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Best Travel Agency Business Loans and Financing


If you are searching for travel agency business loans, here are some best travel agency financing options to choose from along with how to pick them. For more information, visit at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best Travel Agency Business Loans and Financing

Everyone loves to travel. Traveling inspires and
provide comfort regardless it be for work or
vacation. Luckily, with the availability of so
many travel agencies travelling the world has
been more than easier than before. Moreover, the
role of travel agents has transformed moderately
as booking has moved online, and its your
expertise that sets you apart and can assist
travelers to make full use their experiences in
wide-ranging destinations.
Many travelers today are in search of niche
experiences without the aggravation of
confronting airlines since we all know how
monotonous and annoying that can be. The travel
agency industry is on the rise, with more and
more people are congregating to these travel
agencies to experience a relaxed, soothing,
distinctive travel experience. For many, that
means discovering financing options for travel
agencies to help update services, office space
upgrades, marketing, or hire new talent to gain
new clientele.
Irrespective of your need for travel agency
business loans, many financing options can help
you realize your business goals. Weve outlined
some of the best business loan options to help
you grow by understanding the loan process along
with requirements criteria to apply for a travel
agency business loan.
When A Travel Agency Needs Funding?
A solid digital presence is an essential aspect
of every business success especially for travel
businesses. Online booking agencies are the real
competition in the digital sphere, since
customers heavily rely on doing first hand
research of everything about a travel agency
social media presences, online reviews, and
reliability before deciding to actually visit and
get a service from them. Marketing requires
capital and this is where a business loan can
The overwhelmingly impact of technology in the
travel agency industry means new equipment and
state-of-the-art technology is essential to
thrive. Meaning, you need to have latest Point of
Sale (POS) systems, flight and hotel booking
systems, booking databases, or augmented/virtual
reality touring systems. To buy such expensive
technology, there are merchant loan options
When everything is doing well for a travel
business, expansion is an exciting idea. If
youre short on capital, expansion might seems
very difficult. A business loan can help a
successful travel agency to expand and keep on
In todays competitive world, staying up to date
trendy is very important, that means renovating
your brick, and mortar retail storefront is
essential to compete. So, make sure your travel
agency storefront is modernistic and engaging to
the desired customer base. Sometimes renovation
require additional funding to facilitate and
complete a desirable change exploring different
business loan options can help to fulfill that
Payroll is an unavoidable expense and for many it
can difficult to manage, whether because of slow
season or an unexpected emergency. To produce
effective work, the business must facilitate
employees and cover payroll cost. There are many
financing possibilities that can help cover
payroll costs for travel business owners.
Taxes and miscellaneous fees can be an
inconvenience for any growing travel agency. With
the availability of additional funding options,
you can easily cover such miscellaneous fees that
might be difficult to manage during that time.
The Best Business Loans for Travel Agencies
There are different types of business loans you
can explore for your travel agency. Here are the
list of best business loan for travel agencies
Term Loans
Business Lines of Credit
SBA Loans
Merchant Cash Advances
0 Intro APR Credit Card
SBA loans are the most desirable financing
options because of their favorable terms like
higher loan amounts, flexible repayment terms,
and lower interest rates. Since these loans are
guaranteed up to 85 by the federal government,
lenders are able to offer excellent terms at less
risk. Less risk means better loan terms
structured as lump-sum traditional loans or
lines of credit.
Because of the favorable terms on these loans,
they are competitive to qualify for travel
agencies and other businesses alike. A solid
credit standing with a good business track record
will be required to qualify for SBA loans. These
loans can be used to make large purchases like
fixed assets such as real estate and buildings as
well as working capital. Popular SBA programs are
SBA 7(a) loans and SBA 504/CDC loans.
It is also important to note that the SBA loan
application process is longer as compared to
other types of business loans, involving a lot of
paperwork, financials along with some SBA
specific forms.
term LOANS
If youre unable to qualify for SBA loans, youll
feel good to know there are alternatives
available. Business term loans are another best
alternative to SBA loans providing a lump sum of
cash deposited in your business bank account once
approved. The applying for term loans is quick,
with minimal paperwork, and decision in 24 hours.
