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5 Car Insurance Myths Busted 2020


For car registration and car insurance, Car owners in the UAE have to pay certain amounts annually. However, there exists some myths that prevail among vehicle owners regarding auto insurance. Here we are going to discuss about some busted myths. To know more please visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Car Insurance Myths Busted 2020

5 Car Insurance Myths Busted 2020
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Car Insurance In UAE
  • In the UAE, car owners have to pay certain
    amounts annually for car registration and
    insurance. While buying car insurance every year,
    people often tend to be in a dilemma. They dont
    have enough insight into the insurance they buy,
    even though there are car insurance dealers
    willing to help them out. People get into some
    myths which had been in existence for a long
    time. Here we are going to bust those myths one
    by one.

5 Busted Myths
  • Medical bills are included in accident cover
  • Your car dealer is hesitant to give you the best
    insurance deal
  • High valuation on your policy document is always
    a good thing
  • Oman cover entitles you to drive in that country
  • Agency repair isn't all it's cracked up to

Medical Bills Are Included In Accident Cover
  • There is a checkbox, asking for the need for a
    personal accident cover. While ticking them,
    people often come in mind that they got benefited
    from all the medical bills resulting from a car
  • Tragically, personal accident cover just adds up
    to lumpsum amount payouts in case of specific
  • You cannot simply show a copy of your policy
    document at the hospital if you were injured
    during an accident in your car. For this instance
    only your medical insurance policy will be
  • While 3rd party insurance in Dubai only covers
    you against death or bodily injury to any third
    party/person and also the damages to third party
    property which arises out of the use of your
    motor vehicle.

Your Car Dealer Is Hesitant To Give You The Best
Insurance Deal
  • People hate inconveniences while buying a new car
    and want the dealer to arrange everything for
    them. You normally opt to pay the deposit, fill
    out some forms, and the dealer will take care of
    the registration, insurance, and finance for you.
  • You feel so work free, but I insist on saying
    that insurance is the one thing that you should
    keep under your own control. Because the margins
    dealers are charging on these are huge.
  • Even third party insurance is beneficial for
    customers. Although the comprehensive cover is
    often more expensive than third party insurance
    in Dubai, better coverage can save you money in
    the long run.

High Valuation On Your Policy Document Is Always
A Good Thing
  • Most people often feel that buying a luxurious
    car that values high in number and insisting that
    to raise the value of the car is more natural.
  • But the case which involves is that the higher
    the value of the car, the higher will be the
    policy which you need to pay for.
  • And secondly, the car value mentioned on the
    policy document only comes into the act in the
    event of a total loss which occurs rarely.

Oman cover entitles you to drive in that country
  • Most of the insurers in UAE offer GCC cover or
    Oman cover.
  • People often feel that this cover will let them
    drive hassle-free on the mentioned country. This
    type of cover doesnt actually authorize anyone
    to drive in that particular country but will
    provide conservation against their own
    damage.ie the damage to your car that you are
    responsible for.
  • So If you are planning a road trip to any GCC
    country, you will need to buy basic cover from a
    local insurer at the border other than the car
    insurance in Dubai.

Agency repair isn't all it's cracked up to
  • People often get attracted to agency repair when
    they seek comprehensive policies.
  • In this policy, your insurer will pay for the
    official dealer of your car to carry out the
    repairs caused by an accident.
  • The issue with this feature is that normally
    agency repair tends to be more expensive than
    non-agency repair. There are enough good
    non-agency repair offerings.
  • People can even opt for a premium garage add-on.

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