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Top Essential Tasks of Security Guards in Business Premises


Here are the top Essential Tasks of Security Guards in Business Premises. There are several different skills that a security guard should possess to provide a secure environment with these essential tasks of Security Guards, in Business premises. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top Essential Tasks of Security Guards in Business Premises

Top Essential Tasks of Security Guards in
Business Premises
  • To live a peaceful and stress-free life, it is
    important to have ample protection and security
    because of the growing crime rates. There are
    numerous means to provide certain protection to
    you and your belongings, especially on business
    premises, which require safety because the
    information is confidential and should not be
    leaked to the competitor. You can employ a
    full-time security guard and guard monitoring
    system to keep track of people.

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Guard Patrol Systems
  • Here at Guard Patrol Products we specialise in
    supplying a great range of guard patrol systems
    to help you to set up and maintain an excellent
    level of security at your premises. We offers
    complete guard patrol systems to give level of
    security. We have all the relevant hardware and
    software that youll need in order to establish a
    security guard tour system to protect your
    business property and premises.
  • We supply starter kits for security patrol
    systems which include PC software, a data reader,
    a software, touch ID devices, or RFID devices.

Starter Kits
  • We supply starter kits for security patrol
    systems. Our kits provide you with all you need
    to start a small security guard tour system and
    they comprise of the following items guard tour
    system PC software, 1 x data reader, 1 x down
    loader, 10 x touch buttons and 10 x touch button
    holders or 10 x RFID devices (depending on your
    chosen starter kit).

Data Readers
  • Data readers can be supplied should you wish to
    expand the security guard tour systems we
    provide. No matter how many data readers are
    added there are no additional software costs.

  • As a simple management tool, it can efficiently
    supervise and monitor staff and their shifts by
    downloading data of timings and dates into one
    easy-to-access place. Its powerful in-built
    report generator can then be used to analyse the
    data and create reports that can be emailed to
    management or clients as proof of presence.

RFID Devices
  • The RFID (radio-frequency identification system)
    extracts the unique serial number from a
    microchip located inside an ABS cointag, card or
    fob. Not only do they offer a higher level of
    security than other options, our RFID products
    can read at a much faster rate not to mention
    their durability.

There are several different skills that a
security guard should possess to provide a secure
environment with these essential tasks of
Security Guards, in Business premises.
Carefully patrol the business premises
  • While on patrol with Guard Patrol Products, it is
    the job of a security guard to notice everything.
    The places, people, how they look and act, If any
    situation about to arise. Because if you have
    details, you can easily describe how the person
    looks like and what was the situation. To expand
    on that, good memory will serve him well. There
    are a lot of tasks that are required a security
    guard, so the better memory, the easier the job

Writing Reports (entries and exits)
  • One of the main tasks required of a security
    guard is to write reports, in the form of entries
    and exits. Reports are very important because
    they keep track of everything that goes on within
    the area, and may be used in court to report on
    the exact events on a certain day. Attention to
    detail will not only help to write better
    reports, but it will help in better guarding.

Handle the emergency
  • To handle the emergency its important to think
    quickly. Because many times, there are only a few
    seconds to make a decision and weigh to pros and
    cons. It can be scary at times, especially when
    there are situations where weapons and
    confrontations may occur.

Good Communication skill
  • The guard is the liaison between the events that
    happen in a location, and the police or fire
    department. Because like a customer service help
    desk while on the job, many people will come for
    help, or even explain a situation that they think
    to take action on.

Operate the security equipment
  • With the new age thread, the guard should know
    how to operate the security equipment. Although
    the job and duties may differ, there is a variety
    of security guard equipment can use for better
    perform their job.

Who We Are?
  • At Guard Patrol Products we are committed to
    finding the most appropriate solutions to your
    staff and asset monitoring needs. Offering a
    range of innovative and flexible products enables
    us to satisfy a wide range of applications
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  • Guard Patrol Products provide the highest quality
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