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Best CBSE residential School in Warangal | Delhi Public School Warangal


Delhi Public School Warangal is best CBSE Residential School. It has proved to be synonymous for excellence in primary and secondary education in Warangal. As the top CBSE school in Warangal we have been producing great leaders in multiple fields by laying a strong foundation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best CBSE residential School in Warangal | Delhi Public School Warangal

the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi)
16-30/1, Warangal - Hyderabad Highway,
Peddapendyal (V), Dharmasagar (M), Warangal -
506151 (Telangana), India Contact No(s)
96763-00411 96763-00422 Email-id Webite
To beat the heat in the scorching summer, the
students of pre-primary and primary section
organized party on 2-4-2019 in the school.
Students came in the uniform with hat and
googles. Teachers explained step-by step
procedure of making lemonade. Grade II children
followed the instructions and made their
lemonade and enjoyed the same.
In order to celebrate the birthday of Lord
Krishna tiny-tots of Delhi Public School Warangal
celebrated Janmashtami on 23.08.2019 i.e friday.
The students of Pre - primary and Primary
dressed up traditionally as Radha and Krishna. A
colourful programme was organized by the
children and the teachers of the school, where
students presented songs, dance performances and
a short role play. The students were overjoyed
when they broke the 'Matki' (pot) to grace the
occasion. "Matki Phod" event was organized to
mark the mischievous nature of "Bal Gopal". Here
are the little ones of pre-primary and primary
celebrating JANMASHTAMI........
Pink signi?es love, beauty and kindness. To make
the children explore more about pink color, Pink
day has been celebrated on 25-06-2019 by
Pre-Primary students of Delhi Public School,
Warangal. Children looked charming in the pink
attire. Pink objects in the foyer were
mesmerizing. Children enthusiastically took part
in the activity. Children brought pink objects
and explained about them and there was a hand
print activity in the class room. The activity
ended by giving children a return gift, a pink
pretty paper ?ower.
To infuse the concept of white color to the tiny
toddler, DPS Warangal celebrated white day on 02-
07-2019. Our little champs and teachers looked
very pretty in white attire, whole class room was
decorated with white color objects. As a part of
the activity children pasted cotton and thermocol
blocks on cut-outs of bear and igloo
respectively. Children brought white objects and
spoke about it. They also brought white dishes
in tif?n and enjoyed it in the class room.
Blue is the color of Sky and Sea. The blue is
associated with calmness, strength and wisdom. In
order to emphasize the importance of colour
blue, tiny tots of Delhi Public School,
celebrated Blue colour day on 6-8-2019. Students
of Pre-Primary dressed in different shades of
blue they carried their favorite blue colour
object and spoke few sentences about. Here are
the little ones of pre- primary celebrating
their blue colour day
Rakshabandhan is one of the most endearing way to
celebrate bond between brothers and sisters. To
strength this bond 'Rakhi Making Activity' and
'Rakshabandhan' festival celebrated in classes
LKG to grade II. It was celebrated with full
enthusiasm at Delhi Public School Warangal on
Wednesday 14th August 2019. Students were
familiarized with customs and rituals followed on
Raksha Bhandhan.
The mango mania activity for LKG- grade II was
conducted on June 18 2019 was grand success. The
aim of organizing the event was to impart all
information related to mangoes in fun way. Our
tiny-tots performed a small skit. The skit was
about the importance of tress. Different
varieties of mangoes and mango products were
exhibited. Teachers briefed the kids about the
colour, shape and bene?ts of the mango.
Tiny tots of DPS Warangal celebrated green day on
23.7.19. Green is the colour of the nature. To
explore the green nature pre-primary teachers and
students went for a walk they saw different
plants, trees, ?owers and green grass. Children
recited mulberry bush rhyme around the tree which
was followed by many other rhymes in the garden.
Children brought green colour objects and
explained about it with great enthusiasm.
Silence into summer with a festive
watermelon-themed party that's sweet as can be.
