How to Choose the best Forex trading solutions for your brokerage – The 6 Step Approach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Choose the best Forex trading solutions for your brokerage – The 6 Step Approach


To help you in selecting the best forex trading solutions for your brokerage, we have listed a 6 step approach. Check our post and see the most crucial and important features for your trading platform. Email us – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Choose the best Forex trading solutions for your brokerage – The 6 Step Approach

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  • Are you a forex brokerage looking for the best
    trading solutions for your brokerage? Or an
    individual or group in the planning phase of
    starting a forex brokerage?
  • If you answered yes to either of the questions,
    then look no further.
  • Incorporating your company and obtaining a
    license should be your first step.
  • You will need to research and understand the
    various jurisdictions to better understand what
    suits you best, and then get an expert like
    Sanfrix to do this for you.

  • An ideal forex trading solution package would be
    a combination of
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Robust and secure trading platforms
  • State-of-the-art tools
  • Customisable forex CRM back office
  • Deep liquidity
  • Payment solutions
  • An intuitive client cabinet with all the features
  • Additional tools like social trader risk
    manager to 10x profits

  • This can be overwhelming.
  • So lets break it step by step!

Step 1
  • Decide how you want to present yourself
  • There are two best ways to do this
  • Start with a White Label Brokerage Solution by
    branding a complete package as your own
  • Start your own independent forex brokerage,
    choosing only the solutions you know you need
    from a forex solutions provider

Step 2
  • Understand your clients platform requirements
  • Traditional forex trading solution is one that
    consists of an MT4/MT5 trader
  • In an era where most people are not always in one
    location, offer a mobile or a web based platform
    that does the same job as an MT4 or MT5
  • For example, Sanfrix offers easy and secure
    access to a full FX trading platform same as MT4
    / MT5 that can be accessed as a web trader or a
    mobile trader nd syncs seamlessly with MT4 or MT5

Step 3
  • Ensure you are a good liquidity provider
  • The forex market thrives on liquidity. The scale
    of liquidity you offer to your customers can be a
    deal maker or deal breaker for many traders
  • Ensure that your forex solutions provider is one
    that can guarantee deep liquidity
  • Your solutions provider must also offer a variety
    of instruments, high-speed trade executions,
    stable and reliable feeds, statistics on negative
    positive slippage, reporting packages, and a
    full range of software solutions at a competitive

Step 4
  • Choose the right Client Cabinet / Traders Room
  • A Client Cabinet is where your average client
    spends all of their trading time, therefore a
    user-friendly interface is the primary factor and
    must integrate seamlessly with your CRM and
  • Client onboarding must be smooth and they must be
    able to manage their e-wallets, deposit or
    withdraw at a single click
  • A good provider must also be able to integrate
    payment systems with popular payment service
    providers (PSPs)

Step 5
  • Help your customers grow by being a reliable
  • A huge chunk of the forex traders who use your
    services may be new to trading and cannot take
    risks and are yet to learn the market
  • Offer a tool like Social Trader or Copy Trader to
    help such customers, so they can learn by looking
    and testing out various successful traders before
    forming their own strategy
  • Choose a forex solutions provider who is
    available on an ongoing basis for consultation
    and provides continuous customer support. With an
    expert like Sanfrix, youll have a dedicated
    Chief Success Officer who will tackle everyday
    issues for you.

Step 6
  • Ensure that you have the most important tools
    CRM and Risk Manager
  • The CRM is the backbone of your forex brokerage,
    it helps you manage operations and maximize
    profitability. It should have all the key
    features and integrate with your existing tools
    such as MT4/ MT5, web and mobile trading
  • The next important tool is a Risk Manager. In a
    volatile market, the risks involved are many and
    dangerous to ignore. The Sanfrix Risk Manager
    tool will help you oversee your positions, and
    risk at any given time and manage several traders
    or trading groups

  • If you follow this 6 Step approach when choosing
    your forex trading solutions, you will end up
    with an expert forex turnkey solutions provider
    like Sanfrix.

Heres how Sanfrix can help you on this journey...
From company incorporation to setting up the
right bank accounts, and getting you licensed in
the perfect jurisdictions based on your business
model, we will handle everything for you.

Our services are not limited to that. From
offering white label solutions to setting up a
custom CRM, we can do anything you can imagine
getting done in the forex industry.
  • Sanfrix has initiated several exchanges and
    brokerages from various jurisdictions and can
    help you too, making the entire set up
  • We offer deep liquidity with customised pricing
    and execution analytics to make sure all your
    liquidity needs are met.
  • Continued strategic partnership, free
    consultation support and 24/6 customer support
    from our Chief Success Officer.
  • CRM
  • Sturdy CRM customised for Forex brokerages with
    unified communications, KYC, customer journeys,
    insightful reporting and more.
  • We offer advanced trading platforms, payment
    integration services and all the technology you
    need at an affordable cost.

Contact Us
  • Sanfrix can help you with all your forex needs
    and has helped several forex brokerages double
    their profits by simply implementing the right
  • Question is
  • Will yours be one of them?

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