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What Forex Brokerages Should Look For in a Forex Trading Platform


An ideal trading platform is crucial to the success of your forex brokerage. In this ultimate guide, discover the essential ingredients to choosing the right trading platform for your brokerage. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Forex Brokerages Should Look For in a Forex Trading Platform

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What is a forex trading platform?
  • A software that enables trading - such as
    opening, closing, and managing market positions
    through a forex brokerage.
  • They may be specific to certain instruments or
    markets such as stocks, currencies, options,

How are they offered?
  • Trading platforms such as MT4/MT5 are offered at
    a monthly subscription fee.
  • However, some Fx trading platforms, especially
    the new ones in the market are offered for free
    in exchange for commissions on the volume of

What is the most popular choice among traders?
  • Traders across the globe use a wide variety of
    trading platforms depending on their trading
    style and volume.
  • However, MT4/MT5 by MetaQuotes is the most
    popular among traders because its user-friendly,
    comprehensive and flexible.
  • Also, there are no trading volume quotas to meet.

Heres a quick checklist to guide you.
Feature 1
  • White-labeling Customisation
  • A white-labeled forex trading software boosts the
    visibility of your fx brokerage, strengthening
    the loyalty of your existing clients
  • Simply subscribe to a product that has been
    developed by a company and market it as your own.
    It gives you a ready-made solution effortlessly,
    without the hassle of spending a ton of money and
  • Look for a forex technology provider that doesnt
    just offer white-labeled forex solutions, but is
    also able to customize as per your business needs

Feature 2
  • Reliability
  • Every customer of yours may have a unique style
    of trading. Some may prefer using a desktop-based
    trading platform, while some may choose a web
    trader or even a mobile trader
  • Irrespective of where the trading platform is
    hosted, the stability and reliability of the
    platform is of utmost importance
  • With professional traders who make large,
    frequent trades this can be a deciding factor, as
    theyre always looking for a platform that never
    or seldom crashes

Feature 3
  • User Experience Flawless Trading
  • Note that your future customers will interact
    with these trading platforms, a lot more than
    theyd with your brokerage or your website.
    Therefore, the user experience will decide how
    long theyll stay with you
  • A trading platform, whether desktop, mobile or
    web that allows for placing an order or closing a
    trade immediately in one single click is an ideal
    one. Not to mention, the swift opening of several
    graphs in a single click
  • In addition to this, offering several charting
    analysis tools, management of stop-loss the
    ability to access and apply with ease is critical

Feature 4
  • Support Updates
  • While choosing a forex technology provider it is
    important to choose one where support is included
    free of cost
  • A technology partner who offers forex turnkey
    solutions should be able to help you with
    questions or issues whenever you face any
  • Additionally, a partner with a strong tech team
    like Sanfrix, can rectify issues and can also
    deploy any new software updates immediately

Feature 5
  • Platform Availability Accessibility
  • In this day and age, you must offer your clients
    the flexibility to trade from anywhere at any
  • Therefore, trading platforms must be accessible
    across devices such as web, mobile, and tablets
  • This isnt just a flexibility feature for your
    customers, but also an advantage to the 0verall
    growth and profit of your forex brokerage

Feature 6
  • API-as-a-Service
  • We cannot stress the importance of partnering
    with a provider that doesnt just offer full
    customizable trading platforms but also has
    immense API capabilities
  • The veterans in the technology team at Sanfrix
    have catered to numerous clients with their API
    needs as far as forex technology is concerned
  • Any external plugins, custom development, and
    APIs can be flawlessly integrated into any of
    your existing systems whilst making sure the
    communication with the trading platforms are

Feature 7
  • Variety Of Assets
  • An ideal forex technology provider will offer a
    wide array of instruments such as major and minor
    currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, index, stocks,
    forex, energies, metals, commodities, and futures

Feature 8
  • Trading Simulation Demo Capabilities
  • Many traders like to test their trade strategies
    ahead of time to ensure theyre working without
    losing actual money
  • A good fx technology provider should be able to
    offer simulations and demo capabilities to
    hypothetically test trades
  • On the other hand, a feature like this acts as a
    practice space for amateur traders

Feature 9
  • Tools Charting Capability
  • Charting capability is one of the most essential
    features of a trading platform. Several forex
    traders rely on the charting to visually examine
    the movements of prices on charts
  • Also, another important feature to look for is if
    your provider allows a trade to be placed
    directly from the chart
  • Furthermore, traders use technical analysis
    methods to forecast pricing. Tools such as
    Fibonacci retracing, Gann signals, and more help
    in such an analysis.

Feature 10
  • Costs and pricing models
  • Finally, the cost and pricing models play an
    important role in decision making
  • A technology provider such as Sanfrix charges a
    flat subscription fee and does not charge you
    based on trading volumes
  • This feature should be your primary concern when
    looking at pricing options as this can eat into
    your profits

  • We at Sanfrix understand that start-up costs can
    be overwhelming!
  • We can work out a pricing plan that works best
    for your business type, ensuring youre only
    paying based on your usage.

Heres how Sanfrix can help you on this journey...
Sanfrix offers
MT4/MT5 Whitelabel Solutions
Web Trader
Mobile Trader (Android iOS)
Tablet Trader (Android iOS)

In addition to this, we Liquidity, Forex CRM ,
Client Cabinet, Social Trader, Risk Manager, MAM
and more...
  • Sanfrix has initiated several exchanges and
    brokerages from various jurisdictions and can
    help you too, making the entire set up
  • We offer deep liquidity with customised pricing
    and execution analytics to make sure all your
    liquidity needs are met.
  • Continued strategic partnership, free
    consultation support and 24/6 customer support
    from our Chief Success Officer.
  • CRM
  • Sturdy CRM customised for Forex brokerages with
    unified communications, KYC, customer journeys,
    insightful reporting and more.
  • We offer advanced trading platforms, payment
    integration services and all the technology you
    need at an affordable cost.

Contact Us
  • Sanfrix can help you with all your forex needs
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  • Question is
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