We have started the season with fresh juicy
melon. Summer time is the perfect season for
watermelon party. Students made watermelon craft
and colored watermelon pictures. Teachers
explained about bene?ts of watermelon. At the
end of the party children shared watermelon with
each other and enjoyed the same.
Comparing Numbers Activity-I Graders Gagan and
Prithvi Is a cooperative learning structure that
gets students up and moving, as well as
interacting with each other. Students will
practice reading, writing, and comparing numbers
using this, they will use the words greater
than, less than, or equal to-to compare
numbers. Comparing numbers has been FUN! -
Children like this because it could help
reinforce the idea that a number can be bigger
than one number and at the same time smaller than
After a long vacation all students came back to
school with full of energy. Few students were
excited and few were tensed because it's new
school for them. To make the day joyful we the
teachers planned to welcome the tiny tots with
puppet show and gifts. All students were very
excited to listen the story and meet new
teachers. We began the program with the
introduction. Teachers introduced themselves in
different ways. Then we started the puppet show.
Story is about a little girl, Kavitha who ?nds
faults in everyone, but her grandmother explained
her about this bad habit. After the show small
gifts were given to the tiny tots which made the
tiny tots very happy.
A workshop on the nutrition and child safety was
conducted by mother teachers for the parents of
pre-primary children on 27.7.19. The programme
started with principal speech followed by
PowerPoint presentation on nutrition and child
safety. One of the parents who attended the
workshop also shares an incident which she heard
about child abuse.
LKG and UKG Tiny-tots of DPS Warangal celebrated
rainy season week from 16-20.07.2019. The week
kick started by the rain dance. Children brought
umbrella and raincoat and enjoyed the raincoat
and enjoyed the rain dance with loud music.
Teacher briefed the children about rainy season,
thunder, and lightning through the cloud paper
craft. LKG students pasted cotton on cloud
cut-out and drawn the puddle on the sheet. UKG
children had drawn clouds, rain drops and puddles
on the rainy season worksheet. The rainy season
week was full of fun informative.
Bathukamma is the festival of ?owers. Tiny-tots
of DPS Warangal celebrated Bathukamma
on 26.09.19. Students and teachers came in
traditional attire. The celebration has started
with prayer and followed by the Bathukamma dance
from each class. Students brought colourful
Bathukammas. Children enjoyed alot.
A group of 21 students of classes VI to XI along
with teacher chaperon visited the Kennedy Space
Centre (Florida), Sea World, Universal Studios,
Washington DC, New York and Niagara Falls from
29th Sept to 11th Oct 2019. The visit to the
Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando, Florida was a
lifetime experience where the team explored the
Visitor's complex, Vehicle Assembly Building,
Launch pad, Saturn V Rocket-launch control
center, Space Shuttle Atlantis Complex and
Rocket garden. Visiting Astronaut Hall of Fame,
Astronaut Training Centre kept the scienti?c and
space temper ignited and sustained. With an
extraordinary statistics of only 600 astronauts
all over the world, an experience of interacting
and dining with the astronaut Bruce Edward
Melnick was unique and helped the students to
enhance their knowledge of the cosmic
zone. Multi Axis Trainer, Simulation on Orbiter
landing, life in space shuttle, live
demonstrations of challenges faced were the
activities minutely explained and
demonstrated. Kennedy Space Centre opened avenues
for observation for live shuttle experiences like
Atlantis, IMAX Theatre, Shuttle Launch
Experience, KSC Bus Route, Rocket Garden, virtual
documentaries, as few of the life time
experiences..! With so much to re?ect in the
of?ng, the only next awaited activity was visit
to the Cocoa beach was replete with loads of
fun. All cherished a tour to the Sea World,
Orlando. The thrilling experience at the Wizardly
World of Harry Potter, Island of Adventure at
The Universal Studios added a special charm to
this trip. Soaring adrenaline rush on rides and
Live Shows gave the much-required impetus to the
visit. The group took a ?ight to the Washington,
D.C., the capital of the United States followed
by visit to Smithsonian Air Space Museum,
Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill and the of?cial
residence and workplace of the president of the
United States, The White House. Pristine Niagara
Falls catapulted the trip to a realization of
splendor of nature. Politically the fall
distinctly divides Canada and the United States
of America. The boat ride, the Maid of Mist
transported the students on the foot of the
falls... a truly mesmerizing experience for all
which transported us in a state of trance. It was
a unique amalgamation of deep-rooted education
and sky rocketing fun. The troupe embarked on a
