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Create Web Layout to Amaze Your Visitors | JanBask Digital Design


Web designing tips to create a unique website layout to amaze your online audience or visitors. Website looks plays a vital role for business success. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Create Web Layout to Amaze Your Visitors | JanBask Digital Design

How to create a unique web layout to amaze your
Websites are an important part of the business.
So much so that website design services, are in
itself a booming industry.
  • Introduction
  • Web Design Software
  • Bullet Points
  • Why have Unique Web designs?
  • A site to remember
  • Customized control
  • Unique identity
  • Target Acquired
  • Professionals at work
  • How to create a unique design?
  • Reconnaissance
  • Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome
  • Creativity is king 
  • Conclusion

Web Design Software
Bullet Points
Why have Unique Web designs?
  • While most websites follow the same old formula
    of a static picture, three columns, and a call
    for action button
  • Pretty much the same thing with slight variations
    in each template, the web design layout works. 
  • Would you like to see a boring same old website
    that is no different than the hundreds of
    websites you see every day?
  • There are many reasons as to why spend on website
    building services and develop a unique design. 

A site to remember
  • A website is not just a pamphlet for the company.
    It is the first point of contact for the
  • It is where your visitors decide if they want to
    become customers or not. And for that, you need a
    good first impression. 
  • You cannot expect the customer to revisit the
    website and change their opinion about you. 
  • Your first impression may very well be your last
    impression. A unique design and interface can
    have a lasting impression on the customers.

Customized Control
  • A function that is not present in any web
    building software is tailoring the website to
    your needs. 
  • Unless you hire a website design service or learn
    to code overnight, you cannot change anything in
    the template.
  • Your design is dictated by the liberty of the
    template or the web builder software you are

Unique identity 
  • You want your website to stand out and capture
    the visitor's attention.
  • You need to give the visitors a unique experience
    if you want them to become your customers.
  • The website must stand out, and to stand out the
    website must be different in some sense. 
  • Unique design provides a fresh prospect to the
    customer, a different light in which the customer
    can view the business and its functions 

Target Acquired 
  • Most companies spend a huge amount of money on
    their CRM programs, outreach, and customer
    acquisition programs. 
  • A unique website can do the same job at almost
    half the price.
  • Once you have an engaging customer design in
    place, it becomes easier to sustain the customers
    and follow through on the leads generated from
    their website. 
  • Integrate a backend data collection feature on
    the website, and you don't have to worry about
    the ones that got away. 
  • You can easily track them and follow up to close
    the deal.

Professionals at work 
  • Visitors can make out the difference between a
    template and a unique design.
  • A unique customized design suggests professionals
    at work. 
  • It instills a sense of confidence in the customer
    about the company that you take your work
    seriously and professionally. 

How to create a unique design?
Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome
  • The only certainty in life is uncertainty. Always
    keep in mind things do not always go according
    to plan. 
  • At some point or another, a variable will throw
    the plan off.  It is especially important for
    digital marketing. 
  • Ask celebrities on twitter. How one wrong tweet,
    which mind you was deleted within minutes, turned
    them into an internet meme
  • Be ready for anything. Code error, server
    failure, a design flaw. 
  • Have contingencies for the predictable errors.
    For the unpredictable ones, improvises and take
    them into your stride. 
  • Throwing a design at the customers and hoping
    they will like it is not particularly a good idea
    to retain customers. 
  • Learning from past experiences, competitors, and
    research may be the best course of action. 
  • Looking at the market leaders and how they work
    can be very helpful in avoiding basic errors that
    may cost the business.
  • Create a plan
  • Gather your content
  • Define what the basic requirements are
  • Let the designers work their magic
  • Get a Feedback from a restricted audience before

 Creativity is king 
  • Unique identification of the business is very
    often the defining variant in the market
  • Creativity is very important
  • Unique design for the website is important
  • Every organization is unique in its core
  • A website is the best way and most efficient way
    to do so

Thank You