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How You Can Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving A Baby?


By following certain natural tips, anyone can boost fertility, however; consult the best gynecologists in Lahore to know about the hidden cause behind your infertility. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How You Can Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving A Baby?

  • Pneumonia- A Respiratory Infection That Can
    Attack Nearly Everyone

  • Infertility is one of the common and disturbing
    issues that many couples around the globe suffer
    from. It is true that infertility in women is a
    serious issue that should be addressed with the
    help of one of the best gynecologists, however
    some natural ways can increase the likelihood of
  • Several genetic and environmental factors can
    contribute to result in infertility issues in
    both men and women. But dont be anxious about
    it because a healthy diet and lifestyle changes
    can boost fertility up to 69. Stay tuned because
    this blog is surely going to help you if are
    planning to get pregnant. 
  • Increase Your Intake Of Food That Is Rich In
  • Do you know that antioxidants such as zinc
    improve fertility in both males and females? It
    is due to the fact that antioxidants deactivate
    the free radicals in the body that can affect the
    quality of sperm in men and egg cells in women.
    Men should eat walnuts as they are rich in
    antioxidants and improve sperm quality. 
  • Fruits, vegetables, nuts are grains are filled
    with antioxidants so try eating these foods
  • Make Your Breakfast Bigger And Healthier 
  • Eating a heavy breakfast can help women in
    averting fertility problems. One of the major
    causes of infertility in women is polycystic
    ovary syndrome, which can be improved by eating a
    larger breakfast. If anyone is experiencing the
    symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome, get
    yourself consulted by the best gynecologists in
  • In short, one should remember eating a heavier
    meal during breakfast and a lighter meal in the
    evening. On the contrary, eating less during
    breakfast and more in the evening can result in
    infertility issues as well as weight gain. 

  • Avoid Trans Fat As Much As You Can
  • Do not forget that eating healthy fat is
    necessary to boost fertility but dont
    misunderstand it with trans fats, which are not
    healthy. It has been observed that trans fats
    (such as processed foods, fried foods and baked
    products) are linked with an increased risk of
    infertility in women. For this reason, it is very
    important to consume healthy fats.
  • A Higher Fiber Intake Is Advised 
  • Fiber assists the body to get rid of excess
    hormones which should be removed from the body.
    Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains are
    rich sources of high-fiber foods. However, do not
    overeat fiber or consult the best gynecologist to
    know how much fiber food intake should be
    preferred in order to get pregnant.
  • Being Active Is Way Too Important
  • Exercise or staying active is very beneficial for
    overall health as well as getting pregnant. In
    fact, some studies have shown that an inactive
    lifestyle is linked with an increased risk of
    infertility. But avoid doing excessive and
    high-intensity exercises because it can trigger
    infertility issues. Do not forget that moderation
    is the key.
  • Stress Can Surely Affect Your Pregnancy
  • Stress causes hormonal fluctuations that decrease
    the likelihood of conceiving a baby. Stress,
    anxiety disorders and depression affect a large
    number of women who experience infertility
    problems. Therefore, do not get stressed out and
    perform some stress-releasing techniques to keep
    your body and mind at peace.

  • Get Rid Of Your Smoking Habits
  • Smoking tobacco can impact fertility in both
    genders. In women, it can disturb hormonal levels
    whereas, in men, it can have a negative effect on
    their semen quality. So, if you want to be
    successful in your journey of conceiving a baby,
    do everything and anything that you can to avert
    infertility problems. 
  • Age And Fertility
  • In general, fertility starts declining in women
    after their mid-30s. It is so because ovary
    functioning starts decreasing after the mid-30s.
    Therefore, it is advised to plan a baby before
    mid-30s because after a certain age, the chances
    of fertility reduces. Seek the consultation of
    the best gynecologists in Lahore if you have
    crossed your mid-30s and encounter problems while
    getting pregnant. 
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight
  • Weight is one of the significant factors when it
    comes to fertility. Being underweight or
    overweight is highly linked with infertility
    issues. It is due to the fact that the amount of
    stored fat impacts the menstrual function. So, if
    you are under-weight, try to increase your weight
    and if you are overweight, do efforts to lose
    unwanted fat. 

To Wrap up Boost your fertility by following all
these natural tips. But if you are experiencing
some serious infertility issues for more than 1-2
years, it is highly advised to seek professional
help. Visit and book an appointment
with one of the best gynecologists in Lahore.