road trip to New Jersey and savored the beauty
and majesty of the roads of America.The students
had an amazing time at Madame Tussauds Wax
Museum, New York. With the most magnifying aura
as its halo, visit to Times Square and its
associated shopping spree added thrill and glory
to the stay. Food habits too were a source of
value addition. Ferrying to Liberty Island and
marvel at the magni?cence of the Statue of
Liberty was another high point that oversaw the
New York skyline against the calm Atlantic. They
also went for a city tour where they saw the
Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building,
Brooklyn Bridge and other famous landmarks of New
York. It was a majestic experience to have a 360
Degree aerial view of the New York City from the
102nd ?oor of One World Observatory. The
students also visited the site of 9/11 attacks,
the Ground Zero. Beautifully said all we need to
acclimatize into the ever-changing scenario is to
realize a sincere heart and develop trust. The
trip was yet another forum to build the same.
With uncompromising discipline, excellent time
management and good eating habits as the core
essence, a trip like this is always to look
forward to. After all this...we can say is...God
Bless DPS Warangal..!!!
To develop scienti?c temper and to increase the
scienti?c knowledge, ?rst time in Warangal, we
the e team DPS and Students of DPS visited ISRO-
Ahmedabad on 30- 09-2019 01- 10- 2019. The
total number of students 116 along with 12
escort teacher visited one of the major centers
of ISRO called Space Application Centre (SAC).
The core competence of the Centre (SAC) lies in
development of space borne and air borne
instruments / payloads and their applications for
national development and societal bene?ts. These
applications are in diverse areas and primarily
meet the communication, navigation and remote
sensing needs of the country. Besides these, the
Centre also contributed signi?cantly in scienti?c
and planetary missions of ISRO like
Chandrayaan-1, Mars Orbiter Mission, etc. ISRO
Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE) Vikram
Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE) is housed at The
Indian Space Research Organisation Ahmedabad
(Gujarat), which happens to be the hometown of
Dr. Sarabhai. This exhibition is an attempt to
share with the general public our achievements,
hopes and concerns through the media of working
models, live panels, static displays, the 3D
theatre and the interactive multimedia
presentations. Statue of Unity India has got a
rich cultural heritage of Unity in Diversity,
the roots of which are inextricably founded on
the principle of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, meaning
that the entire universe is a family. Symbolizing
the national, spiritual, historical and academic
values, the Statue of Unity will lead to
the icon-based development of this entire region,
which is predominantly a tribal area. Our vision
is to make this place a world class tourist
destination by providing infrastructure for
edutainment, research, cultural, environmental
enrichment and health promotion. A true leader
keeps on enlightening the path of mankind even
in his physical absence and the Statue of Unity
is the realization of this worth
experiencing. The world's tallest Statue of
Unity with 182 metres height has been constructed
under the overall guidance and inspiration of
Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in just
46 months. This colossal monument is a class
apart with its unique architectural and
engineering characteristics. Gujarat Science
City Gujarat Science City, located in Hebatpur,
Ahmedabad, is a part of Gujarat government's
initiative to draw more students towards
education in science. The center hosts an IMAX 3D
theatre, an energy park, a hall of science,
Planet Earth, an Amphitheatre, Life Science Park
and dancing musical fountains among
others. Sabarmati Ashram Sabarmati Ashram (also
known as Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram, or
Satyagraha Ashram) is located in the Sabarmati
suburb of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, adjoining the
Ashram Road, on the banks of the River
Sabarmati, 4.0 miles from the town hall. This was
one of the many residences of Mahatma Gandhi who
lived at Sabarmati (Gujarat) and Sevagram
(Wardha, Maharashtra) when he was not travelling
across India and was not in prison. Dada Harir
Stepwell The stepwell was built in 1485 by Dhai
Harir, a household lady of Mahmud Begada
according to the Persian inscription in the
stepwell. Built in sandstone in Solanki
architectural style, the Dada Harir stepwell is
?ve stories deep. It is octagonal (8-sided
polygon) in plan at the top, built on intricately
carved large number of pillars. Each ?oor is
spacious enough to provide for people to
congregate. It was dug deep to access ground
water at that level, accounting for seasonal
?uctuations in water level due to rainfall over
the year. The air and light vents in the roofs at
various ?oors and at the landing level are in the
form of large openings.