SHORT-Term Business Loans
Medium-Term Business Loans
Short-term business loans are generally for three
to 18 months with repayment on weekly or daily
basis. This can be a little costly than
longer-term loans, but be useful when you quick
capital for short-term expenses or emergencies.
Medium-term business loans are the most suitable
option for travel agencies that need storefront
upgrades, new equipment or only require working
capital. Medium-term loans have three to five
years of terms with monthly repayments.
The flexible use of capital is key for most
businesses this is where business lines of
credit come handy. A business line of credit
works similar to a credit card with the only
difference is that you get cash in your business
bank account rather than spending on a card. With
a business line of credit, you approve for a
credit line, which you draw against as and when
you need capital. The best thing about a business
line of credit is that youll only pay interest
on what you drawand you can generally use the
full credit amount again once your draw is paid
A business line of credit is particularly helpful
to manage cash flow issues like monthly payroll,
or covering overheads. Using c credit line can
help you through a cash crunchmaking it a great
option for seasonal businesses like travel
0 Intro APR Credit Card
Securing a 0 introductory APR business credit
card can also help. With such cards, you can
spend money with an interest-free predetermined
period, which, in certain cases, goes up to a
year. During this interest-free period, you dont
have to worry about accruing extra interest or
fees on unpaid balances, and you can easily plan
your repayment accordingly by the end of the
interest-free period. Be cautious while using a
0 introductory APR business credit card once the
predetermined period is over. After the period is
over, the interest will start at a Prime market
Rate so paying your balance before that is the
key. You can get quick approval on a 0 intro APR
credit card if youre qualified. So, when quick
cash is needed, dont avert this business loan
Merchant Cash Advances
A merchant cash advance is another suitable
business loan option for travel agencies. If your
travel agency dont have the good credit or
adequate paperwork to secure other business loan
options, considering a merchant cash advance
(MCA) or ACH loan can be another option. With an
MCA or ACH advances, youre exchanging your
agencys future credit and debit card revenue for
immediate cash. The repayment is made daily, with
the payments coming directly from your credit
card processing account or from your business
bank account at factor rates between 1.16-1.50
with terms from four months to two years.
How to Pick the Best Business Loan for Your
Travel Agency
Now youve reviewed the different business loans
for travel agencies, here is an overview of how
to pick the best business loan for your travel
Know What You Need
The Business Loan Requirements
Know What You Need
Next, how quick you need the money. As mentioned
above, some business loans have quick turnaround
timewithin 24 hours to few months based on their
application process. If you need funding fast, an
SBA loan might not be a suitable option. However,
if youre thinking about expanding or renovating,
a line of credit or term loan is more suitable.
Lastly, how solid is your financials. Your
financial profile is what actually establishes
your financing optionsirrespective of the loan
type you need. A low financial profile means
youll have limited loan options with unfavorable
interest rates and repayment terms. Understanding
your financials can help you get an early
advantage on the loan process.
Primarily, while evaluating your business loan
options, you should know why you need a business
loan Whether you want to finance a specific
project, need to cover an expense, or just need
working capital to watch out a bunch of different
The Business Loan Requirements
Finally, youll need to understand the business
loan requirements youll have to meet. This
depends on the loan type and the lender with whom
youll work. If you want to speed the approval
process, here is a list of documents you should
have ready for the lenders
Personal and business credit score
Business licenses and permits
Personal identification
Business and personal tax returns
Financial statements
Business bank statements
Proof of collateral
Loan purpose
Business plan
accounts payable aging
Accounts receivable aging
Disclosure of other debts
The Bottom Line
Running and managing a travel agency business
involves different expenses. Optimistically, now
youll know there are many business loans options
available for travel agencies to help you
accomplish your business goals.
If youre not comfortable with pledging your
personal assets as collateral just to qualify for
travel agency business loans, working with an
alternative lender like Merchant Advisors can get
the job done. If you are in need of a fast
business loan or merchant cash advance, call us
today at (866) 572-7775 to discover more about
our small business loan programs and the
different industries we fund.