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Title: CAS-003 Exam Braindumps

CAS-003 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
CAS-003 Exam Dumps
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CAS-003 Exam Dumps
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CAS-003 Exam Dumps
Question NO 1
The latest independent research shows that cyber
attacks involving SCADA systems grew an average
of 15 per year in each of the last four years,
but that this years growth has slowed to around
7. Over the same time period, the number of
attacks against applications has decreased or
stayed flat each year. At the start of the
measure period, the incidence of PC boot loader
or BIOS based attacks was negligible. Starting
two years ago, the growth in the number of PC
boot loader attacks has grown exponentially.
Analysis of these trends would seem to suggest
which of the following strategies should be
employed? A. Spending on SCADA protections
should stay steady application control spending
should increase substantially and spending on PC
boot loader controls should increase
substantially. B. Spending on SCADA security
controls should stay steady application control
spending should decrease slightly and spending on
PC boot loader protections should increase
substantially. C. Spending all controls should
increase by 15 to start spending on application
controls should be suspended, and PC boot loader
protection research should increase by
100. D. Spending on SCADA security controls
should increase by 15 application control
spending should increase slightly, and spending
on PC boot loader protections should remain
steady. Answer B
Question NO 2
The Information Security Officer (ISO) is
reviewing new policies that have been recently
made effective and now apply to the company. Upon
review, the ISO identifies a new requirement to
implement two-factor authentication on the
companys wireless system. Due to budget
constraints, the company will be unable to
implement the requirement for the next two years.
The ISO is required to submit a policy exception
form to the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
Which of the following are MOST important to
include when submitting the exception form?
(Select THREE). A. Business or technical
justification for not implementing the
requirements. B. Risks associated with the
inability to implement the requirements. C. Indust
ry best practices with respect to the technical
implementation of the current controls. D. All
sections of the policy that may justify
non-implementation of the requirements. E. A
revised DRP and COOP plan to the exception
form. F. Internal procedures that may justify a
budget submission to implement the new
requirement. G. Current and planned controls to
mitigate the risks. Answer A B G
Question NO 3
A system worth 100,000 has an exposure factor of
eight percent and an ARO of four. Which of the
following figures is the systems SLE? A.
2,000 B. 8,000 C. 12,000 D.
32,000 Answer B
Question NO 4
A senior network security engineer has been
tasked to decrease the attack surface of the
corporate network. Which of the following actions
would protect the external network interfaces
from external attackers performing network
scanning? A. Remove contact details from the
domain name registrar to prevent social
engineering attacks. B. Test external interfaces
to see how they function when they process
fragmented IP packets. C. Enable a honeynet to
capture and facilitate future analysis of
malicious attack vectors. D. Filter all internal
ICMP message traffic, forcing attackers to use
full-blown TCP port scans against external
network interfaces. Answer B
Question NO 5
An application present on the majority of an
organizations 1,000 systems is vulnerable to a
buffer overflow attack. Which of the following is
the MOST comprehensive way to resolve the
issue? A. Deploy custom HIPS signatures to
detect and block the attacks. B. Validate and
deploy the appropriate patch. C. Run the
application in terminal services to reduce the
threat landscape. D. Deploy custom NIPS
signatures to detect and block the
attacks. Answer B
Question NO 6
A security analyst is attempting to break into a
clients secure network. The analyst was not
given prior information about the client, except
for a block of public IP addresses that are
currently in use. After network enumeration, the
analysts NEXT step is to perform A. a gray-box
penetration test B. a risk analysis C. a
vulnerability assessment D. an external security
audit E. a red team exercise Answer A
Question NO 7
A companys existing forward proxies support
software-based TLS decryption, but are currently
at 60 load just dealing with AV scanning and
content analysis for HTTP traffic. More than 70
outbound web traffic is currently encrypted. The
switching and routing network infrastructure
precludes adding capacity, preventing the
installation of a dedicated TLS decryption
system. The network firewall infrastructure is
currently at 30 load and has software decryption
modules that can be activated by purchasing
additional license keys. An existing project is
rolling out agent updates to end-user desktops as
part of an endpoint security refresh. Which of
the following is the BEST way to address these
issues and mitigate risks to the
organization? A. Purchase the SSL, decryption
license for the firewalls and route traffic back
to the proxies for end-user categorization and
malware analysis. B. Roll out application
whitelisting to end-user desktops and
decommission the existing proxies, freeing up
network ports. C. Use an EDP solution to address
the malware issue and accept the diminishing role
of the proxy for URL categorization in the short
team. D. Accept the current risk and seek
possible funding approval in the next budget
cycle to replace the existing proxies with ones
with more capacity. Answer B
Question NO 8
A network printer needs Internet access to
function. Corporate policy states all devices
allowed on the network must be authenticated.
Which of the following is the MOST secure method
to allow the printer on the network without
violating policy? A. Request an exception to the
corporate policy from the risk management
committee B. Require anyone trying to use the
printer to enter their username and
password C. Have a help desk employee sign in to
the printer every morning D. Issue a certificate
to the printer and use certificate-based
authentication Answer D
Question NO 9
A recent CRM upgrade at a branch office was
completed after the desired deadline. Several
technical issues were found during the upgrade
and need to be discussed in depth before the next
branch office is upgraded. Which of the following
should be used to identify weak processes and
other vulnerabilities? A. Gap analysis B. Benchma
rks and baseline results C. Risk
assessment D. Lessons learned report Answer D
Question NO 10
Which of the following is the GREATEST security
concern with respect to BYOD? A. The filtering
of sensitive data out of data flows at geographic
boundaries. B. Removing potential bottlenecks in
data transmission paths. C. The transfer of
corporate data onto mobile corporate
devices. D. The migration of data into and out of
the network in an uncontrolled manner. Answer D
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