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investiture ceremony of the Prefectorial Council
for the current academic year 2019-20. It was
one of the prominent parts of the celebrations.
Delhi Public School - Warangal Pro-Vice Chairman
Mr. Ravi Kiran Reddy enhanced the merriment of
the occasion by conferring badge to the Head Boy
Bharath Chandra and the Head Girl D Nandini.
School Principal Mr. Anil Kashyap and Vice-
Principal Mr. Subhash Nirman were also next to
the Pro-Vice Chairman to embellish the student
leaders with badges. All the of?ce bearers of
student's Prefectorial Council were of?cially
conferred their badges and adorned sashes by
teachers. New leaders took an oath administered
by the Head Boy of the school. Leadership
training and practice are important parts of the
mission of DPS Warangal. This can be achieved by
entrusting the Prefectorial Council members with
leadership responsibilities. School Principal
Mr. Anil Kashyap spoke in his message. He
inspired the students and teachers to
acknowledge Dr. Radhakrishnan as the role model
in their career and life. The program ended up
with vote of thanks by the newly elected Head
Girl of the school, D Nandini.
Sl. No. Of?cial Name
1 Head boy Sai Bharath Chandra
2 Head Girl D. Nandini
3 Deputy Head boy B. Jawahar
4 Deputy Head Girl P. Rohini
5 Sports Captain - Boy Abdul Rahman
6 Sports Captain - Girl Alina Farista
7 Sports Vice Captain - Boy N. Prabhas
8 Sports Vice Captain - Girl Sherley
9 Discipline Captain - Girl V. Aneesh
10 Discipline Captain - Girl N. Sai Keerthana
11 Discipline V Captain Boy T. Charan
12 Discipline V Captain - Girl N. Vaishnavi
13 CCA Captain Boy V. Srichand
14 CCA Captain Girl I. Snikhitha
15 CCA V Captain - Boy B. Varun Reddy
16 CCA V Captain Girl Vasista Reddy
17 Assembly Captain - Boy S. Rohan
18 Assembly Captain - Girl N. Harini
19 Assembly V Captain Boy I. Karthik Sai Harsh
20 Assembly V Captain - Girl Ishika Nirman
21 House Captain Boy A. Sri Sai Chakradhar
22 House Captain Girl S. Nypunya
23 House V Captain Boy M. Lailth Narayana
24 House V Captain Girl Palak Dubey
25 House Captain Boy Ayushman Mrigesh
26 House Captain Girl B. Rishitha
27 House V Captain Boy K. Nikhil
28 House V Captain Girl Ch. Bhanu Sree
29 House Captain Boy M. Varshith
30 House Captain Girl D. Devayani
31 House V Captain Boy N. Ganesh
32 House V Captain Girl K. Manogna
33 House Captain Boy K. Adithya Vardhan
34 House Captain Girl D. Indira Snighda
35 House V Captain Boy M. Siddarth
36 House V Captain Girl N. Soudhamini
Sl. No. Of?cial Name
1 Jr.Head boy K. Amogh
2 Jr.Head Girl M. Shresta
3 Deputy Jr. Head boy Sri Swagath Raj
4 Deputy Jr.Head Girl K. Ridhi Reddy
5 Sports Jr.Captain - Boy Joy Sameul
6 Sports Jr.Captain Girl Sai Ratna Roshitha
7 Sports Jr.Vice Captain - Boy Srinag Abhinav.G
8 Sports Jr.Vice Captain Girl E. Pranavi
9 Discipline Jr.Captain - Boy J.Mokahith Varma
10 Discipline Jr.Captain - Girl A. Saanvi
11 Discipline Jr.V Captain - Boy Vamshi Krishna
12 Discipline Jr.V Captain - Girl Sri Varshitha .K
13 CCA Jr.Captain - Boy Akira Nandhan
14 CCA Jr.Captain Girl Netra Nirman
15 CCA Jr. V Captain - Boy A. Navadeep
16 CCA Jr.V Captain Girl P. Laxmi Priya
17 Assembly Jr.Captain - Boy Kshiteesh Jha
18 Assembly Jr.Captain - Girl Satya Sreesha
19 Assembly Jr.V Captain - Boy Charan Tej
