards. Since responsive websites and mobile
apps are created with different aims, you need
to check what you are looking for. There are many
tasks that cant be performed by websites but
apps can do that. In that case, if you create a
mobile app for your target audience they will
use it eagerly and keep coming back. There are
many web design companies in Los Angeles that
have professional designers and developers to
meet your specific needs. But if you want
specialized designers and developers to create a
responsive web design or mobile app for your
business, rely on us. We are committed to
providing excellent customer service and always
ready to help you with web design, web
development, and online marketing
services. However, many times it has been seen
that designers make some mistakes while creating
mobile apps. They enter the same information on
their app that is already published on their
website without knowing that apps should be used
to serve a different purpose than websites. If
you use apps as a copy of your companys
website, there is no point in creating it for
your target audience. If people would like to
get more information about your brand or product,
they know they will get it after visiting your
site. But if someone has been introduced to your
brand recently, most probably they will not
install your app at the same time. They would
research your brand thoroughly and learn
important information to decide if they are
really interested in your brand. If they would
be interested in your products or services, they
will probably install your app and if they dont
they might take some time. Is Having An App
Necessary For You? Many people create an app
just because others have established their
businesses that way. For instance, some brands
like Uber and Snapchat has established their
business using the app-based model only. It is
necessary for website owners to find out a
reason for creating an app and their idea must be
valid from the perspective of their target
audience. For example, you cant visit the
Snapchat website if you want to upload the
disappearing images or videos. This is the
reason that users consider to install the app
from the app store. If you want to build a
successful app for your business, it must be
original and it should have the necessary
functionality that is useful for your users. But
if you are not ready with a basic idea about why
you should have an app, work on creating a
responsive web design for your site instead of
investing in an app. There are many eCommerce
companies operating around the world that have
developed a responsive website or mobile app for
their users. Usually, responsive websites are
good for them if they just want to sell their
products or services. But if they want their
customers to manage the dues, redeem the coupon,
or keep track of the earned coins by purchasing
products, apps are considered to be most
suitable. A valuable customer can check any
information related to his purchases at any
point in time within a few clicks. In such cases,
apps are very useful for them and they can
perform necessary tasks
independently. As there are different
requirements for different website owners, you
need to find out if you need a responsive website
or app for your brand. Rest assured we will
create a responsive website or a mobile app for
your brand in as little as 30 days. Other web
design companies in Los Angeles might charge you
extra for optimizing your website for the search
engines but we offer this service as
complementary with the responsive web design
package. How Likely Is Your App Going To Be
Successful? There is really no shortage of apps
on the web that is capable of fulfilling the
different needs of different users. But for you
to come up with a new app that makes it to the
top of the list, such as Instagram and Snapchat,
you should find out the needs of your users
first. What do they want to do when they visit
your site? How easy is the process for them to
do a particular task? Is the process
time-consuming? These are the questions that you
should have an answer while creating an app for
your brand. It is important for you to generate a
great idea that is completely new and can
fulfill the needs of your target audience that
hasnt been met till now. Moreover, you cant
compare the average cost of creating a
responsive website that is focused on your needs
with the actual cost of app development. A long
time ago the iOS apps were reported to have a
3.2 retention rate 30 days after the date of
its download. It means only 3.2 of users have
kept the iOS apps on their phones at the end of
30 days after downloading the app.
This information might have surprised you for a
moment and you might be reconsidering your
decision to create an app. So you should not
forget that as much as having an app for your
company is important, determining its
functionality is important as well. If your app
is not very useful for your users, they will
probably uninstall it after some time. For this
reason, you need to make sure while creating an
app that it should have a higher retention rate
30 days after the date of download. There are
many web design companies in Los Angeles that
might assure you to maintain good retention rate
even after 30 days of download, but its your
duty to verify the claims made by them. If the
results of a particular company are poor in
terms of maintaining a good retention rate, look
for the other company in the town. Alternatively,
you can also choose our responsive website
development and app development services to
deliver your potential customers an excellent
user experience. We understand that having a
responsive website for your business is important
to achieve online success and attract new
users. Why You Should Invest In Responsive Web
Design? Most of the website owners want to have
integrated apps for their business so that their
users can buy any product or service using their
mobile phones. But they should know that
responsive websites can serve the same purpose
for their business at a more affordable cost
than what would be required for mobile app
development. One more thing every website owner
needs to keep in mind that people search for
businesses on their mobile browsers and they are
likely to land on your site easily as compared
to an app. This is because users are less likely
convert while using mobile apps as they usually
have no intention to make a purchase from your
app. Its no secret that developing an app for
your business requires huge investment as
compared to a responsive website. So if you are a
website owner who wants to deliver an excellent
user experience by spending less money, choosing
a responsive website is the best choice. Most of
the time when people browse the internet, often
they like to visit a website to make a purchase
instead of installing an app. So if you want to
have a responsive website for your business its
better to work with the best web design company
that has experienced designers and
developers. You can find such companies either
on the internet or through references but dont
forget to verify their claims before signing the
contract. Besides this, you can also trust
SFWPExperts to build a responsive website or
mobile app so that your users can purchase your
products or services anytime, anywhere, and
through any device. Remember our Wordpress
website design team aims to create stunning
websites that exceed the expectations of our
clients and work as one of the efficient tools
for online marketing and communication
processes. Contact Details 213-277-9177 la_at_sfwp
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