Fresh Milk Delivery Hyderabad, Desi Milk Delivery, Cow Ghee, Raw Honey delivery Hyderabad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fresh Milk Delivery Hyderabad, Desi Milk Delivery, Cow Ghee, Raw Honey delivery Hyderabad


Milkpos delivers Best Desi Cow Milk in Hyderabad. Offering Desi Milk Delivery, Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, Cow Ghee, Raw Honey.Reach us for the Best Desi cow milk in hyderabad. No added water, adulterants or preservatives. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fresh Milk Delivery Hyderabad, Desi Milk Delivery, Cow Ghee, Raw Honey delivery Hyderabad

  • Proven in Purity and Quality

  • A Flash of thought Clicked and then We
    took it into an action called Milkpos

Who We Are?
  • Milkpos is an Initiation taken to gift Natures
    Taste to people. From Fresh Desi Milk Delivery in
    Hyderabad to Pure Desi Ghee, Fresh Produce
    Organic Fruits and Vegetables and Raw Organic
    Meats, We deliver Natures Produce to Homes.

  • This doesnt look as a
    Unique idea Right? We have a core secret idea
    behind this and sharing with you all now!!!

Our Contribution is Huge
  • We are focusing on mainly three categories to get
    benefitted from us.

Unemployed youth from Rural and Semi Urban
Common People
Our Vision
  • To Establish a Huge Farmers Networking System
    Where they register, sell, Get paid Good and Make
    themselves succeeded in the Semi Urban and Urban
    Market Levels. An Improved and Increased
    Employment rate (Specially Women Employment
    Rate), A Successful and Healthy Society,
    Establish a Greener Society.

Our Mission
  • We are Energetic and passionate. We just started.
    We started connecting people to Real Food. We
    started with Fresh Raw Milk, Raw Forest Honey and
    Desi Pure Ghee now. Delivering to local
    communities and people. Quality and Purity are
    our Strength. Seeking a best platform to spread
    the healthy news. We are spreading soon to
    deliver Vegetables and Fruits and Meats.

Organic farming
Farmers Success
Increased Employment rate
Improved Public Health
Greener Environment Increased Biodiversity
Happy and Healthy Society
Our Guiding Principals
  • Our Products Guiding Principals
  • Quality and Purity are the Only Standards that we
    follow. Regular Tests will be done to check all
    our products quality and purity.
  • A Never compromising Quality is our Confidence.
  • Our Team Strives hard to maintain the quality and
    purity of all our Organic Products.

Our Process to Make it Better..
  • Our Process

No Adulterants, No Harmful Chemicals, No
Industrial Processing, No Plastic
Original Price X Final Public Price X
_at_ Where _at_ is a very minor chargables on
Transportation, eco friendly packing and more.
Present System in Markets
Original Price X Final Price X Y Z
_at_ Where y, z and _at_ are complete profits
percents taken in the process of packing,
transportation, processing and cooling by
Mediators, Dealers, Retailers and Super Markets.
This happened to us
  • This happened to us in our earlier Stage
  • People are Seriously habituated to the use of
    plastic and Commercial packaging's where when we
    started supplying Raw, Fresh Organic Milk, they
    were not able to catch up the originality of the
  • People are addicted to the use of Plastic and
    Commercial packaging's. This has a serious effect
    on the Future Health

How We help
  • We are implementing a No Stop Challenge where
    we deliver Fresh Desi Milk, Forest Honey, Desi
    Ghee, Fresh Produce Organic Fruits and Vegetables
    directly from the Farms to Home.
  • Natures Blessed Food Basket at Homes..
  • We strive to Farmers success where they get paid
    for their complete hard work and may be more than
    that. We encourage them to succeed in the Semi
    Urban and Urban Market Levels.

How We Contribute to Increased Employment rate
  • We seriously encourage rural and Semi Urban youth
    with Low or No Qualifications.
  • We happily welcome them to join our Milkpos
  • We Welcome Unemployed youth (Special Focus on
    Women Employment. We will give them a career
    opportunity from our various core departments and

Health is Wealth, Health is Precious
  • Someone Said Health is like money, we never have
    a true idea of its value until we lose it
  • This is an agreed fact in society now. And so, we
    came up with this Natures medicine to solve this
  • Our Way to gift Natures taste to you
  • Organic Farming -gt Fresh Milk, Fresh produce
    vegetables and Fruits -gt No Harmful Chemicals,
    Industrial Processing, No Plastic -gt Affordable
    Price -gtEnd Customer.

We Encourage Farmers..
  • We are from Farmers Families, and we know how to
    perfectly Guide, Train and teach farmers to
    implement Organic Farming.
  • We Best guide them the procedures involved in
    Organic Farming, We explain the use of Organic
    Farming to them, to us and to the Nature and
  • We help them in achieving a measurable success in
    Organic Farming.

Our Products
  • We Started with Fresh Raw Milk, Pure Desi Ghee,
    Raw Forest Honey.
  • We are expanding soon to deliver Fresh Produce
    Organic Vegetables, Fruits and Raw Organic Meat
    and Dairy Products.

Why Milkpos?
  • Our products are
  • No Adulterants.
  • No Additives.
  • No harmful Chemicals
  • No Industrial processing
  • No Industrial, Plastic Packaging.

Our Service Locations
  • Currently serving in major localities and gated
    Communities including Gachibowli, Hitech City,
    Kondapur, Madhapur, Jubilee Hills and Kukatpally.
  • We are spreading soon to deliver in all other
    major localities in Hyderabad.

Digg on to Know more about us..
  • Our products are Natures Produce. No Harmful
    Chemicals, No preservatives, No added adulterants
    and no harmful residues involved. We deliver them
    with a No Stop Challenge From Farms to your

Our Future Plans
  • We have lot more to come up with. We establish a
    huge farmers networking system and an Employment
    Scheme where the farmers and unemployed young
    people register with us, enjoy their complete
    hard work worth along with employment
    Opportunities with us and other great benefits
    which ultimately helps establishing a happy and
    healthier society.
  • The more the Farmers Success, The More Our
    Employment Rate to Society, The Happier the

Help us to help More
  • We are just acting like a bridge between you and
    the farmers. The more you support us, the more we
    help them in paying them there best from there
    hard work. So help us, refer us and enjoy
    Natures produce at your home.
  • Offering Flat 15 for New Users. Come and join
    our Family now!!

  • So Lets taste the Natures Produce
  • No Stop Challenge From Farms to
    your Home

Our Proposal
  • We just Started. We are small now. Seeking Best
    Platforms to spread our Word, Assistance and
    Mentoring. The more we spread, the more we can
    contribute for a better society.

Contact us
  • Email
  • Phone 91 88866 10670
  • Download our App Milkpos from