20 Assembly Jr.V Captain - Girl Amrutha
21 House Jr.Captain Boy J. Shreyas Reddy
22 House Jr.Captain Girl G. Advaita
23 House Jr.V Captain Boy D. Deva Dinesh
24 House Jr.V Captain Girl V. Anvitha Reddy
25 House Jr.Captain Boy Md. Hassan Mujtaba
26 House Jr.Captain Girl S. Shreya
27 House Jr. V Captain Boy D. Dhairya Kumar
28 House Jr.V Captain Girl E. Dharani Pawar
29 House Jr.Captain Boy P. Laxmi Sampreeth
30 House Jr.Captain Girl A. Shreya
31 House Jr. V Captain Boy P. Sai Koushik
32 House Jr.V Captain Girl Ch. Sindhuri Krishna
33 House Jr.Captain Boy Myka Sathvik Reddy
34 House Jr.Captain Girl Y. Vedakshara
35 House Jr.V Captain Boy T. Advaith Nishchal Sai
36 House Jr.V Captain Girl Vyoma Tiwari
DPS Warangal initiated an innovative learning on
English for classes LKG to II, in collaboration
with a Singapore based education consultants " I
CAN READ". " I CAN READ" is an initiative and
opportunity for our children to learn English
Language at the level of the International
standard. Here the team of "I CAN READ" observed
the classes LKG to grade II. They interacted
with the students and assisted them, they were
very happy with student's response. There was a
teachers workshop in afternoon session. In the
workshop there was discussion on pre- reading
level-1 of I CAN READ".
The Model United Nations, also known as Model UN
or MUN, is an extra- curricular activity in
which students typically become role-play
delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN
committees. This activity takes place at MUN
conferences, which is usually organized by a high
school or college MUN club. The team began their
preparation about a week prior to the MUN
conference, once the committees and countries
were allotted. Social Science facilitators helped
the team to prepare for the conference and
understand MUN. The team was accompanied by Mr.
Subhash Nirman, Mrs. Shobha Rani and Mrs.
Rashmi. The team started its journey from
Warangal on the afternoon of 11th July 2019 and
reached Ahemdabad by evening after a 02 hour
?ight. From Ahmedabad the team boarded a charted
bus to Gandhidham and reached the Hotel in the
early hours of the next morning on 12th
July. On 12th, the team had an orientation
session about the proceedings of the conference,
and after that they went to explore DPS
Gandhidham. We had the formal inaugural ceremony
of DPS MUM 2019 in the evening hours. The next
02 days were a lot of learning and fun. The
delegates were busy debating in their committee
discussions and only met at the lunch and high
tea breaks in the evening. On the second day,
the closing ceremony began at 5.30 pm and the
proceedings continued for 2 hours. D Nandini and
D Devayani of Class X were awarded the Best
Delegate Award in the ASEAN Committee. N Netra
was awarded the Best Delegate Award in the Mini
Parliament. The students, delegates no more,
went back to the hotel and packed their luggage
to board the charted bus and ultimately, left
Gandhidham with all great memories. Next morning
(i.e.15th July) team reached the Ahmedabad
airport. Team took off from Ahemdabad and
?nally, reached Hyderabad in the afternoon hours
and by evening everyone reached their ?nal
destination (i.e. the sweet home). The
educational tour ended with ample amount of
memories to cherish lifelong.
