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What To Order When Dining At An Indian Restaurant First TIme


Chicken tikka masala is a popular dish among people who dine at an Indian restaurant for the first time. You can have samosas for starters, naan on the side and kheer for dessert. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What To Order When Dining At An Indian Restaurant First TIme

What To Order When Dining At An Indian Restaurant
First TIme
So after some pestering from your friend, you
finally decided to try the best Indian restaurant
in N YC but arent sure what to try for your
first visit. Indian cuisine is famous for its
variety. Different dishes use different
ingredients and cooking techniques that cater to
all sorts of tastes. Though, sometimes ordering
food at an Indian restaurant can be a bit
confusing for some people. It could be due to a
large menu which leaves people wondering what to
order. It could also be due to the Indian names
due to which they might not be sure what theyre
ordering. If youre dining at an Indian eatery
for the first time and dont know what to try
first, this list is for you. Samosas Samosas
make for great appetizers and snacks. These
deep-fried triangular snacks are made with wheat
flour shell stuffed with potatoes. Ginger and
cumin may be added for taste. They taste best
with some tamarind sauce. Butter Chicken Its
probably the dish that your friends recommend you
try. It might be the one that will make you a
fan of Indian food in NYC. Butter chicken
consists of chunks of chicken marinated in yogurt
and spices, roasted in a tandoor (clay oven) and
cooked in tomato sauce. The result is a creamy
chicken gravy with a rich aroma. Tandoori
Chicken It's whole chicken roasted in a tandoor.
The chicken is marinated with yogurt and red
chili powder. The result
is a reddish chicken that tastes smoky and
slightly spicy when you eat it. If youre new to
Indian food in NYC, you might want to start with
this mildly flavored dish before going for the
spicier items on the menu. Chicken Tikka
Masala If you love kebabs, this dish should be on
top of your wishlist. The chicken cubes are
marinated in yogurt and spices before being
grilled in tandoor and cooked with tomato sauce.
This results in a thick creamy kebab stew with a
rich aroma. It can be an appetizer or a meal
depending on how many pieces you
have. Naan Most gravy dishes on the list are
incomplete without some flatbreads on the side
and naan is the perfect side dish. This long and
triangular flatbread is soft and chewy. Its
cooked in a tandoor which gives it a smoky
flavor due to which it tastes great even plain.
Some restaurants may stuff it with cheese. Dum
Biryani If youd rather not worry about ordering
more naan until you finish the main meal, order
dum biryani instead. This rice dish is a
wholesome meal with tender meat layered in
between. Lamb, chicken and beef are the most
common meat used. Some outlets serve vegetarian
versions. The dish is cooked over a long time at
low heat which gives it a tender
texture. Saffron and fried onions may be added
for taste. It tastes best with some raita (curd)
on the side. Kheer After all the spicy stuff,
its best to end the meal with some desserts and
kheer is best suited for the task. Its a
porridge prepared by boiling rice in milk and
sugar. Almonds and pistachios may be added
during the preparation for taste. Its best
served warm during chilly winter nights. Kulfi
Falooda If you prefer finishing your hot meal
with cold desserts, regardless of the season, you
should try kulfi falooda. Falooda is a wholesome
dessert prepared using vermicelli, ice cream,
sweet basil seeds and rose syrup. Kulfi refers
to the Indian version of ice cream thats thicker
and creamier
than regular ice cream. Its prepared by boiling
milk until its half the original quantity before
freezing. Pistachios and cardamoms are added for
taste. These are just some dishes that you
should try at the best Indian restaurant in NYC.
If you follow a vegan diet, ask if the chefs use
milk products when preparing vegetarian meals.
Ask about other dietary restrictions you may
follow like halal meat or gluten-free wheat
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