(No Transcript)
Students enjoy not only just reading the ideas
from the text but delight in seeing their names
in the top performers list. Today we have
different kinds of list for top parliamentarians,
top speakers, top debaters, top leaders, top
statesmen the lists can go on and on. It was a
magni?cent drill that may be a favourite one of
all students in our school. Today DPS students
learn a lot of novel things from this fabulous
experience. X grade students of DPS Warangal
organized a Model Summit of United Nations on
20th August 2019 in the school premises.
Students acted on the different roles of the
of?ce bearers of United Nations as well as they
became the renowned front-runners of various
nations in the world for one day. They discussed
all the protuberant political and social issues
of many countries in their Summit of Model
United Nations. Our children who became famous
pro?cient statesmen for this one day exposed
their profound political and social knowledge.
They shared outstanding ideas to solve the
serious radical disputes that the world faces
today. Furthermore, they have spoken on military
actions, empowerment of women, social progress
of marginalized people, Kashmir issues and
Article 370, and frugal growth of the
underdeveloped countries. They were very serious
on their talk and expressions. Various
committees presented the world issues in front of
different chairs of Model United Nations.
Everything was under the control of the students.
They could successfully manage the
administration, security system, and so on. The
chairs of Security Council of United Nations were
decoratedby the presence of Adityavardhan Reddy
and K Amandeep. K Harshavardhan Reddy and S
Nypunya were on the chairs of United Nations
Committee for Women affairs. The ASEAN committee
was governed by D Nandini and D Devayani. Alina
Farista, Manjeera, Ishika Nirman were on the
responsible chairs of Lok Sabha. Chairs for BCCI
were handled by Harsh Kumar and Jawahar. Vedik
Manda along with Shirley Christoliteand Abdul
Rahman managed the chairs for UN General
Assembly. D Devayani was the Secretary General of
DPS Warangal MUN.
Inter-School Science Exhibition was held at
DPSWarangal on Saturday, 31 August-2019. Delhi
Public School Warangal provided a platform for
the students to exhibit their brilliant ideas.
The students are inspired to explore the
solutions for the problems that they encounter
in their circumstances. It focuses on the
principle that every idea can shape and change
our world. Little Scientists are always creative
and have a burning desire in their mind. They
aim to bring their creativity and their knowledge
in science together. Out of box thinking is the
symbol of the entry to the amazing world of a
scientist. The little minds those who are
talented in the city of Warangal show their
unique way of approach to the different events in
life. Children from 15 schools in the city
participated in this exhibition. Mr. Ravi Kiran,
Pro-Vice Chairman of DPS Warangal inaugurated the
Exhibition at 12.30 pm in the foyer of the
school. To achieve this festival of creativity,
Delhi Public School Warangal brings together a
group of comprising experts of the highest level
and quality in the areas of science education.
This unique scenario carries out our students
talents in research in a wonderful way. We
expect many little scientists to this marvelous
juncture along with their novel answers to the
puzzles of day today life. We ?rmly believe that
one day some of these little scientists may be
the pride of our nation.
(No Transcript)
Class XI Commerce students have played various
roles of Bank Employees and Class X students
have enacted Bank Customers roles. This event
has been organized as part of experiential
learning to help the students understand various
banking operations. Students have understood the
intricacies of Managing a bank, Loans Processing,
Marketing, Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans,
Housing Loans, Gold Loans and Credit Card
Precessing. Students also played the roles of
Field of?cer, Legal advisor, Currency Exchange
Of?cer. Principal appreciated all the
participants and expressed his thoughts on how
experiential learning helps the students to learn
the things fast.
2019 Inter-School Football Tournament was
organized by Delhi Public School Warangal in the
DPS Soccer venue on 28th and 29th of August,
2019. St. Joseph High School Principal Rev.
Sr.Sundari inaugurated the tournament on 28th
August 11.00 am. Mr. Ravi Kiran - Pro-Vice
Chairman, DPS Warangal, Mr. Anil Kashyap -
Principal, Mr. Subhash Nirman - Vice- Principal,
Physical Education Teachers and Coaches from
different schools in the city were present at
the event. It is ?rst time in Warangal city that
we have such a tournament for students. One of
the organizers said. About 12 schools from
Warangal city and its suburbs partook in the
tournament played on the knockout basis in
under-17 categories. Delhi Public School
Warangal played the ?nal match against St.
Gabriel's School. St. Gabriel's won the
tournament, under-17 Cup 2019, by penalty
shooting (5-4). J.Abhinav (Class-VIII) of DPS
Warangal seized the title of the highest goal
scorer. Rohan (DPSW Class-X) was the Best
Mid?elder, Ch.Sudeep (DPSW Class-X) Best
Defender, Rajkumar (St.Gabriels Class-X) Best
Goal Keeper, Goutham (St.Gabriels Class-X) Best
Player of the tournament. Delhi Public
School-Warangal B team bagged third prize. The
winners were felicitated by the School
Management. DPS Warangal organized this football
tournament as part of National Sports Day
Celebrations, 2019. Children reminisced the
contributions of Major Dhyan Chand the best
Indian hockey player for all time in the history
on his 115th Birthday on 29th August. Winners of
the tournament received medals, certi?cates of
merit and trophies.
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The Swadeshi movement, part of the Indian
independence movement and the developing Indian
nationalism, was an economic strategy aimed at
removing the British Empire from power and
improving economic conditions in India. This
movement also involved the boycott of British
products. Western clothes were thrown onto
The Students of DPS enacted play on Swadeshi
movement under the name of VANDEMATARAM. The
act was played by the students by dressing in
Kadhi cloths and with different getups as Indian
and Britishers. It was preached to go against
the repressive measures of the Government. The
social boycott was a very powerful weapon the
students expressed their views by showing play
celebrated in Delhi Public School Warangal on
September 5, 2019.The celebration started up
with assembly of VIII class followed by a
traditional inauguration of lamp lighting while
chanting slokas. Songsters conferred a banquet of
melodious Hindi song. Continuing that, Vijay
Siddharth of VIII class, in his speech,
recollected the enormous contributions of Dr.
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as a philosopher, author
as well as an Indian scholar in the mid-period
of 20th century. Then the audience enjoyed a
marvellous dance presentation. Being moved with
rhythmic steps along with music.
THE NATION" has been organised by class XI and
XII students to commemorate all the responsible
teachers on the auspicious occasion of TEACHERS'
DAY. The programme has been so inspirational for
both the teaches and students.
Delhi Public School Warangal organized an
awareness program for students on 16th September
in high school classes. Mr. Sateesh Kumar, HOD
of Science Department and Mrs. Soujanya, Science
facilitator made a cognizance among children on
staid social issues child sexual abuse, drug
addiction and hazardous internet usage. Schools
in this country have a vital role of
responsibility in eradication of all such kinds
of antisocial elements from our campuses. DPS
Warangal always focuses on the harmonious
development of our children. School principal Mr.
Anil Kashyap said.
Class XII enacted a beautiful play on the topic
Child Abuse. It was basically about how a
child who has already undergone so much of pain
and ultimately, how the child her parents are
ill-treated by the society. The play was an
eyeopener. The society must understand that the
child is not at fault and has not done anything
wrong but then why everyone is blaming her for
everything. Now, its high time for the society to
be the change.
DPS Warangal celebrated 73rd Independence Day,
the Chairperson of the school hoisted the ?ag,
students of DPS Warangal performed patriotic
skits and dance which were goose bumps for
everyone. The celebration ended with tree
plantation and sweet distribution. BHARAT MATA
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